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Charlie Sheen Tweeted His Phone Number. Oops.

It\'s so cute that Charlie Sheen recently forgot how to use Twitter and made a public tweet that included his phone number. He\'s like a real, live old person! According to The Daily Mail: (Sheen) thought that he was just sending his digits to the teenage singer but instead his 5.5million followers were able to view the number - until it was swiftly taken down. Charlie saw the funny side ... [Full Story]

Stop Encouraging Him, Please

FX recently acquired Charlie Sheenís \"Anger Management,\" the show Sheen has been talking about non-stop since he got fired from \"Two and a Half Men.\" And he has been talking non-stop because of his cocaine addiction, of course. Don\'t mistake it for enthusiasm or a good idea. According to HitFix: The cable network has formally ordered 10 episodes of \"Anger Management,\" which is set up ... [Full Story]

Denise Richards Is Not Trying to Kill Charlie Sheen

Even though Charlie Sheen is still certifiably insane, Denise Richards chose to dine with him at Da Tommaso in NYC last night. Allegedly, they were both in the city for work (he was pitching his \"Anger Management\" idea and she was shooting a guest spot on \"30 Rock\"). And yes, the excuses seem legit... but judging by the smiles, they didn\'t mind being around each other. What\'s a little sex ... [Full Story]

Charlie Says Ashton Will \"Kill It.\"

Charlie Sheen claims he\'s \"just as curious as everyone else\" to see the new \"Two and a Half Men\" next month. He insisted that \"I think Ashton\'s gonna kill it.\" And since I don\'t really understand sarcasm, I can\'t tell if he is being sincere. Charlie says he will be rooting for the new season, but he also said, \"It\'ll be nice to know that they get some carryover ratings from ... [Full Story]

Charlie Sheen\'s Character to Be Gruesomely Killed

Now THAT is how you kill off a character!As we all know, Charlie Sheen was not going to return to his role of Charlie Harper on the show \"Two and a Half Men.\" So, what was a show to do? How were they going to write him out of script? Luckily, the writing staff had a sense of humor. And were evil. According to TMZ\'s taping attendee, the plot lays out how Rose (played by Melanie Lynskey) ... [Full Story]

Charlie Sheen\'s New... Fast Food Video

Oh God, why is Charlie Sheen playing a fast food restaurant manager? In a rap video? Really, Charlie? Really? There is now a rap video floating around the internet featuring Charlie Sheen. He starred in \"Steak and Mashed Potatoes\" for free, as a favor to some people involved with making the video for rap duo Chain Swangaz. 2 Live Crew member Brother Marquis was also featured on the track ... [Full Story]

Charlie Sheen\'s New Show is Lined Up

Wow. This is really happening: Charlie Sheen\'s new TV show will be based on the movie \"Anger Management.\" Charlie is going to play Jack Nicholson\'s character on the show. I\'m curious just how big of a train wreck this is going to be. The person who is putting this into motion is the producer Joe Roth, who produced and owns the screenplay to the 2003 movie, \"Anger Management.\" ... [Full Story]

Charlie Sheen is Going to Be Roasted. Officially.

Of course. Charlie Sheen is going to be getting even more attention for his retarded ways. In September, he will be the roastee of Comedy Central\'s roast. Sheen released a statement saying, \"You could say I\'ve been providing kindling for this Roast for a while ... It\'s time to light it up.& It\'s going to be epic.\" A rep for Comedy Central says, \"Charlie has assured us that nothing ... [Full Story]

Charlie Sheen Confessed to Steroids. No Surprise.

So guess who admitted to taking drugs!!! (I would act surprised, but consider who this entry is about.) Charlie Sheen recently fessed up to taking steroids while he was filming \"Major League.\" \"Let\'s just say that I was enhancing my performance a little bit. It was the only time I ever did steroids. I did them for like six or eight weeks. You can print this, I don\'t give a f-. My ... [Full Story]

Charlie Sheen - Penniless and Single

At some point the Warlock Charlie Sheen is going to realize that his life is a joke. He is officially broke, single, jobless, and unable to form relationships with people who are actually worth more than a cheap, transvestite hooker. Charlie Sheen\'s remaining goddess, Natalie Kenly, moved out of Sheen\'s pad last week. But the model didn\'t get to keep her fifteen minutes of fame and her ... [Full Story]

Charlie Sheen Didn\'t Come Out on Top

It sucks to be Charlie Sheen right about now. The \"Two and a Half Men\" lawsuit against Warner Bros. isn\'t panning out the way he wants it to, because a judge would not rule that he\'s entitled to a public court trial. Boom. Charlie is suing Warner Bros. for $100,000,000 claiming the studio had no right to fire him. A Warner Bros. rep told TMZ, \"We\'re very gratified by the court\'s ... [Full Story]

Charlie Sheen Wants On a New Sitcom

Oh. God. No. Charlie Sheen wants to be in a new sitcom. Therefore, he is in the middle of a \"big offer\" for a new TV series that could debut as early as January, 2012. The plan it so have the sitcom written entirely around Charlie and air it on a broadcast network. The deal does not call for a pilot. The show would go straight to series. (Does that ever happen?) This has disaster ... [Full Story]