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Charlize Theron is a Serious Actress.

Charlize Theron, because she is a legitimate actress, has taken a few steps to get into her role for \"Mad Max: Fury Road.\" Namely, she shaved her head. Maybe she is doing other things behind closed doors like starving herself or killing other humans for food, but the only thing we will notice or care about is that she has no hair. I\'m not sure I approve. ... [Full Story]

Charlize Theron Doesn\'t Care For Hair.

I love Charlize Theron. She is talented, funny and does weird crap like this. But her aversion to hair, both for her own and the hair of her son which she covered with a knit toboggan in the middle of June, is freaking me out. Stop it Charlize. You\'re hot, but this is one step towards being crazypants. ... [Full Story]

Alexander Skarsgard Stole Some of Charlize Theron\'s Dress.

Charlize Theron gave a speech last night at CinemaCon after she received the Distinguished Decade of Achievement in Film Award. Congratulations and all that Charlize, but let\'s focus on the important thing here: there are vital pieces of your dress missing. Was Alexander Skarsgard a little hungry last night? ... [Full Story]

Alexander Skarsgard Got to Charlize, Too.

Oh Alexander Skarsgard, you and your genitals be so crazy! It looks like he marked Charlize Theron now, too. For Charlize, this is great news. A. Skarsgard sex is probably the best. For the rest of the male population, it\'s not so good news. Alex has now slept with 40% of the females on Earth. Page Six reports: A source close to Theron told the magazine that the two are involved, but said ... [Full Story]

Charlize Theron Talks About Some Naughty Parts.

During a Human Rights campaign event, Michael Fassbender presented Charlize Theron with the Ally for Equality Award. During the event, Charlize took the opportunity to say very loudly and into a microphone that Michael Fassbender (who?) has very nice genitalia. This seemed appropriate. Via E! News: Referencing Fassbender\'s full-frontal work in Shame, Theron quipped, \"I have to say that I ... [Full Story]

Snow White and the Huntsman Will Have 1 or 2 Reputable Actors

And I\'m not counting Kristen Stewart of course. \"Snow White and the Huntsman\" would be terrible if it had to ride on only Kristen Stewart (because of the whole \"her not being able to act\" thing) - but thankfully Charlize Theron and The Guy From Thor seem to be pretty good at the acting. To be honest with you, the only person I would be paying attention to in this movie is the Queen. Besides ... [Full Story]

Charlize Theron is Shy. Probably Because She is Dating Ryan Reynolds.

I have no idea if this Charlize Theron and Ryans Reynolds nonsense is true (it probably isn\'t) - but that doesn\'t mean that I won\'t upload pictures of either party and speculate. Just for example: here is Charlize Theron looking shy. It\'s probably because she just got done letting Ryan Reynolds do unmentionable things to her. SNAP. ... [Full Story]

It\'s Oscar Time Again

Yep, it\'s that time of year again - Oscar time. That special day when all of the d-bags in Hollywood come out of the woodwork to become self-congratulating idiots. Sometimes I forget that the winners aren\'t picked based on how much money they make or how much people like them... it all comes down to who is \"due\" and which people the Academy likes. I actually applaud The Hurt Locker producer ... [Full Story]

Charlize Theron Loves Grey Leggings

I\'m not sure if Charlize is working out or just crossing the street, but she is indeed dressed properly for it. 10 to 20 feet of light jogging is certainly a strenuous exercise; wearing pants would just overheat the poor bird. I just wish celebrities would quit this \"only tights\" policy. The overweight women of my town haven\'t grasped the concept that leggings are no substitute for pants. ... [Full Story]

Charlize Theron is Normal

Charlize Theron went to the US Open Tennis crap and showed us just how normal she is. Look at that, she\'s eating a chocolate ice cream thingy and sitting there like a normal person and everything. Actually, she sorta reminds me of her tard character in Arrested Development here, which makes her incredibly awesome. ... [Full Story]

Some Random Charlize Theron Never Killed Anyone

A quick shot of Charlize Theron is good for the body. I read that on the back of my Aeon Flux VHS case, so it must be true. But anyway, this is a Peggy Sirota photoshoot, which means nothing to anyone who isn\'t some kind of photographer guru, but I figured I should give credit since I\'m, you know, using the pictures. ... [Full Story]

Does Charlize Theron Have Enough Dogs?

Don\'t blame me for the image above being kind of disproportional. Trying to get 19 dogs and two stupid women in one 450x315 screenshot is harder than you think. Anyway, these pictures are pretty boring because Charlize isn\'t even in a bikini, but Jesus, that\'s a lot of dogs. Most people get one big dog for protection, but Charlize is apparently going for the 5 dogs that couldn\'t tear the ear ... [Full Story]