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Cheryl Tweedy Doesn\'t Have Malaria Anymore

Now that Cheryl Tweedy is done getting over a disease that only poor children in third world countries get, she is out prancing around in tiny short-shorts that I can only dream were see-through (as she should be). She doesn\'t seem too upset that Nicole S. from the Pussycat Dolls stepped in to replace her as a judge on \"The X Factor.\" Maybe she knows, just as well as we do, that it\'s a ... [Full Story]

Cheryl is a Perky Kitty

Although I haven\'t ranted about Cheryl\'s perfect bone structure lately, it doesn\'t mean that I haven\'t been thinking of her. I feel overjoyed to see her looking so fresh and beautiful - even though I know for a fact she hasn\'t caught me stalking her in months. Our love is strong, don\'t be jealous. Like any other gorgeous celebrity, it seems like the only thing she does these days is ... [Full Story]

Cheryl Tweedy is a Cute Regimental

It\'s a shame that more people don\'t dress in cute little soldier clothing like Cheryl Tweedy. Granted, she is physically perfect and angelic in every way so the result is always good on her. Cheryl would look perfect with or without clothes. ... ... actually, maybe a little bit better without. I especially love how she flashes her slutty tat on X Factor during her performance. It makes me ... [Full Story]

Cheryl - Stop Being so Hot

Cheryl Tweedy - please - it\'s really hard to concentrate on my World of Warcraft raid when you\'re prancing around looking so hot. At least have some decency to not appear in public and make me fall in love with you. Good God. I wish I had the creative talent to be her stalker. I\'m not lithe enough to creep into her room so I can take Polaroids of myself and snip off a lock of her hair ... [Full Story]

Cheryl Tweedy at the National Television Awards

I\'m not exactly sure what the National Television Awards are, but I\'m going to guess a place for Golden Globe rejects. Not that I\'m going to complain considering Cheryl Tweedy was there. Anywhere she is, that\'s where I wanna be. Well, not within 100 yards since that whole \"legal\" thing happened, but whatever. All the same. ... [Full Story]

Cheryl Tweedy Doing What She Does Best

Honestly, I\'ve posted like 97 galleries of Cheryl Tweedy doing this and that, but I am just now learning that she\'s a singer. I figured she was just some English woman got famous for her looks or marrying Sting or something else like that. Turns out she\'s a singer though, and I can honestly say I\'ve never wanted to be a microphone more than I do right now. I just love being covered in spit. ... [Full Story]

Cheryl Tweedy Saves Face

Cheryl Tweedy was caught in the position where 9 out of 10 female celebrities end up inadvertently showing off their lady part. But oh no, not Cheryl. She\'s very savvy and slick with her hands holding her dress down. I would commend her for her protective ways, but in all honesty, it pretty much sucks. ... [Full Story]

Cheryl Tweedy is Simpy Unbelievable

Cheryl Tweedy is the kind of girl that you give a spare kidney, lung, and arm to go out on one day with. She\'s absolutely unbelievable to look at with a perfect body. On top of that, she looks like Kate Beckinsale\'s younger, smoke-free sister. Men have killed for much, much less than Cheryl. Back in the 1200s but still....check these pictures out. ... [Full Story]

Cheryl Tweedy Leaves BBC Radio

I\'ve decided that if Kate Beckinsale ever leaves me, Cheryl Tweedy will do just fine. They\'re basically the same, and by the same, I mean hot English brunettes. There\'s not anything else to look for in a girl anyway, right? Anyway, here\'s Cheryl leaving BBC Radio after promoting her single, which is interesting because I had no idea she even sang. That could pose a problem with hooking up, so ... [Full Story]

Cheryl Tweedy at LAX

Here\'s Cheryl Tweedy at LAX Airport yesterday and, while that\'s cool and everything, I really hope someone apprehended the terrorist in the background posing as an airline worker. If not, we may be hearing some horrible news on the radio soon. Yeah, I still can\'t afford a TV. ... [Full Story]

Cheryl Tweedy Leaves Her Hotel

Cheryl Tweedy was spotted leaving her hotel by about 400 people giving me the impression there was an announcement on CNN about the exact time she would be leaving. Maybe there was, who knows. But either way, here she is signing autographs and being photographed to the point of inducing skin cancer. ... [Full Story]

Cheryl Tweedy is Slightly Attractive

The Brit Awards are apparently the place for extremely hot girls because Cheryl Tweedy was there, too. It appears she is with some loser, but just do what I did and cut him out with a pair of scissors after you print these pictures and tape them to your nightstand. It works surprisingly well. ... [Full Story]