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Demi Moore Went to the Hospital for Acting Like She is 14

It appears that the Internet has obtained the 911 call placed before Demi Moore was taken to the hospital. It wasn\'t stress or fatigue that caused the panic, it was the fact that Demi was partying like a freshman in high school: the caller claimed she had too much nitrous oxide (a.k.a., whip-its). Apparently Demi was having convulsions and was unconscious. I highly doubt this was simply ... [Full Story]

Life Without Ashton Exhausts Demi Moore.

On Monday night, Demi Moore was taken to the hospital. Law enforcement claims that a 911 call was placed at 10:45 PM Monday night that led to paramedics arriving at Demi\'s home and then transporting her to the nearest hospital. Demi\'s rep is saying that she is NOT there for substance abuse, but: \"Because of the stresses in her life right now, Demi has chosen to seek professional ... [Full Story]

Ashton & Demi Announced Their Divorce

Well, we know this was coming. Poor Ashton and Demi. After months of the marriage being rumored to be in trouble - it turns out that it was. Ashton went to his Twitter to announce it because he is a child, but Demi released the following statement: \"It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have decided to end my six-year marriage to Ashton. As a woman, a mother and a wife there ... [Full Story]

Scientific Proof That Ashton and Demi Are Splitting Up

Nothing says \"divorce\" like making your cheating spouse move out of the house. True, no one from the moving company wanted to give up information (because technically Demi and Ashton could have just bought a chair for all we know), but I\'m just going to assume that there was a violent fight and Demi threw Ashton into (and through) a glass door, solidifying their break up. So sad. ... [Full Story]

Ashton and Demi Are Turning to Kabbalah for Help

The only thing I know about Kabbalah is that Madonna can\'t get enough of it and it\'s some kind of Jewish mysticism. Sounds like a great time, right? (At least better than Scientology anyway.) Since Ashton and Demi have been facing marital \"Ashton is screwing lots of girls\" issues, they are now seeing a Kabbalah counselor. I\'m pretty sure it was Demi\'s idea. Ashton \"looked worried\" ... [Full Story]

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore May be Split Up But...

They\'re still following each other on Twitter. It\'s so sweet... their social media profiles that their assistants probably manage are still connected. Now THAT\'S romance, folks. ... [Full Story]

Demi and Ashton are Kinda Funny

These pictures were posted on Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore\'s Twitter pages, and it actually entertained me for 35 seconds, so I thought it would be nice to share with you. They decided to exchange messages without clever! ... [Full Story]

Asthon Kutcher Twitters Demi\'s Butt

Finally, Ashton Kutcher\'s inability to progress past an 8th grade maturity level has paid off. He took a picture of his wife, Demi Moore, in the bathroom bent over in her underwear...and put it on Twitter. I\'m positive that really made her happy. ... [Full Story]

Demi Moore Is Okay With Bruce's Gorgeous Women!

I don't know how they do it, but Bruce Willis and Demi Moore still get along even though Demi is with that Ashton punk and Bruce continues to flaunt the gorgeous women he pulls right in front of Demi's face! Specifically, The New York Post's Page Six says: It is possible to remain friends with your ex. Bruce Willis showed off his new gorgeous gal pal, Emma Heming, Monday night at the Cinema ... [Full Story]

Demi Moore Likes Having Leeches Suck Her Blood!

Demi Moore shared with the audience at the Late Show with David Letterman yesterday that she undergoes blood-sucking leech therapy to keep up with the newest beauty treatments! Gross! Specifically, The Huffington Post says: Demi Moore sat down with David Letterman Monday night to promote her new movie "Flawless." Moore was looking pretty flawless herself, and dished to Dave about her new ... [Full Story]

Ashton Talks About How He Got Close to Bruce Willis!

In the April issue of Harper's Bazaar, which features Demi Moore on its cover, Ashton Kutcher explains how he was able to overcome any negativity and become close to Demi's ex-husband, Bruce Willis. Us Magazine says: “I just had to get over my ego, which was screaming, ‘This guy used to sleep with your woman,’ Kutcher says in the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar. “And I listened instead to the ... [Full Story]

Cougar of the Day REVISITED: Demi Moore, 45

Ahh yes, the cougar of all cougars... Demi Moore! It's almost like she wrote the book on cougars! This 45-year-old actress is, in my view, the pioneer of all cougars. She took the idea of hunting young-blooded men to exaggerated lengths when she decided to set her sights after Ashton Kutcher, a man 15 years her younger, and dig her cougar claws right into his back! With that said, is there anyone ... [Full Story]