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Denise Milani Squeezes Into a Tiny Dress - WOW

Denise Milani should be wearing a pillow case over each breast if she wants to actually cover them. Fortunately for all of us, Wal Mart sold out of pillow cases a long time ago, so she\'s trying to fit into her 11th grade homecoming dress. Apparently she didn\'t take into account her rack going from a 28 A to a 38 JJ or whatever they are. I never claimed to be a bra size expert. The high ... [Full Story]

Denise Milani Pictures Continue to Blow My Pants Off

Just when I thought the world has exploited and got off to Denise Milani enough, these new pictures had to come along. Her boobs will never, ever be defeated by any other girl, ever. Not even Salma Hayek or Scarlett Johansson can out-tit these massive things. Some day she will show it all though, and that will be the day I\'ll officially die. Not because of the boobs, but I\'ll probably get hit ... [Full Story]

I Want Denise Milani for Christmas

I\'m not sure what Santa\'s take is on the human slave trade... but it would be amazing to unwrap Denise Milani on Christmas morning. Just think of all of the fun things you could do with her! Tandem bike rides, finger painting, and unmentionables! Sigh. Maybe I should start writing my letter to Santa right now. :) ... [Full Story]

Denise Milani Bundles up Her Curves

If there is one thing I love more than big-breasted women... it\'s big-breasted women dressed as snowbunnies. (Or snowbunnies that came in from the cold to divest themselves of their clothes.) Denise just pulled at my heartstrings by rolling around in a thick fur blanket... now if only she was holding a sweet mug of hot chocolate in her....nevermind. :) ... [Full Story]

Denise Milani is Ready for Christmas

Denise Milani is ready for Christmas, and I finally know what to ask my parents for, and that is of course Denise Milani in a box. Or at least a cardboard cutout of her or a lock of hair. Anything that I can hang onto that is Denise-related will make it the best Christmas ever. Check out the pictures below to see what I mean. Whoa. ... [Full Story]

Denise Milani Loves Her Sexy Friend

I think there are a few obvious reasons why Denise Milani and Rachel are so dang attractive. Actually, there are four, HUGE reasons. Not to be superficial, but any girl that is as hour-glass shaped as these two chicks deserves to be in some kind of museum. ... Speaking of which, there ISN\'T a museum dedicated to Denise Milani yet? That\'s just a crying shame... and my little friend agrees ... [Full Story]

Denise Milani is a Naughty Kitty

Comparing women to animals almost never turns out well for the man saying it... but in this case, it\'s purr-fect. Denise Milani looks like a little, sexy kitten pawing her way around a pool. (If said kitten had double G breasts and was a online glamour model... duh!) ... [Full Story]

You Won\'t Sleep Tonight Because of Denise Milani

I\'m not sure if it\'s because she is so hot or so scary... but Denise Milani won\'t be letting me sleep tonight. A girl in leather can be amazing, but when you include a bullwhip and a grimace, that\'s when things start to get hairy. Hey Denise, why not just stick to itty bitty bikinis and leave the dominatrixing to someone else? ... [Full Story]

Denise Milani and Jaime Hammer are Beaches

If you were following my very sophisticated sense of humor, you would realize that I just called these fine two ladies \"beaches,\" which is very similar to another (dirtier) word. Oh laugh at my genius! For Denise Milani and Jaime Hammer are anything BUT! No matter how smart or amazing I am, though, I do not compare with the brilliant person who put these two ladies together in this ... [Full Story]

Denise Milani Makes the Beach Ugly

When you\'re as hot as Denise Milani... it\'s hard not to make everything around you look like crap. It\'s like high school. Every time I got the seat in math class next to the quarterback.. I looked 10x dorkier than him and 10x uglier than him. So even Kate Beckinsale and Jennifer Aniston would look like ugly, old d-bags if they were to stand next to Denise. Poor girls. I should comfort them. :) ... [Full Story]

Denise Milani Goes Grocery Shopping

You wouldn\'t think that shopping for groceries could become such an incredibly sexual thing... until you see Denise Milani do it. I\'m not sure why or how, but I feel a little bit wrong, just staring at her butt in those super-humanly tight jeans. Is it wrong? ... it\'s wrong, isn\'t it? It\'s so incredibly awesome to see hot girls like this even do completely normal things... ... I might ... [Full Story]

Denise Milani Gets Rough

If I could theoretically love anything more than a hot girl... it\'d be a hot girl who loves to do boy stuff. And when I say boy stuff, I mean get dirty outside, use guns, and ride ATVs. ... ... I think Denise Milani answered my prayers. ... [Full Story]