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Denise Richards Is Not Trying to Kill Charlie Sheen

Even though Charlie Sheen is still certifiably insane, Denise Richards chose to dine with him at Da Tommaso in NYC last night. Allegedly, they were both in the city for work (he was pitching his \"Anger Management\" idea and she was shooting a guest spot on \"30 Rock\"). And yes, the excuses seem legit... but judging by the smiles, they didn\'t mind being around each other. What\'s a little sex ... [Full Story]

Denise Richards Won\'t Be on Two & A Half Men

It seems that Denise Richards didn\'t want to appear on the premiere episode of \"Two and a Half Men,\" because she thought Charlie Sheen would be ticked about it. ... good thing she didn\'t, because I\'m not sure Charlie\'s ego could handle it. Divorced families can be complicated enough as it is. But throw in a crazy celebrity\'s ego? Then it would just be hell on earth. Good choice ... [Full Story]

Denise Richards Adopted Some Spawn

Denise Richards decided to adopt some random spawn that was in need. (That\'s actually very nice and I don\'t mean to make fun of it as much as I am.) Denise named the baby girl Eloise Joni, after her mom Joni, who died in 2007. Just don\'t let your baby girl near your crazy ex, ok? ... [Full Story]

Denis Richards? WINNING.

Where is Charlie Sheen? Getting booed out of shows in Detroit, one of the crappiest cities in the US. Where is Denise Richards? In the Bahamas, wearing a tiny bikini and looking hot as hell. It doesn\'t take a genius to figure out who is REALLY winning here. ... [Full Story]

Charlie Sheen is Kind of Rehabbing

It looks like cocaine & porn addicted Charlie Sheen is finally giving in to going to rehab. Only he isn\'t going to a rehab facility and he is going through the process at home. I.e., he is sobering up on his own. Sources say CBS, Warner Bros. and Charlie worked together to find an expert in addiction. Every party involved hopes that this person can help Charlie. The expert and other ... [Full Story]

Sheen-Richards Custody Battle Rages On!

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards were once the happiest couple around, but those days are long gone. Itís funny how a couple arguments and a false accusation of child molestation will change things. Now Richards and Sheen are in court, fighting for custody of their children Sam and Lola. According to Page Six, Denise has gone overboard with her courtroom antics. Denise Richards went too ... [Full Story]

Denise Richards Might Be a Homewrecker and a LIAR!

Denise Richards may be lying on her new "reality" show to make herself look better than she really is! The New York Post's Page Six says: On the show, Richards says more than once that she's no husband stealer, claiming that she and Heather Locklear weren't friends for months before she started dating Locklear's estranged husband, Richie Sambora - and that the relationship started only after ... [Full Story]

Denise Richards Says "I'm So Done with Charlie Sheen"

Denise Richards says that she is so fed up with ex-husband Charlie Sheen that she's completely done with him! OK! Magazine reports: "I'm done with Charlie," she tells AOL. "I'm at a point where I'm sick of it, and now I'll just talk because I've had three years of this. It's crazy." "Crazy" is all the "lies" the actor puts out there about her, trying to paint in her in a negative light ... [Full Story]

Denise Richards Beats Dina Lohan in Reality TV Ratings!

The E! reality show It's Complicated, which follows the life of Denise Richards, beat out Dina Lohan's Living Lohan reality show on Monday when both shows premiered on E!. Us Magazine says: Denise Richards has won the E! reality series premiere showdown! Denise Richards: It's Complicated grabbed 1.5 million total viewers, while Living Lohan drew in 1.45 million total viewers. Both ... [Full Story]

Denise Richards Fights Back Against Charlie Sheen!

After Charlie Sheen attacked Denise Richards for being greedy and exploiting their children for her own benefit on her new reality TV show "It's Complicated," Denise is now standing up for herself! The New York Post's Page Six says: DENISE Richards is lashing back at her ex, Charlie Sheen, over the ugly accusations made by his friends on Page Six yesterday. Sheen branded her a liar and ... [Full Story]

Denise Richards Gets $52K Per Month from Sheen!

Denise Richards claims that she has to do a reality show in order to make enough money to support her children. That would make sense if she didn't receieve $52,000 per month from ex-husband Charlie Sheen in child support! The New York Post's Page Six says: DENISE Richards is a big liar, claim Charlie Sheen's pals - one of whom says she "gets more than enough money from Charlie to never have ... [Full Story]

Denise Richards Wants Charlie Sheen's Sperm!?

This morning, Denise Richards went on the today show and denied allegations that she sent an e-mail to Charlie Sheen's current girlfriend, Brooke Mueller, demanding that she wanted Charlie's sperm to get pregnant on her own! WHAT!? OK! Magazine gives us the details: The main topic of discussion during Denise's live interview with Matt Lauer was an e-mail obtained by NBC News that was ... [Full Story]