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Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes Do the Eiffel Tower

I know what you are all thinking, and no, unfortunately they did not do that Eiffel Tower. They were at the real one, made of steel the brawn of men. Ryan Gosling bought his date a rose, took her out to eat at the Eiffel Tower restaurant and he probably had sex with her many, many times. They were also looking at something. It seemed very interesting. ... [Full Story]

Eva Mendes 911 Drama on Christmas

In the wee hours of the morning of December 25th, cops raced over to Eva Mendes\' home in the Hollywood Hills. She reported that she thought a B&E was occurring and was afraid that Santa wasn\'t the culprit. She made the call around 3:40 AM after something set off her house alarm. The officers responded quickly and searched the premises, but didn\'t find any evidence of a break in. It ... [Full Story]

Eva Mendes for the Weekend

I finally got around to watching The Spirit last night, which wasn\'t nearly as bad as the comic book nerds said it was, and found a new appreciation for Eva Mendes. The mole on her face used to annoy me, but now I kinda like it. It gives her character and depth, like it just makes you wonder if it\'s cancerous or not. But anyway, enjoy your weekend. I\'ll be back Monday with a whole lot more of ... [Full Story]

What is that?

I never claimed to be a fashion expert, but seriously, what in the world is Eva Mendes wearing? Is that some kind of X-ray vision special edition diaper or something? I\'ve never seen anything like it in my life. I can\'t even tell if it\'s above or below the clothing. I\'m so confused. ... [Full Story]

Eva Mendes Goes for a Hike with her Dog

I don\'t know which forest or canyon or trail some crazy photographer followed Eva Mendes to, but he deserves a medal for getting these awesome pictures. That dog probably deserves something as well for having a tongue that damn long. I guess that\'s why Eva likes him. ... [Full Story]

Eva Mendes is Simply Incredible

Eva Mendes is one of those A-list, famous actresses who aren\'t afraid to show some skin. And for that, she gets a big salute in the form of this awesome gallery showing off just how beautiful she really is. Because of this gallery, she\'ll probably land a huge role in a blockbuster hit. I do what I can, I guess. Now check these out in high resolution and prepare to possibly go into violent ... [Full Story]

Eva Mendes in Latina Magazine Because She\'s Latina

I suppose it wouldn\'t be very fitting to feature Kate Beckinsale or Beyonce Knowles on Latina magazine, so Eva Mendes will just have to do. And since I\'m going to see The Spirit later tonight, this is a nice teaser to get me in the mood. I always feel bad for the guy sitting in front of me at the theater when a hot girl comes on the screen, but in the end, we all get a good laugh. ... [Full Story]

Scarlett, Eva, and Sam Promote The Spirit

Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes, and Samuel Jackson all were out promoting The Spirit because, well, they\'re in it. They probably wouldn\'t promote it otherwise. I think this is outside of the Today Show, but then again, I don\'t see Matt Lauer anywhere. ... [Full Story]

Eva Mendes Fights Back Against Rehab Jokes

Eva Mendes takes rehab very seriously and if she catches you making light of such a serious issue, she'll let your hear it!!! Us Magazine reports: Eva Mendes, who quietly admitted herself into treatment at the Cirque Lodge in Utah in January, admits that she's still "sensitive on the subject" of substance abuse problems. The actress snapped at a reporter for Interview magazine who joked ... [Full Story]

Eva Mendes Might Have Gone to Rehab for a Movie Role

Remember back when it was a big story that Eva Mendes checked into rehab presumably because of her own substance abuse problems? Yea, well, it turns out she might have just gone to rehab to do research for an upcoming movie role! Star Magazine reports: Eva Mendes shocked friends and fans when she checked herself into celebrity rehab center Utah's Cirque Lodge in January. At the time, her rep ... [Full Story]

Eva Mendes Is Sexy in Lingerie in Italian Vogue!

Eva Mendes is looking smokin' hot in lingerie and I'm forever grateful to Eva that every once in a while she's willing to show us how sexy she really is with some revealing photoshoots. Therefore, I figured I would take a moment and share with you her sexiness in the most recent issue of Italian Vogue magazine. And, I also thought that this would be an opportunity to pay tribute to Eva's general ... [Full Story]

Eva Mendes Is Feeling Better, Looking Hot!

Eva Mendes is out of rehab, feeling better, and taking some time off to take care of herself... which is a good thing, because she's one hot Latina baby carrot! People Magazine reports: After spending several weeks in rehab, Eva Mendes says she's "taking a break and having a good time" by exercising and being with her family. "The sun's out again. It's my time," she told PEOPLE on Tuesday ... [Full Story]