The latest news and gossip involving celebrity Fergie.

Fergie is Pregnant With a Little Fergie

Fergie (from the Black Eyed Peas (from that one Oprah flash mob video)) is now expecting! Hooray! It looks like she and her husband, Josh Duhamel, had sex and are now expecting a little baby because of it: \"Josh & Me & BABY makes three!\" Fergie, 37, tweeted, and Duhamel, 40, retweeted. The good news is that it looks like the baby will be able to count. ... [Full Story]

\'Merican Celebs Get Patriotic

I know I only like the 4th of July for beer, fireworks, and sweaty, sweaty parties. I\'m not unAmerican, I just know the original Declaration was signed in August and not July, so this arbitrary day in the summer is kind of pointless - so why not blow stuff up and get drunk? It\'s good to see celebrities taking the same side as me. Not one of these people can name more than 3 founding ... [Full Story]

Oh God, Don\'t Hurt Me!

Oh, whew, it\'s just Fergie. ... which is still scary, but I thought she was one of those extreme dominatrices who just went a little too far and decided to kill her boyfriend and anyone who suspected her of what she did. ... Maybe I watch too much TV. The Ferg hasn\'t been up to much aside from wearing scary outfits and not writing more music. Understandable, though, when you have the hot ... [Full Story]

Fergie is a 52 Year Old Man

I realize there\'s a such thing as parting your hair, but there\'s a little too much skin on the top of Fergie\'s head to say she\'s not balding. Female pattern baldness would suck enormously, kinda like erectile dysfunction for men, so I\'ll keep my insults under control for this one. Now where\'s my Levitra? ... [Full Story]

Fergie Doesn\'t Age Very Well

For being only 33 years old and famous, Fergie looks pretty old. Celebrities are supposed to age backwards like Benjamin Button. It might have something to do with her husband, Josh Duhamel, who is 36 and looks 26 and way better. I\'m a straight guy who usually maces gay people, and if I had to choose which one to meet behind the tree at the rest stop, it would be Josh. ... [Full Story]

Fergie Turned 83 Years Old Today

Fortunately I never thought Fergie was hot, so these pictures don\'t disappoint me. They just make me laugh. Ha ha ha. But seriously, what the F happened to her? Last time I saw her, she was doing flips all around the stage for that American Idol \"help Africa\" show. Now she looks like she needs euthanised. Gross. After she got done feeding her old face, a small Boyscout came along and helped ... [Full Story]

Fergie's "Today Show" Performance

This morning on the Today Show Fergie was a featured guest and performed the song "Barracuda" (originally by Heart) live in Time Square. If you didn't happen to catch her performance you lucked out because it was truly painful to watch. I usually don't mind Fergie but she absolutely brutalized a classic song today... I really don't know what The Dutchess was thinking. Anyway, if you enjoy ... [Full Story]

Guess That Elevated Bikini Booty!

Can you guess this celebrity bikini booty? It's actually not a bad booty... in fact, I would probably go so far as to say it's a great little booty. It's nice and toned, and, more importantly, elevated for the whole world to see... and you can't get much better than a booty like this one up in the air like that. However, before I get your hopes up, I must warn you... despite this being one of the ... [Full Story]

Guess That Celebrity On Stage Booty

Can you guess who's booty this is in the white pants on stage during a concert? This "Woman of the Year" recipient actually has a nicer "hump" than these white pants would lead you to believe. ... [Full Story]

Fergie Rocks Her New Engagement Rock!

In case you didn't already know, Fergie and her long-time boyfriend and star of NBC's "Las Vegas," Josh Duhamel, are officially engaged! Thus, it's no surprise that Fergie was spotted out yesterday in L.A. rocking her new... umm... rock. Yea, I didn't plan that description out as well as I thought. Anyway, moving on. Us Magazine reports: Fergie premiered a large diamond engagement ring ... [Full Story]

Fergie and Josh Duhamel Are Finally Engaged!

Fergie and long-time boyfriend, Josh Duhamel, are finally engaged! Us magazine reports: The pair, which Us has learned is currently vacationing near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, were recently photographed looking at a ranch in California that is often rented for weddings. The engagement news was first reported by TMZ. The 32-year-old "Glamourous" singer (also the lead vocalist for the Black Eyed ... [Full Story]

Fergie Is in Blender Magazine, Woman of the Year

If you're a fan of Fergie Fergalicious, or if you're just into checking out transvestite photoshoots, I threw up a few pictures of Fergie trying to be sexy in the January 2008 issue of Blender magazine. All right, all right, I actually think she looks pretty hot in this photoshoot, that's always a good thing... but there's just something about her face that sort of resembles some sort of bulldog ... [Full Story]