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Gerard Butler Fell Off the Wagon. Then Burned It.

Last month, Gerard Butler was fresh out of rehab and he was looking like a new man (who wasn\'t too busy snorting cocaine to keep up with his personal hygiene). ... but now, he looks super coke-happy (note the crazed look in his eyes) and he has been seen hanging out with Lindsay Lohan at Chateau Marmont. People reports: Soon, though, Lohan had another visitor: Gerard Butler, who arrived ... [Full Story]

Gerard Butler, The Destroyer of Marriages.

You know, I can\'t really blame Gerard Butler for having sex with married women. After all, he is a steamy heart throb who is probably as addicted to sex as he is to various narcotics. And according to Radar he was doing plenty of that (laying married women) while he was busing snorting cocaine: Butler became involved with the actress last year and carried on an affair with her for several ... [Full Story]

Gerard Butler is in Rehab. Try Not to Worry.

Gerard Butler hasn\'t been looking too healthy lately, so it\'s no surprise that he is being treated for substance abuse at the Betty Ford Center. According to the bum I talked to while waiting in line for a burger, Gerard\'s problems were triggered by the physical demands of shooting \"300\" in 2006. He began struggling with pain management back then and the problem just became worse when he was ... [Full Story]

Gerard Butler Can\'t Remember Who He Slept With

The \"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills\" star (if you can call her that) Brandi Glanville claimed that she spent an entire week hooking up with Gerard Butler. When photogs finally asked Gerard about the affair, all he had to say was \"Who is Brandi Glanville?\" It\'s entirely possible that Gerard Butler has had sex with far too many people to remember individual names at this point, but ... [Full Story]

Gerard Butler Was Nearly Taken Away From Us

Be calm, fan boys and girls, for Gerard Butler is not actually on the brink of death. He just nearly drowned while filming some surfing movie; he was rescued and taken by an ambulance to the Stanford Medical Center for an exam. How and why did he nearly asphyxiate underwater? Because Hollywood people are stupid and he was filming his (probably horrible) surfer movie at Mavericks, a place known ... [Full Story]

Gerard Butler is Losing It

Not only does it look like Gerard Butler is hitting the crack pipe as of late (because, lol, he is all sallow and skinny!) but it also seems that he has lost his mind. Gerard Butler was having dinner in New York the other night, but was interrupted by the paparazzi. To get back at the evil, evil men, he started taking pictures of them with his Blackberry. The tables have, uh, turned? By the ... [Full Story]

Gerard Butler Might be Dying

Seriously. What is wrong with Gerard Butler these days? Losing muscle mass is one thing - most actors do it if they don\'t need to keep it up for a role. But the pale skin, disheveled hair, bags under the eyes and general crack-addict look isn\'t natural. Either he is addicted to ______ or is dying of ______. Whichever is true, it\'s still not good for Mr. Butler. ... [Full Story]

Gerard Butler Looks Like Death

Best PR move ever: Gerard Butler now looks like a heroin addict on the verge of death! Why wouldn\'t that get him more swooning female fans? No one likes a healthy, attractive hunk. Girls like bad boys who could overdose if the wind blew the wrong way. Sexy! (In all seriousness, I hope he is okay. I\'m going to feel awful if he has a brain tumor or something.) ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Aniston is an Ageless Demon

There is no other explanation. Jennifer is either a demon, a deity, or some kind of she-witch. (Or just witch, to be more accurate.) She hasn\'t changed one bit since 1998 and it\'s beginning to frighten me a little. I used to think that she was impossibly hot for a sort-of-older woman and I would stare for hours at the naked screen caps of her and... not touch myself at all. But looking ... [Full Story]

Gerry is a Bad, Bad Boy

There is a time and place for everything, Mr. Butler. Butt-fondling of your co-start might not be the best idea during interviews while you\'re surrounded by paparazzi. Unless you truly do have balls of steel. In which I congratulate you on another mantastic feat of awesome. Only God knows if Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston are actually together. My bet is on the Bearded Man-Beast had a ... [Full Story]

The Scariest Thing You\'ll Ever See

I used to have my doubts that Gerard Butler was actually an attractive person - but now this proves it. He isn\'t. Whatever woman is honestly attracted to him must only be because she feels sorry for the goofy looking turd. What is wrong with women??? He looks like he crawled out of the bowels of hell only to snatch Jennifer into the most awkward hug for the ages. ... which she apparently ... [Full Story]

Jen Probably Needs a Reality Check

Now I understand why there were those rumors of Jennifer and Gerard hooking up. And then later rumors of Jennifer being obsessed with Gerard. Jennifer is one of those girls who, if she desperately likes a guy, will completely invent reasons why the guy likes them, too. For example, when I let a friend borrow my pencil during a college exam, she took it as I was willing to give my peepee to ... [Full Story]