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Dating Halle Berry is Dangerous

Model Gabriel Aubry is Halle Berry\'s beautiful ex (or at least he was at one point). When he brought their daughter to her Halle\'s house on Thanksgiving (totally not uncalled for and actually pretty nice of him to do?) Halle\'s fiancÚ, Oliver Martinez, did a number on Gabriel\'s face. And by number, I mean to say he destroyed it. I thought my holiday get togethers were dramatic - at least we ... [Full Story]

Halle Berry Broke Her Footsies

Halle Berry broke her foot in Spain today. It wasn\'t while she was filming or anything, she is just a clumsy woman who fell over herself. Halle went to the hospital, got a cast for her foot and was then wheeled out in a wheelchair. The movie she is currently shooting, \"Cloud Atlas,\" is going to face some difficulties. The best thing the crew will be able to do is shoot around her (from ... [Full Story]

Halle Berry Out and About in California

Here\'s Halle Berry out in California going for the Rihanna look. You know the one: short hair, nice body, and black. Halle pulls it off a little too well, she should probably watch out for abusive boyfriends. Named Chris. ... [Full Story]

Halle Berry\'s New Haircut is Meh

I\'m not sure if Halle Berry was listening to some TLC and got inspired by T-Boz\'s haircut or what, but I\'m not a fan of this short crap. Women were meant to have long hair, that\'s a scientific fact. But regardless, it is Halle Berry, so here she is out with some weird guy shopping in California. ... [Full Story]

Does This Woman Not Age?

Scientists should probably start checking out the genes of Halle Berry since she\'s 42 years old and looks better than any 22 year old I\'ve ever seen. So while they\'re checking into that, I\'ll just look at these pictures of Halle in Hollywood Hills for a while. ... [Full Story]

Halle Berry at the Premiere of The Soloist

Here\'s Halle Berry at the premiere of The Soloist, some movie about a homeless musical genius and a journalist. Something like that anyway. I just know Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr are in it, so it has to be good. Throw Halle Berry in it without a shirt and you have best movie of the year. Too bad that last part isn\'t true. Garr. ... [Full Story]

Halle Berry Wears Baggy Jeans

When you look like Halle Berry, you have the option of wearing anything or nothing at all, and no one will complain. But in this case, I\'m a little disappointed she would wear what appears to be pants she borrowed from Eminem or someone else who wears jeans around their ankles. Tighter is better...unless you weigh 450 in which case eating less is better. ... [Full Story]

How\'s Your Knowledge of Celebrity Racks, Part 2

In case you missed the first one, click here to see it. Because I\'m a pervert who loves celebrities, especially of the female variety, I put together a second edition of Celebrity Racks for your viewing pleasure. So take a guess who it is and then click the thumbnail to see the high resolution, full version to find out. It\'s almost as fun as pushing the handicapped into traffic. ... [Full Story]

Halle Berry Has a Body that Could Make a Lion Purr

Halle Berry is proof that interracial relationships aren\'t a bad thing despite what my racist Uncle says. She has probably the best boobs I\'ve seen in the last hour and the rest of her body isn\'t exactly bad. Even better, she isn\'t afraid to get nak3d in movies. Check these high resolution shots out for more Halle Berry goodness. ... [Full Story]

Halle Berry is the Sexiest Woman Alive

Esquire has named Halle Berry the Sexiest Woman Alive, and while looking at these pictures, I\'m not going to disagree. She\'s incredibly hot. Now I know what all of you racists out there are thinking, she should be hanged in the public square and pissed upon. Well, at least half of her. But just check her out below and you might change your mind. Maybe you could pretend she\'s just really tan ... [Full Story]

Cougar of the Day: Halle Berry, 41

Halle Berry has always been gorgeous, but she hasn't always been a 41-year-old new mommy! However, that's what she is these days, and since she's given birth back in March, Halle has done a tremendous job getting back into shape while still maintaining her newfound motherly hotness! Here's Halle Berry out and about in L.A. this past weekend. Even with just a little dress on and not doing ... [Full Story]

Halle Berry Shows Off Her Hot Post-Pregnancy Body!

Halle Berry has finally shown off her post-pregnancy body in full-effect for the first time since having her baby... and boy does she look fantastic! Halle showed off her sexy bod at the Silver Rose Gala Auction in Beverly Hills this weekend. Specifically, Us Magazine reports: About a month after welcoming daughter Nahla, Halle Berry showed off her post-baby bod Sunday at the Silver Rose Gala ... [Full Story]