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Hayden Panettiere Wants You to Have a Good Weekend

This is a proven, scientific fact: celebrities show us side-boob whenever they want us to be happy. So Hayden, the tiny person most well known from the show Heroes, really wants us to have a good Friday. Tiger face AND side boob? You\'re too kind, Hayden. Much too kind. ... [Full Story]

Hayden Panettiere - Hot and Out of Work.

I\'m pretty sure Hayden Panettiere hasn\'t done anything since her stint on \"Heroes,\" but that didn\'t stop her from showing up at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards. (Anyone can get tickets to that, I hear.) No one minded, though, because she showed up looking like a shiny purple mermaid (a HOT shiny, purple mermaid). Hayden, I look forward to you getting another role at some point in the future ... [Full Story]

Hayden Panettiere Has A Misspelled Tattoo, Large Boyfriend

Has anyone ever noticed Hayden Panettiere\'s tattoo (when they are not staring at her freakishly large boyfriend)? Well, it says, \"Vivere senza rimipianti\", which is Italian for, \"To live without regrets.\" It would mean that if it was spelled correctly, anyway: \"Here\'s the thing, if you\'re going to get a tattoo in a language, just don\'t ever go to that country. Or a country where ... [Full Story]

This Midget is a Sexy Muffin Kitten

Hayden Panettiere was in Santa Monica for the Surfrider Foundation and... well, she left me speechless. I literally cannot think of one thing to say to her that is insulting. She looked cute, she wasn\'t bragging about having sex with her monstrous boyfriend... Well played, Hayden. Well played. ... [Full Story]

Midget Sex Can Be Fun!!!

People act so strangely around celebrities. Even if I was curious about whether or not Hayden Panettiere used gallons of KY Jelly with her massive, boxer boyfriend, I would never ask her. Just like I\'d never ask my cousin if she ever thought of banging me: it\'d be just wrong. But apparently, some people don\'t have that censor. According to Us Magazine: \"I get the prudest people coming up ... [Full Story]

THIS is why Heroes Was Cancelled

After taking one look at the ugly dyke spike that is Hayden Panettiere\'s new haircut, the producers backed out of the next season of Heroes. And I am not joking. Ask the news. Maybe Hayden knew that the former NBC hit was about to get canned and that\'s why she chopped off her \"what used to make her hot\" long, blonde hair. Now she is just a jobless midget who looks gender confused ... [Full Story]

This Boy Means Business

I hope you like your chick celebrities short, butch and cocky... because those are the three best attributes that Hayden Panettiere is rocking nowadays. Possibly out of the insanity that resulted from not knowing if Heroes is going to be back on the air, Hayden chopped off her locks and is now looking eternally smug at her \"trendy\" choice. And I wouldn\'t call it trendy so much as I\'d ... [Full Story]

Hayden Panettiere is One Hot Blonde Midget

In recent news, I\'ve learned that Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia broke up. She will most likely be contacting me as a rebound boyfriend, but I\'m really not that interested. However, these pictures are starting to change my mind little by little. No pun intended. In high resolution, she doesn\'t look much like a midget, and she actually looks pretty smoking hot. Check them out...and ... [Full Story]

Hayden to Save the World, Dolphins

Playing an invincible cheerleader has started to go to dear Hayden\'s little midget head. She and her boyfriend, Wladimir Klitschko, traveled to Taiji on Friday. Taiji is that town \"The Cove\" made the documentary on about all of the dolphin slaughter. The Tiny One and her boxer boyfriend called for this dolphin hunt thing to stop. Because, it was totally upsetting and like, stuff. The hunt ... [Full Story]

Evil Twin or Dyed Hair?

I\'m trying to decide if this is the evil version of Hayden Panettiere or if she just dyed her hair brown. Most likely, she has an evil twin running around Hollywood causing all kinds of mischief. Like getting drunk and texting her ex Milo telling him that he is her hero. Or having sex with that actor that plays HRG on the show Heroes. MISCHIEF! .... My sources inform me that I\'m being ... [Full Story]

Hayden Panettiere at the Lakers Game

I\'m not sure if the Lakers organization sets up a special table for little people who go to the games or not, but here\'s Hayden Panettiere getting to watch the game from the comfort of a table. I don\'t think she made a career change and became a reporter, so I can only assume LA has a soft spot in its heart for midgets. Awww. ... [Full Story]

Merry Christmas From CelebParasite and Hayden Panettiere

To cover myself from getting sued, just let me clarify that Hayden Panettiere has nothing to do with celebparasite and probably hates me. But she was at a Christmas party and since there\'s no way anyone is inviting me to one this year, I figured it would be appropriate to post them. So have a safe holiday, don\'t die, and be sure to accidentally open someone else\'s gift. It\'s funny how angry ... [Full Story]