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Heath Ledger Has Been Dead For Exactly 1 Year

There\'s not much I can say about this. If I try to make a joke, that would be insensitive and if I try to say something nice, people will think I\'m gay. When you\'re stuck between insensitive and gay, you\'re basically dead normal. Oh now I went and said dead in a post about Heath Ledger, which was completely unintentional but my backspace button has been broken for weeks. RIP. On a positive ... [Full Story]

Insurance Companies are Evil

TMZ is reporting that a life insurance company is treating Heath Ledger\'s death as a suicide, not an accident. In other words, why pay when he was already rich? ReliaStar Life Insurance Company wrote the policy in June 2007 -- six months before Ledger died. The beneficiary of the policy is a trustee who would hold the money for 2-year-old Matilda. Instead of paying the $10 mil, ReliaStar ... [Full Story]

The Dark Knight Continues to Kill at the Box Office

The Dark Knight passed the $500 million mark this past weekend, becoming only the second movie ever to do so. From a recent USMagazine: The Dark Knight– which was the fastest flick to earn $400 million – has become the second movie in history to gross over $500 million at the box office the The Batman sequel has raked in over $502.4 million in just over six weeks - half the time it took ... [Full Story]

Heath Ledger\'s Daughter Has Three New Dads

OK! has released an article stating that Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell will be giving all of their earnings from The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus to Matildo Rose Ledger, Heath\'s daughter. When Heath Ledger passed away of an accidental overdose in January he left his last movie role in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus unfinished. Luckily three talented actors signed on to ... [Full Story]

The Dark Knight Is The Biggest Movie Ever!

To no one’s surprise, The Dark Knight was a massive hit this past weekend, earning $155.34 million in the U.S. to easily take the top spot at the box office. In fact, the Batman movie became the top-earning movie of all-time, beating out previous record holder Spiderman 3, which made $151.1 million in 2007. However, according to MSN.com, Spiderman may have actually sold more tickets. At ... [Full Story]

Heath Ledger Watched Part of "The Dark Knight"

It is now being reported that Heath Ledger actually got to see part of The Dark Night before he passed. People Magazine says: Heath Ledger got to see his acclaimed performance as the Joker on the big screen before his death in January, says The Dark Knight director Chris Nolan. "He saw the IMAX prologue. We [screened] that for him in London," Nolan told a sold-out crowd at a New York ... [Full Story]

Heath Ledger Remembered at Dark Night Premiere

The life of Heath Ledger was honored at Monday night's Dark Knight premiere in New York City. Us Magazine reports: Heath Ledger's family and co-stars paid tribute to the late actor at Monday night's Dark Knight premiere in New York City. His father Kim and his wife Ines (Heath's stepmother) flew in from Australia for the event. As he left the screening, Kim gave reporters a thumbs-up ... [Full Story]

Heath Ledger's Hometown Names Theater After Him

A theater is being constructed in honor of Heath Ledger in his hometown of Perth, Australia. Heath Ledger Theater will pay homage to Ledger's commitment to acting. Us Magazine reports: Officials in Heath Ledger's Australian hometown have named a theater after him. The $87 million, 575-seat Heath Ledger Theater in Perth will honor the late actor's commitment to acting, Western Australia ... [Full Story]

Heath Ledger Scholarship Fund Announced

It has been announced that there will be a Heath Ledger scholarship fund for young, aspiring Australian actors that will enable them to take a crack at Hollywood! People Magazine says: It's been five months since Heath Ledger's shocking death at age 28. But the young actor was still very much on the minds of his colleagues at Thursday night's Australians in Film 2008 Breakthrough Awards in ... [Full Story]

Doctors Cleared in Heath Ledger Investigation

Yesterday, it was reported that two doctors were being investigated under the suspicion that they illegally prescribed Oxycontin and Vicodin to Heath Ledger prior to his death. Federal Agents have now cleared both doctors from any possible charges. The New York Post's Page Six says: The Drug Enforcement Agency questioned the medics and found that both of them had met with the "Brokeback ... [Full Story]

Two Doctors Investigated in Heath Ledger's Death

It has been reported that two doctors suspected of illegally prescribing Oxycontin and Vicodin to Heath Ledger are now being investigated by federal authorities. OK! Magazine reports: Two doctors are under investigation by the federal authorities in regards to Heath Ledger's death, The New York Daily News reports. The 28-year-old star passed away on Jan.22 from a fatal cocktail of ... [Full Story]

Loved Ones Dive into the Ocean for Heath Ledger

Friends and loved ones of Heath Ledger (pictured above) said an emotional farewell to the actor by diving into the ocean at sunset on a beach in his hometown of Perth, Australia on Saturday. Specifically, The New York Daily News reports: Friends and family of Heath Ledger plunged into the ocean at sunset Saturday in an emotional farewell to the actor, whose remains were cremated after a ... [Full Story]