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Seal is a Sweetheart. <3

Of course the man who sings \"Kiss From a Rose\" is a completely romantic sweetie-pie. Even though he and Heidi Klum are getting divorced (and will sadly no longer hold their famous costume parties on Halloween), he told Ellen Degeneres on her show that he isn\'t going to be taking his wedding ring off anytime soon. Meanwhile, Heidi is looking beautiful and shopping for lawyers and not dressing ... [Full Story]

Heidi Klum Has a Better Costume Than You

Every year, Heidi Klum (and usually her husband Seal) come up with ridiculously elaborate (or just awesome) Halloween costumes. It doesn\'t look like this year will be any different. One costume she is preparing is a bodysuit that is custom painted to look like a body without skin... and the other is a monkey outfit. I\'m still researching whether or not this is a dig at her hubby. ... [Full Story]

Heidi Klum Quits

It looks like one angel is losing its wings: Heidi Klum said Friday that she is ending her work with Victoria\'s Secret as a model. Last year, Klum walked the lingerie retailer\'s runway just five weeks after giving birth. On Friday, she said, \"All good things have to come to an end. I will always love Victoria and never tell her secret.\" Klum said she would focus on other projects ... [Full Story]

Heidi Klum was a Crow

Here\'s Heidi Klum dressed up as her husband Seal before he got all of the scars and had a beak. No, not really, she\'s some kind of crow that will probably haunt my dreams for several years. No one as attractive as Heidi should ever look like this. But since it was Halloween, I\'ll let it slide. All this candy has me in a forgiving mood. ... [Full Story]

Heidi Klum and Seal have a 4th Baby

If my uncle was writing this blog instead of me, you\'d get a bunch of jokes about interracial marriage and whether or not their babies are born with facial scars like their father, but I\'m much more sensitive than that. So I\'ll just politely inform you that Heidi Klum and Seal had a 4th child according to AP and biology: Klum, who is married to Grammy-winning singer Seal, says on her Web ... [Full Story]

Heidi Klum Will Be Growing a Baby for a While

Heidi Klum just got pregnant again, presumably by Seal. Will the baby be born with a scar? Just wondering. E! Online reports: Sources confirm that supermodel mogul is expecting her third child with music-man hubby Seal. The couple has two sons together, Henry GŁnther Ademola Dashtu Samuel, 3, and Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel, 2. Seal is also the adoptive father of Klum\'s daughter ... [Full Story]

Heidi Klum Unveils a New Bra

Heidi Klum is seen here revealing a bra called The Perfect One for Victoria\'s Secret. It\'s possible that it\'s only the perfect one because Heidi\'s breasts are in it. Put some regular girl\'s boobs in there and it immediately becomes The Mediocre One. ... [Full Story]

Heidi Klum Goes Wild for Italian GQ Magazine

Heidi Klum took off her top and rode a motorcycle for Italian GQ Magazine photos recently, and now the resulting images have revealed themselves on this site. Cool. Heidi always looks like she would be a good spin in bed. It\'s something about that face that just says, \"I wanna do you.....and then eat your f*cking face.\" It\'s hot. I like it anyway. Check out the bigger, high resolution ... [Full Story]

Heidi Klum Boringly Graces the Cover of GQ

After Jennifer Aniston got half-naked for GQ, all other GQ covers and spreads are lame in comparison. For example, this Heidi Klum one. She could\'ve at least took off her clothes and covered her nipples with a piece of electrical tape or something. Oh well. I threw in some pictures of Heidi at a Victoria\'s Secret runway model event thing to try to make the gallery a little less lame. ... [Full Story]

Heidi Klum Prepares for a Got Milk Ad

When I see a celebrity in a \"Got Milk?\" ad, the first thing I do is think about how overdone and lame that ad has become followed quickly by how they get that milk stain above their lip. Obviously it\'s not from actually drinking milk since, contrary to belief, milk isn\'t white paint. I just kind of assumed the director splooged all over their face and snapped a pic, but it turns out there\'s ... [Full Story]

Heidi Klum Makes Me Wanna Play Guitar Hero

Heidi Klum has a way about her that can convince you to do anything. She once convinced me to be an organ donor through a magazine shoot I was looking at. So needless to say, this ad has made me purchase Guitar Hero World Tour. Either that, or I was going to do it anyway. And when you\'re done with that, check out the Director\'s Cut which manages to be much hotter (ie, more skin). ... [Full Story]

Heidi Klum has Milk

I know what you\'re all thinking. That big milk stain above her lips looks just like she gave a sloppy paint job to a white house. I was thinking the same thing. These images are obviously for milk and their retarded \"Got Milk\" campaign that has been around since before cows even invented milk. I\'m getting tired of it, but Heidi makes it look okay. ... [Full Story]