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Crystal Harris Chilling With Heidi Montag

Instead of being busying marrying Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris was partying with the fellow hot blonde Heidi Montag over the weekend in Las Vegas, NV, over the weekend. It\'s good to see that she isn\'t too torn up about ripping out the heart of an old millionaire. Hopefully Hef found 20-50 girls to occupy him since the breakup. ... [Full Story]

Heidi & Spencer Together 4Eva

Aww, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are now officially not-split-up! They spent yesterday evening romantically roasting marshmallows... over an open fire of their burning divorce papers. LOL jk. Maybe. To celebrate the end of their divorce, Heidi and Spencer burnt their extremely expensive legal documents together and fed each other s\'mores. According to Heidi, \"All I ever wanted was ... [Full Story]

Someone Needs to Kill These Two

Dear God, I don\'t understand why Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are allowed to exist on this Earth. They are two sorry excuses for human beings. They think that everyone in the free world cares whether or not he is growing out his flesh beard. They are also dilusional to the point of thinking that we are following their every move in their relationship. Could you do us a solid and smite them ... [Full Story]

Heidi Montag and Her Mountain Man

Heidi Montag spends entirely too much time with her mountain man of an ex-husband, Spencer Pratt. You would think that after their divorce they would spend less time together. ... idiots. ... [Full Story]

Heidi Montag Has a Problem

Now Heidi. We know you have massive Gs, but was it really necessary to fix your bikini in front of some paparazzi? Out of the cover of water? I\'m not complaining, dearest love to be, but it makes you seem a little desperate. Put those things away. Think of the children!!! ... [Full Story]

Heidi and Spencer Forever

So this is NOT a publicity stunt... right? Heidi and Spencer are supposedly divorced but they are still being seen together. I don\'t need to say this, but I\'m getting sick of this circus. These photos, which were taken yesterday just north of Los Angeles, show them clearly together, looking clearly ugly. Heidi insists she\'s divorcing Spencer, even though they were walking together in ... [Full Story]

Heidi Montag is Single & Ready to Mingle

I\'m going to start a national \"Heidi Should Not Get Her Breasts Reduced\" campaign. I fully expect to raise over $500 million dollars because... C\'MON. Do you have eyeballs? Heidi Montag was looking stunning in her bikini while she sucked down a daiquiri. But then again, Heidi is bound to look amazing in anything more revealing than a v-neck because of those bombs. It\'s really too ... [Full Story]

BTW Heidi Montag is Ugly

So maybe it\'s a good thing that Heidi Montag isn\'t releasing her sex tape... because I just realized how ugly she is. On the inside and outside. While exchanging puppies with her ex-husband Spencer Pratt, she wasn\'t wearing makeup. And you can DEFINITELY tell. How? Well, she looks like the Kraken. ... [Full Story]

Heidi Puts a Smack Down on the Sex Tape

If you were looking forward to a Heidi Montag sex tape, you\'re going to be very... very disappointed. The divorced couple has officially cut off negotiations with Vivid Entertainment and Steven Hirsch. They are \"no longer interested\" in selling the sex tape. Sources close to the couple say that Spencer\'s rep shot a letter to Hirsch explaining, \"Heidi\'s made it very clear that she is ... [Full Story]

Heidi Montag\'s Lesbian Sex Tape???

An insanely lucky Spencer Pratt has apparently found a girl-on-girl sex tape featuring Heidi Montag and Playboy Playmate Karissa Shannon. I hope that I\'m not getting my... hopes... up for nothing. He found it by cleaning out his junk at his old house. He was at the Malibu house he once shared with Heidi when he came upon a camera with X rated material featuring Karissa and Heidi. He ... [Full Story]

Heidi Montag\'s Romantic Divorce

The divorce of Heidi and Spencer will become final on February 14, 2011. There is romance in the air already! Heidi\'s lawyer, Jodeane Farrell, says that she just received Spencer Pratt\'s signed acknowledgment that he\'s been served with divorce papers. Which means something... but since I didn\'t graduate from community college, I\'m not sure what. *Googles...* Under California law ... [Full Story]

Oh No. The Divorce Was Fake.

Let\'s suspend disbelief for a second here and believe that Heidi and Spencer were ACTUALLY divorced and not just running around in a PR charade to get some publicity for Heidi\'s reality show (that she ultimately backed out of) ... and... OH MY GOD THEY ARE BACK TOGETHER YAY! THIS IS BETTER THAN THE TIME MY CAT THREW UP GOBSTOPPERS! (Scene.) ... [Full Story]