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Hilary Duff Looks Like a Mom. Still Hot, Though.

Pregnancy did wonders for Hilary Duff\'s breasts... although it hasn\'t been kind to her overall physique. I know that every woman reacts differently to being pregnant, but there is no scientific reason that they should all turn into fatties. (That\'s just a self-control issue after all.) So she has six more months to slim down, or I\'m going to stop fantasizing about her when I make out with my ... [Full Story]

Hilary Duff is One Fine Mommy.

Although the \"I just squeezed a baby out from between my legs\" Hilary Duff isn\'t the tiny one we know and love, she isn\'t half bad. Most women become terrible monstrosities after having their children... Hilary, on the other hand, just gained a bunch of weight in her breast area and still pretty much remained hot. I like it. I wonder if she will be MY mommy? ... [Full Story]

Hilary Duff\'s Post-baby Body is Very Pleasing.

I certainly hope reading that title was just as uncomfortable for you as it was for me to write it. It just indicates that I am down with getting into \"wombs\" and \"fetuses\" and to be honest, that\'s something I nor my genitals want to think about, thank you. SO, with that gross commentary aside, let me just say that Hilary was looking fine down in Mexico the other day. She recently went ... [Full Story]

Hilary Duff is The Best Mom Ever.

For all of the real parents out there: reading this about Hilary Duff will make you rage out. Like, a lot. Anyway, Hilary complained about losing a few hours of sleep while her baby was at home for 2 hours before going to her expensive baby sitter. According to People: \"The first week I was like, \'I\'m doing this, I\'m good. I can not sleep, I can do this.\' I don\'t know where you get ... [Full Story]

Woah Hilary. Woah.

Now, don\'t let your eyes play tricks on you. Your first reaction to the pregnant Hilary Duff may be ZOMG EWWIES! - but don\'t be fooled. No my friends, she is not fat. She is just glowing, like an expecting mother should. And when I say glowing, I mean her chest has inflated three times its original size. Which is a good thing. So relax and try not to feel too creepy as you compare her normal ... [Full Story]

Hilary Duff is a Preggers?

AH HA! Hilary Duff totally had sex. Because she is now a little bit on the pregnant side. What a slut. There haven\'t been any rumors flying around about Hilary Duff; probably because she isn\'t a hot mess. She takes care of herself and she isn\'t gorging herself on ice cream while claiming she doesn\'t have a tiny fetus growing inside her. She is just cool. And slightly sexier now. ... [Full Story]

Hey! Hilary Duff Half Naked

You know what, I think I like this. The concept of a half naked Hilary Duff? I\'m not an expert on hot girls, but I see two breasts and I know that Hilary is famous... so this obviously must be awesome. Enjoy, my people. Enjoy. ... [Full Story]

I\'m, Like, Totally Not Preggers!!

Star magazine claims that Hilary Duff went and got all knocked up. Hilary says that her legs have been clamped shut and her man hasn\'t gotten anywhere near her uterus. Or something like that. I don\'t care if she is glowing or not, she is still hot. I don\'t have standards, you should know this about me. ... [Full Story]

Hilary Duff is Getting Posh in Leather

Once I put off the horrifying thought of how sweaty her legs must be, wearing tight leather pants in Los Angeles, I am extremely attracted to Hilary Duff in these pictures. Is it the leather? Is it the fact that she wrote (?) a book? Maybe it\'s because she looks barely recognizable for some reason. But whatever it is... she is looking fancy. I would even consider asking her to go to the ... [Full Story]

Hilary Duff Proves Everyone Should Marry

HOLY CRAP. If this is what happens to girls after they get married, then sign me the eff up. It\'s ridiculous how much hotter Hilary appears to be now that she is married. Maybe it\'s because I know she is super unavailable (when she was just a regular unattainable celebrity before)... but she is REALLY making me want to put on my A-Game stalking. ... [Full Story]

Hilary Duff\'s Push-up

Hilary Duff and her push-up bra is seriously driving me wild. Not to mention she wears jeans so tight I\'m pretty sure I could qualify as her OB/GYN. Hot! Even though she is a married woman now, it doesn\'t concern me. True love lasts a lifetime and it can\'t be stopped b y this pesky \"marriage\" thing. ... [Full Story]

Hilary Duff is Your Accountant

Not to say that accountants can\'t have some awesome assets, but Hilary isn\'t doing herself justice. Sure, there might be some vague plaid niceness going on in the chest area... and her glasses just make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But I have begun to expect MORE out of a girl like Hilary. Where is the coke powder on her nose? The exotic leggings? The extremely poor choice of see-through ... [Full Story]