Holly Madison

The latest news and gossip involving celebrity Holly Madison.

Holly Madison is Not Kobe Bryant

Although some celebrities (like athlete Kobe Bryant) had their hands cast in cement at the famous Chinese Theater... some other lesser known celebrities (i.e., nobodies) had their hands cast in cement at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV. Don\'t worry Holly, you\'re still special. Kobe plays with huge basketballs and... ... hehe. ... [Full Story]

This is Why I Love Germany.

I can forgive Germany and all of its Nazi shenanigans for one reason... OKTOBERFEST. Now, you historians may correct me and tell me that Oktoberfest did NOT originate in Germany. What I have to say to you is this: shut it. Shut your mouth. The main reason why this holiday season is great is because of what the hot chicks are willing to wear. Holly Madison does a great job of representing the ... [Full Story]

Holly Madison is Bored With Fame

Holly Madison has apparently lost all sense of responsibility and committment to her life as a bored, stupid celebri... oh wait. She is doing what she should be. Wandering around Hollyood, hugging random mascots that look like Jar Jar and looking slutty? Nope. I think she pretty much has this covered. ... [Full Story]

Holly Madison is a Happy Camper

In this world, nothing can get Holly Madison down... not even her very top-heavy chest. At some signing of [I can\'t possibly imagine what since I assumed that Holly can\'t read], she was looking extremely perky and fun. It\'s one of those sets of photos that make me question life and say: Really God? You chose Hugh Hefner over ME? REALLY? ... [Full Story]

Holly Madison is a Candy Flavored Tease

There should be some kind of law against sexually frustrating an entire nation. If Holly Madison is really serious about getting us excited to see her, she should at least agree to go out on ONE date with me. Or at least stop shredding my letters. And lift the restraining order. While she was in Las Vegas, doing none of those things, she was promoting Sugar Factory\'s new line of lollipops ... [Full Story]

Holly Madison is Proud

I feel deceived. Every American doesn\'t look like warm, apple pie goodness like Holly Madison? But, that\'s not what America stands for! Aside from the rampant obesity and huge oil spills, we\'re all about hot chicks wearing bikinis with minimal coverage! (Actually racing to beat Brazil in said category.) Aside from lighting my cousin Edward\'s unmentionables on fire with a Roman Candle ... [Full Story]

ROFL, So Clever!!!!

How do women think of comedic genius like this??? Holding bowling balls, as if they were boobs? Classic! I mean, not any girl can hold up any roughly boob-shaped item to their chest and pretend. Only the truly talented artists can manage that. Not just any drunk college co-ed. I should cut Holly some slack. She is a former Playmate and girlfriend of Hef; it\'s not like she is exactly a ... [Full Story]

Holly Madison\'s Vegas Trip

Holly is in Vegas, apparently with a Roman Centurion, to promote Serendipity 3\'s sweet products. Serendipity 3 is a restaurant and bakery that is ...located in New York. Well whatever, things tend not to make sense when they deal with Holly. The marketing department head probably just got overwhelmed when he realized that Holly was available for hire. \"Holly Madison? *twitch* Yeah, sure ... [Full Story]

Holly Madison Plays With Her Kitty

Whenever you see \"Holly Madison plays with her furry kitty in public\" on the Internet, the result is always going to be a let-down. Either it\'s a Holly Madison wannabe who is probably a transvestite, or the real Holly is just playing with a cat. The Internet is such a tease. At least the kitty got the good end of the deal, nothing was stopping it from diving headfirst down into the ... [Full Story]

Auctioned Like Cattle

Here is proof that my life would be perfect if I had money: Holly Madison was just auctioned off at the \"3rd Annual Smokin\' Hot Bachelorette Auction.\" If I had any kind of money or influence, I would have been there in a flash, wooing Holly with my purchase of her. Instead, I was at home competing in an Easter egg hunt with seven 8 year olds with normal to low IQs. As if she did this on ... [Full Story]

When Going Green Isn\'t Annoying

Ah yes, St. Patrick\'s Day. The only time of the year when puking in public isn\'t shameful, rather encouraged. And although I didn\'t go out partying Wednesday, as much as I stayed in my grandma\'s basement drinking green beer and crying, I did enjoy it. Mainly for these aftermath pictures that tend to surface: hot girls drinking beer, wearing green and being Holly Madison. These amazing ... [Full Story]

Hmm, That\'s a Lot of Pink

Here\'s Holly Madison near Planet Hollywood yesterday sporting more pink than any woman should ever wear. She\'s like a giant bottle of Pepto-Bismol. I guess it\'s quite possible that she is sponsoring them now because she probably isn\'t doing much else. ... [Full Story]