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All Ridiculous Things Come to an End

So, sources are reporting that the dirty divorce dispute between Hulk Hogan and Linda Hogan is finally coming to an end. They\'ve begun negotiations to see who gets what. I really have nothing exciting to say about this, but it\'ll be nice to rid the celebrity world of Linda Hogan forever. Until she inevitably has Gary Coleman\'s bastard child in a few months. We\'ll see. ... [Full Story]

There are Some Things You Just Don\'t Say

I love Hulk Hogan like a father because I grew up watching him tear his shirt off and beat the hell out of people only to finish them off with a simple leg drop. But I think the Hulkster might\'ve crossed a line. This is from Page Six: I could have turned everything into a crime scene, like OJ, cutting everybody\'s throat,\" he told the magazine. \"You live half a mile from the ... [Full Story]

Charley Hill Claims Hulk Hogan Wants to Kill Him

According to TMZ, the 19 year old boyfriend of Linda Hogan, Charley Hill, attempted to file a restraining order against the Hulkster. He failed: We\'ve learned a Florida court just nixed the poolboy\'s request for a temporary restraining order against the Hulk. Charley claimed Hulk \"dangerously followed\" him in his car a couple weeks ago and \"pulled up next to him and stared at him\" at a ... [Full Story]

Hulk and Linda are Now Fighting Over a Rolls Royce

It never ends in the Hogan family. Between a hermaphrodite daughter and a wreckless son, you would think they might find peace in each other. But the only thing the Hulkster found in Linda was her new 19 year old boyfriend. And now something about a car according to TMZ: The Rolls-Royce in question was to sit in storage until their marital assets were divided -- because the car loses value ... [Full Story]

Hulk Hogan Wishes He Wasn't Divorced

Hulk Hogan is currently separated from his wife Linda, with an official divorce on the horizon. When the couple split after 24 years of marriage, there were rumors they were trying to protect their assets after son Nick was in a car accident that left his friend in a coma. A divorce would limit the amount the Hogans were vulnerable to lose when the friend’s family sued. Hulk insists the ... [Full Story]

Hulk Hogan Admits He Still Loves His Ex-Wife!

Hulk Hogan is now admitting that he still loves his ex-wife, Linda Hogan! People Magazine reports: Terry "Hulk" Hogan tells PEOPLE in its latest issue that he "unconditionally" loves his wife, Linda, despite their increasingly acrimonious divorce – and he's happy to have reconciled with his daughter, Brooke. "I unconditionally love my wife, even though we're not together anymore," Hogan ... [Full Story]

Brooke Hogan Thinks It's OK for Hulk to Rub Her Behind!

Back in April, there was some controversy surrounding pictures of Hulk Hogan applying lotion to the behind of his daughter, Brooke Hogan (shown above). Now, Brooke is saying that she sees nothing wrong with the fact that her dad likes to rub her butt! Us Magazine says: Brooke Hogan, 20, sees nothing wrong with photos showing dad Hulk, 54, applying lotion to her butt that sparked a flurry of ... [Full Story]

Hulk Hogan Likes to Rub His Daughter Down with Lotion!?

Ahh, it's a beautiful thing when a daughter and father can enjoy each other's company... just like Brooke Hogan and Hulk Hogan as they are basking under the hot L.A. sun together. I'm sure they spent some time chatting about life as Hulk instilled upon his young daughter much of the knowledge he has gained throughout his life experiences. Then, just as Brooke really was warming up emotionally to ... [Full Story]

Hulk Hogan Has a Real Handsome Girlfriend

You know, I was enjoying these pictures of Hulk Hogan and his new girlfriend, Jennifer McDaniel, out on Miami Beach and something struck me... I realized that Jennifer is a real handsome woman. She's got great features... nice breasts, a kind face, broad shoulders... those are definitely three of my top ten characteristics that I look for in a woman. I bet they don't even have sex with each ... [Full Story]

The Hogan Family Is Getting Sued for Nick's Car Crash

Attorneys for John Graziano, Nick Hogan's friend who has been in a coma since Nick's now infamous Toyota Supra crash back on August 26th, 2007, have filed suit against The Hulk, his wife Linda, and his son Nick for negligence in the events leading up to the accident. Specifically, The St. Petersburg Times reports: Attorneys for John Graziano, the passenger who was critically injured during ... [Full Story]

Hulk Hogan Lays Down the Law! The Divorce Law, That Is!

The recent divorce between Hulk Hogan and his wife, Linda, has initiated a custody battle over their 17-year old son, Nick. People magazine reports: [Linda Hogan] is seeking an unspecified amount of alimony and child support, in addition to custody of their son, Nick, who will be 18 in July. She would allow "liberal visitation" with his father." I never thought I'd see the day, but it ... [Full Story]

The Hulk Hogan Divorce Might Be A Fraud!

Hulk Hogan's divorce from his wife, Linda, might not be a real divorce! It is definitely real on paper, but it may not be the result of any problems within the Hogan family. Rather, both Hulk Hogan and Linda may have planned the divorce together so the family won't lose all of their assets in court. In late August, Hulk Hogan's son, Nick, was in the driver's seat when he crashed his Toyota ... [Full Story]