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Jake Gyllenhaal\'s Bathroom Picture

Jake Gyllenhaal has the most awkward picture taken of him while filming \"Source Code\" at SXSW. A random fan took a photo of him... in the bathroom. Eventually the picture was deleted, after a heated discussion with Gyllenhaal. After he got out of the toilet, anyway. ... [Full Story]

They Did Eat.

The excitement and scandal of this celebrity news tidbit can be summed up by this sentence: \"They did eat.\" Jake and Taylor were seen together again, although they reportedly broke it off in December. According to People: The two stars, whose brief relationship fizzled in December, arrived quietly together on Wednesday at Bound\'ry, a restaurant near Swift\'s Nashville condo, and were led ... [Full Story]

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal Are Over

This is extra surprising to me, because I didn\'t even realize that Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift were in a legitimate relationship. Seeing that they were only together since October, this whole ordeal barely qualifies. It\'s more of a beard to cover up Jake Gyllenhaal\'s secret homosexuality. Is it just a coincidence that Ryan Reynolds broke up with Scarlett Johansson last month? That\'s ... [Full Story]

Celebrities Celebrating Thanksgiving

Just because celebrities are rich, hot and famous doesn\'t mean they\'re human beings. They have families, emotions, and the ability to get restraining orders, too! As you can see in the following gallery, most celebs spend the holidays with the ones they love. Megan Fox was with Brian Austen Green at some Disney establishment. Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal were looking cute together. Kim ... [Full Story]

Jake and Anne are Naked Together

Take a moment to reel in your suffocating jealousy. Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway’s new romance, \"Love & Other Drugs,\" is going to be one of the sexiest movies of the year, just judging by the total attractiveness quotient of the flick. Throughout the R-rated comedic drama (or Crama, as I like to call it) they reveal nearly every inch of their sexy, sexy bodies. So of course this ... [Full Story]

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal are in Love

Or maybe they\'re just staying up late together, drinking Kool Aid and braiding hair. But the fact is that they are spending an awful lot of time together. They were even spotted at the \"SNL\" cast party over the weekend. Taylor is moving up in the world... but Jake - what are you thinking? I know she is young, but she is also a two-face. In certain lighting I\'d want to sleep with her and ... [Full Story]

Jake Gyllenhaal - Sexual Predator

This is irrefutable proof that celebrities are humans, too. And they can also be huge perverts. (I\'m not the only one!!!) This picture of Jake Gyllenhaal being completely absorbed in a hot girl\'s butt was taken at last night\'s championship game at the Staples Center. It\'s a little obvious that he was more interested in this girl\'s tush than the balls on the court. It\'s ... [Full Story]

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon ARE a Couple

I haven\'t been able to sleep for a week, thinking obsessively about whether or not Jake Gyllenhaal is still with Reese Witherspoon or if he\'s just a guy with an impossible to spell last name. But now, thanks to People, we have the answer: Amid reports of \"are they or aren\'t they still a couple,\" Gyllenhaal, 28, used the buzz word of the week – girlfriend – shortly after arriving at a ... [Full Story]

Jake and Reese to Start a Family Soon?

Jake Gyllenhaal loves Reese Witherspoon's kids as though they are his own! And, now, the two are talking about how they might want to start a family of their own together! OK! Magazine: Jake Gyllenhaal will no doubt be celebrating his first "unofficial" Father's Day when he rings in the holiday this year with girlfriend Reese Witherspoon and her kids Ava,8, and 4-year-old Deacon. In fact ... [Full Story]

Jake and Reese Prove They're a Couple in Rome!

These photos of Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon are proof that they are officially a couple. In fact, the UK's The Daily Mail specifically says: "The pair met on set of the upcoming movie Rendition and have now taken their romance public - they were spotted holding hands and canoodling during a romantic trip to Rome. Witherspoon, 31, whose divorce from former husband Ryan Phillippe was ... [Full Story]

Jake Gyllenhaal Grabs Some Sugary Snacks!

TMZ spotted Jake out on what Bostonians call "The Vin-YAHD!" after he just finished working on his new film Rendition which also stars the always delicious, southern-twanged Reese Witherspoon. That's right, shown above, Jake is grabbin' some sweet treats as he vacations on the small island of Martha's Vineyard off the coast of Massachusetts. But aside from the sweet treats, I'm wondering ... [Full Story]