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Jennifer Aniston is Going to Marry Justin Theroux.

It looks like Jennifer Aniston is preparing to have an Ex Husband #2 to stalk, and that\'s her current boyfriend Justin Theroux. (I only say that because I have gathered, from the Internet, that she is crazy and no man will stay with her long term.) Also, it\'s a complete coincidence that Ex Husband #1 just got engaged to his long-time girlfriend. COINCIDENCE, PEOPLE. Sources connected with ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Aniston Spends Way Too Much on Makeup

According to The Internet (Shine via the New York Post), Jennifer Aniston spends a buttload of money on staying as attractive as she does. That\'s not really a surprise, given she still looks like she is in her twenties and I cry from time to time when I think about never being with her: Jennifer Aniston was recently dubbed the \"Hottest Woman of All Time\" by Men\'s Health magazine but ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Aniston is Finally on The Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Jennifer Aniston finally got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I\'m not sure what the requirements are for getting a star, but her work on \"Friends\" alone should have gotten her there years ago. ... understandably, the upper crust in Hollywood probably just wanted to avoid another public breakdown over her failed relationship with Brad Pitt. Even if it has been years. (Good call, Hollywood ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Aniston is Hot and I Do Not Care What You Say

I understand that the internet doesn\'t really care for Jennifer Aniston nowadays. Sure, she has been hung up on her ex Brad Pitt for years... but who can blame her? She has a hot, superstar ex-husband who is dating one of the sexiest women alive. JenAn is allowed to feel a little inferior. I\'ve learned to stop hating and to start appreciating her hotness again - you should start, too, by ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Are Chic Rebels

Hey! Jennifer Aniston still has a boyfriend. And h name is Justin Theroux. I\'m pretty sure he was on \"Parks and Recreation\" for a few episodes, so that makes him a keeper in my book. Let\'s hope that the leather-clad, hipster Jennifer Aniston agrees and doesn\'t crazy him out of the relationship. ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Aniston Apparently Disgusts Everyone

Are you ready to hear a story that is ludicrous from every possible angle?: An awkward moment happened when Jennifer Aniston quips, \"Did you see \'Gossip Girl\' last night? I fingered myself so hard to that Penn Badgley guy that I broke a nail.\" Our source said, \"The look on Penn\'s face was priceless. They left the theater right after that.\" First of all, Penn Badgley didn\'t ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Aniston Wrote Her Name in Wet Cement

No matter how many people hate Jennifer Aniston for being a clingy psycho who won\'t let go of her marriage to Brad Pitt, that doesn\'t change the fact that she is a good actress. She is a good actress with a great body, and if she would just stop talking I wouldn\'t mind admitting regularly that I like her. \"Friends\" went on the air in 1994, and she has been entertaining for 17 years. Over the ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Aniston is Still Talking About Brad Pitt

Jennifer. This has gone to desperately romantic to just desperate. Or scary. Are you really that incapable of moving past your break-up with Benjamon Button, Jennifer Aniston? I\'m not saying that I knew you two were happy, but even if you were, get over it. You\'re the victim here, so use THAT instead of using your crazy. While being interviewed about her most recent movie, \"Horrible Bosses,\" ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Aniston Shuns Opaque Clothing

Because she is a celebrity, and celebrities whither and die without massive amounts of attention, Jennifer Aniston was walking around New York City the other day in nearly-translucent clothing. If she is deciding to shun bras and other undergarments for the rest of the life, Lord knows I\'m not going to stop her. But she isn\'t exactly recommending herself to successful men as a non-loose cannon ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Aniston Has a... Boyfriend?

Wait. What? I thought everyone was hating Jennifer Aniston this week... Us Weekly reports: \"He\'s living at her place in L.A.!\" an insider tells the new Us Weekly, out now. \"And she\'s introducing him as her boyfriend.\" That\'s a big deal for Aniston, 42, who hasn\'t been open about any of her beaus since her 2008 split with John Mayer. 39-year-old Theroux (who usually kept a room at ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Aniston Receives a Spike Guys Choice Award

Jennifer Aniston won the \"Decade of Hotness Award\" at the Spike Guys Choice Awards. Now, this sounds like a compliment, but really what they were saying here is that \"hey, you\'re old, you know it, but you still look good.\" (Okay, Jen An isn\'t old, but she does tend to act like a crazy, old spinster.) Congratulations, Jennifer, and I hope you shut up for about five seconds so we can ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Aniston is Naked for Smart Water

Why is Jennifer Aniston now naked for Smart Water? I mean, it doesn\'t really matter, but it makes me curious. I always wonder why no one wants to date Jennifer Aniston. She looks like a goddess, she is extremely talented... what could POSSIBLY be wrong with her? I actually think everyone else in Hollywood is just afraid of commitment. So what if she might be a little bit crazy? ... [Full Story]