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Jennifer Lopez Got Fired. LULZ!

It looks like Jennifer Lopez thought she was worth more than what she really is... because Fox let her go. She will no longer be on \"American Idol.\" She needs to learn a lesson from lesser celebrities and not charge shows almost $20 million for her presence. J. Lo\'s fee went from $12 million in her first season to $15 million in her second. When she asked for another $2 million, the ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Lopez and Her New Boyfriend Dodge Bums in Miami

If there is one thing I know about Miami, it\'s that most of it is really dirty. It\'s a city literally teeming with bums waiting to expose themselves to passers by. And if I know anything about Jennifer Lopez, it\'s that she loves to step on the downtrodden and still claim that she is Jenny from the Block. So this trip to Miami must be hilarious and full of bums getting kicked in the face with ... [Full Story]

Jenny From the Block is a B

If you have recently seen Jennifer Lopez\'s Fiat commercials, I sincerely hope you didn\'t feel all emotional and happy about her being back in the Bronx. Because she wasn\'t. She was too afraid of being in the ghetto, so she had a body double drive a Fiat around the scary neighborhoods while she stayed in Los Angeles and got questionable body hair bleached. Even though in the commercials she ... [Full Story]

Ms. Lopez Is Really Glad She is Single

I\'m no psychologist, but I can only assume all of the Las Vegas partying Ms. Lopez is doing means that she is thrilled to be single. Or she is very good at hiding her disappointment. Either way, this week if you feel like bumping into a celebrity, head on down to Las Vegas, Nevada. You\'ll probably find Jennifer strung out in one of the many clubs. ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Lopez is SINGLE!

It looks like the modern day Cleopatra and Mark Antony have finally ended. I.e., Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony broke up (not to be confused with Mark Antony). \"We have decided to end our marriage,\" they tell PEOPLE in a joint statement. \"This was a very difficult decision. We have come to an amicable conclusion on all matters.\" \"It is a painful time for all involved,\" the ... [Full Story]

No Audio Isn\'t a Problem for Jennifer Lopez

When faced with the adversity of losing audio during a concert - what does Jennifer Lopex do? Does she start singing (instead of lip syncing) to cover up for the issue? Well, nope! She just continues to shake her sparkly, barely covered booty. And then fire someone later: \"This is what show business is all about, baby. Who\'s getting fired tonight? Somebody\'s getting fired tonight!\" ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Lopez Is Afraid of Best Buy

Jennifer Lopez was at a Best Buy on Pico Blvd in LA yesterday to sign copies of her new album. But instead of being a normal person NOT afraid of people, she was an agoraphobic celebrity surrounded by at least 25 bodyguards. I guess J Lo didn\'t realize that no one really gives a crap about her anymore. ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Lopez Needs More Attention, People!

Whenever Jennifer Lopez isn\'t threatening the health of other celebrities (because she is still Jenny from the block, which is apparently celebrity speak for \"hoodrat\"), she is whining about not getting enough attention. So then she threatens someone. It\'s really a vicious cycle. Apparently, Jenny hasn\'t been getting enough attention for her return to \"fame\" via \"American Idol:\" ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Lopez is a Hood Rat

During the \"Golden Globes,\" Ricky Gervais was his usual self: his humor was edgy, he was slightly hairy, and he confused women\'s perceptions of his attractiveness level. But under all of that, he was also getting threatened by hoodlums like Jennifer Lopez. Lopez said: \"I was sitting in the audience and was thinking, \'Oh my God, what\'s he gonna say about me?\' \"So I went backstage ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Lopez Gets Real

In a series of, frankly, disturbing photographs... Jennifer Lopez shows that she is a real woman. Her face is strange, her butt is huge, and the cellulite in her legs is probably a whale\'s weight in blubber. That isn\'t a cut on you, JLo. Just stop wearing the dresses of a 19 year old with bad decision making skills. ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Lopez to be on American Idol

Jennifer Lopez is in the final stages of negotiations with \"American Idol\" ...and that puts a nail in the coffin for me definitely not watching this year. ... can a reality show really jump the shark?? Sources report that there has been no drama and no diva demands. As one source puts it, \"It\'s been typical negotiating.\" \"Idol\" sources say producers believe Jennifer is the key ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Lopez is Pregnant

You probably think I\'m some kind of racist against non-Latinas after these first two posts this morning, and you are correct. I\'m a Spanish supremacist who happens to have no Spanish heritage, but anyway, here\'s Jennifer Lopez looking like an old Mexican Juno on the set of her new movie. No idea what it\'s called, but she plays a pregnant woman who has no idea you shouldn\'t wear tight white ... [Full Story]