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Jennifer Love Hewitt Thinks We Forgot What She Looks Like

Back in her \"I Know What You Did Last Summer\" heyday, Jennifer Love Hewitt was hot. She wore cute 90s tummy shirts and probably owned 205,000 scrunchies. However, nowadays she is more bottom-heavy than anything... which I don\'t mind, but that doesn\'t make her a tiny, anorexic celebrity. So these confusing Instagram photos are just dirty lies. She may look like she weighs 90 pounds, but don\'t ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Love Hewitt Has Magical Clothes.

I am absolutely convinced that Jennifer Love Hewitt owns magical dresses. Every time she is randomly seen on the street by a paparazzi, she looks like 20 shades of hell. But when she is out for a movie like she was in West Hollywood last night for the premiere of her Lifetime movie \"The Client List,\" she looks great. And she tends to always wear these weird bandage dresses that must keep her ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Love Hewitt Could Be an International Super Spy

Today we\'re not going to make fun of Jennifer Love Hewitt for being chubby or ugly. In fact, she was looking pretty good in her spandex pants and long red shirt. Oh no, the ridiculous thing about the JLH disaster today is that she thought she could hide from the paparazzi by walking around with a sweater on her head. She was literally playing peekaboo with the media. And thought it worked. ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fakes Us Out

... Jennifer Love Hewitt, you disappoint me. When I look at your top, more attractive half, I get excited. I believe that you are an attractive female. But then, when I glance down at your flanks and chubby hooves, I realize that you\'re nothing but a fat girl with trickery up her sleeve. Not cool, JLH. Not cool. ... [Full Story]

How to Make Jennifer Love Hewitt Look Acceptable

As long as Jennifer Love Hewitt doesn\'t take off this dress, doesn\'t speak and doesn\'t attempt to act again - I think that I can finally accept her as a \"hot person.\" Of course, the chances of that happening are slim, especially since every other week she likes to show the media an unflattering amount of thigh cellulite. Oh well. A guy can dream, can\'t he? ... [Full Story]

Apparently Everyone Hates Jennifer Love Hewitt

According to some nifty stats online, Jennifer Love Hewitt is the most horribly rated actress since the 80s. I can\'t even think of a single movie that Jennifer Love Hewitt has been in, but that doesn\'t exactly bode well for her. According to, who used their access to movie review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, Love Hewitt is the worst-reviewed actress since 1985, the cutoff date ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Love Hewitt is Getting Whale-ish

I hope you don\'t have a St. Patrick\'s day hangover... because these pictures will definitely make you throw up. Jennifer Love Hewitt was recently seen wearing a mumu (circus tent?) and looking like an enormous cow. ... her vajazzling doesn\'t seem so sexy anymore. ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Love Hewitt & Alyssa Milano Are Helpful

During the holidays, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Alyssa Milano took time out of their busy \"being rich and famous\" schedules to help out with the less fortunate. The two sexy gals volunteers at the Los Angeles Mission to bring those experiencing tough times, like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, some comfort food during the holidays. ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Love Hewitt is All Topless

I don\'t know why or how this happened... but I am certainly a fan. I was, until recently, under the impression that Jennifer Love Hewitt was a total cow. I was apparently wrong. This cowgirl-esque photoshoot is hot... and makes me think that I would totally support her in the role of Super Woman, if someone actually offered it to her. JLH FTW! ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Love Hewitt Has a Sad

Poor JL Hewitt is looking extremely sad now that she is without a man... but at least she is looking extremely perky in the MILF-aged-chest department. And that\'s all that matters, right JLH? I\'ll keep you in my heart, and that special place that my mom told me that Mr. Andrews shouldn\'t touch again. It\'ll be so romantic, Jennifer. ... until you eat 15 cupcakes and get fat again, that is. ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Love Hewitt Turned 87 Today

Actually, it\'s not even Jennifer Love Hewitt\'s birthday. I lied. But I think you get the point from these pictures. Nice car though. It matches her hair. ... [Full Story]

How\'s Your Knowledge of Celebrity Racks, Part 2

In case you missed the first one, click here to see it. Because I\'m a pervert who loves celebrities, especially of the female variety, I put together a second edition of Celebrity Racks for your viewing pleasure. So take a guess who it is and then click the thumbnail to see the high resolution, full version to find out. It\'s almost as fun as pushing the handicapped into traffic. ... [Full Story]