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Jessica Biel Sells Total Recall with Some Sideboob.

You really need to go see \"Total Recall.\" Not only does it look like an awesome update of the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic (there is CGI now!) but it stars Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale and Colin Farrell, three of the hottest women in Hollywood! It\'s going to be awesome. WATCH IT. (And watch J-Biel\'s sideboob.) ... [Full Story]

Jessica Biel is Easy on My Stalking Eyes.

I confess, I am more eager to see Kate Beckinsale in the new \"Total Recall\" than I am to watch Jessica Biel. (And I\'m pretty sure Kate plays a bad, bad girl.) I have nothing against Jessica, except for her face. Which is a lesser face compared to the goddess Kate Beckinsale. Still, compared to 110% of the women I know (I\'m even accounting for women I don\'t know yet) she is the most beautiful ... [Full Story]

Oh Hey, Kristen Stewart is Still Acting.

I literally just finished watching \"Snow White and the Huntsman\" an hour ago and I had already forgotten that Kristen Stewart is an actress that has jobs not associated with \"Twilight.\" Here she is (along with a bunch of other tween actresses I don\'t know and don\'t particularly care to) at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. I imagine most people shared my \"oh, that\'s right, she\'s an actress\" ... [Full Story]

Jessica Biel is Single!!!!!!

Although Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have been dating since 2007... it seems that they just can\'t take each other\'s hotness anymore. They have officially split up. According to People: Reps for the couple released a statement Thursday, confirming the split: \"Addressing the media speculation regarding Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake\'s relationship, we are confirming that they ... [Full Story]

Jessica Biel Doesn\'t Need Real Pants

The best thing about living in the modern world is the widespread hatred of actual pants. No matter where you look, girls are everywhere just wearing skimpy tights, thinking that showing off their crotch is appropriate in public. So I thank you, Fashion Industry, for encouraging this kind of behavior. Otherwise, I wouldn\'t get to see Jessica Biel leave the gym in her super-tight, non-pants. ... [Full Story]

Jessica Biel Wears Too Much Clothing

I may not understand fashion, but I do understand one vital fact - girls look better wearing a little less clothes. Once you get too \"skimpy bikini that makes you uncomfortable\" it\'s a little odd. But somewhere between short shorts and a tight dress is just perfect. Jessica Biel, however, is violating this \"Less is More\" rule by wearing what appears to be a dress with a linebacker\'s ... [Full Story]

The Valentine\'s Day After Party Looks Hot

Valentine\'s Day, the chick \"feel good\" movie of the year, is in theaters today. I\'m not usually into romantic comedies, but I have to admit that this movie has an unreal number of hot women in it. Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner all starred in the movie and here they are at the premiere\'s after-party. Joking, laughing, having cute celebrity pillow fights. And this group ... [Full Story]

Hey Look, It\'s Cousin Jessica

I\'m not sure if there\'s a new Addam\'s Family movie coming out and Jessica Biel is showing the world she\'d make the perfect \"Cousin It\" or if, you know, her hair is just in her face, but I\'m going with the first one. It makes it more interesting. Nice dog, by the way. Wonder if he knows your movies all suck. ... [Full Story]

No One\'s Taking a Picture of You

Here\'s Jessica Biel walking in Brentwood with her non-famous friend who apparently is completely disgusted with the photographer. As if he\'s taking a picture of her specifically and the fact that Jessica Biel is walking beside her has nothing to do with it. She should probably kill the attitude and get to work before she gets fired, Burger King opens earlier now. ... [Full Story]

Jessica Biel is the Most Dangerous Celebrity

It turns out that searching for \"Jessica Biel\" on the Web is most likely to turn your PC into a giant paperweight courtesy of some crater-faced kid and his virus. According to AP: Security technology company McAfee Inc. on Tuesday reported that searches for the 27-year-old actress are more likely to lead to online threats such as spyware and viruses than searches for any other ... [Full Story]

Jessica Biel Blames her Looks, Not Bad Acting

Jessica Biel talked to Allure magazine recently about marriage and her career. And it was so exciting: When it comes to boyfriend Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel remains fairly tight-lipped. One thing she\'s not keeping secret, though: Her immediate feelings on marriage. \"I have no idea if I want to get married,\" Biel, 27, tells Allure for its June issue. \"I have a lot to do ... [Full Story]