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Jessica Simpson Has Intimidating Legs

Legs are an awesome part of most women. ... most women that aren\'t Jessica Simpson, that is. Her legs look so muscular I would actually be afraid to have sex with her. Kudos for the weight loss, but just because you\'ve dated an NFL star doesn\'t mean you should look like one. ... [Full Story]

\"I CAN HAZ CHEESBURGER?\" - Jessica Simpson.

Jessica Simpson thought she was going to lose major weight after having her baby. She even went so far as to claim she would look like Jessica Alba (HAHAHA). Jessica Simpson has the potential to be hot (she was exceptionally attractive for many years)... but this post-baby Jessica is losing weight slowly. Probably because she keeps eating burgers. According to Radar Online: \"Jessica is ... [Full Story]

Jessica Simpson Gave Birth to Her Big Ole Baby.

Jessica Simpson gave birth to a baby girl this morning, weighing 9 pounds 13 ounces and measuring 21.75 inches. I don\'t know very much about babies, but judging by the size of Jessica pre-birth body, I would have to guess that the baby was enormous. And probably ate Jessica shortly after exiting her womb. ... [Full Story]

Jessica Simpson or Jabba the Hut - You Decide!

The extremely pregnant Jessica Simpson has already grossed us out by 1.) having such a large child inside of her and 2.) telling the world just hor horny she is for Eric Johnson, even though she is roughly the size of a black rhino. But does she stop making us nauseous? Oh no, she has even more to say that will make you want to swear off sex forever (it involves fluid). Via Us Weekly: \"I ... [Full Story]

Jessica Simpson Wants to Have Sex With You.

Want to feel disgusting to your very core (but still a little bit excited at the same time)? The biggest version of Jessica Simpson (see gallery below) wants sex. And she wants now, unborn fetus or not! I am definitely \'feeling intimate,\'\" said the sassy Texan said - and how! \"I\'m kind of unstoppable right now. The Big O is, like, the biggest O ever!\" Former NFL pro Johnson, 32, is ... [Full Story]

Jessica Simpson Will Be On the Biggest Loser. But Not For What You Think.

Jessica Simpson is going to be appearing on \"The Biggest Loser,\" but unfortunately it\'s not for the reason everyone thinks she should be. Jillian Michels won\'t be making her bleed, sweat and cry on national television. She is going to stop by on March 13 to reward a Biggest Loser challenge winner with a visit to her personal showroom, along with another contestant to pick out some ... [Full Story]

Jessica Simpson Distracts Herself

When women are pregnant, many, many awful things happen to them. They get bloated, their ankles disappear and their ability to be rational goes out the window (along with any sex you might have had with them). However, there is one shining, silver lining (aside from the whole \"kid\" thing): THEIR BOOBS. Jessica Simpson already had lovely breasticles; but now that they are on Pregnancy ... [Full Story]

Jessica Simpson and Her Huge Stomach

I now think there is a 99% chance that Jessica Simpson is pregnant. There is a small possibility that she just ate a huge burrito before getting these pictures taken, but I kind of doubt that\'s the case. Plus, she wouldn\'t be caressing her stomach like that if it was a burrito. ... unless it was awesome. ... [Full Story]

Jessica Simpson Has Given Up

I have lost track of whether or not Jessica Simpson is pregnant (she certainly looks it). That doesn\'t really matter, though. Even if she is carrying a child, that\'s no excuse to go outside wearing no makeup, a Harley Davidson shirt, sweats and Uggs. That is the ensemble of a stoner high school girl who got pregnant at 15. Stop it Jessica. Stop it. ... [Full Story]

Jessica Simpson - Fat or Pregnant?

Come on, kiddies! It\'s time to play \"Fat or Pregnant?\" This week, we\'re going to focus on Jessica Simpson. To most, she is just a vapid cow who probably is too stupid to dress herself. But to us, she is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Is she fat? Is she pregnant? IS SHE BOTH? You decide! ... [Full Story]

Jessica Simpson\'s $15k Bag

$15,000 for a bag? Yes, that feeling you should be experiencing now is rage. Rage at how unjust the world is. You can\'t afford a value meal at McDonalds, yet Jessica Simpsons 31st birthday gift was a bag so expensive it was obscene. \"Eric made my birthday!!! I have never been more surprised in my life! Jackie O who? ;)\" That purse, according to my grandma, is a Hermes Birkin. They ... [Full Story]

Who Needs Pants???

Jessica Simpson is my soulmate. We would get long PERFECTLY, what with our mutual hatred of pants and love of pork rinds. I just hope that someday she can give up this \"being a celebrity\" thing and come to my couch to watch re-runs of Buffy with me. (Sigh.) One day. ... [Full Story]