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Jessica Simpson is Disappointed in John

Jessica Simpson couldn\'t accept John Mayer\'s apology, according to her interview on Oprah this morning. Via TMZ: In an interview that aired this morning on Oprah, Jessica says she \"felt betrayed\" when her ex spilled the dirty details of their sex life to Playboy -- and though he said he\'s sorry via e-mail, she never wrote back. I don\'t know about you Jessica, but if someone said ... [Full Story]

John Mayer is Probably Going to Get Shot

Sometimes there aren\'t words to explain how much I hate John Mayer. Not because he is a womanizer, but because is a self-involved womanizer who thinks he is God\'s gift to everyone on Earth. Thankfully, his reign of terror may be over soon. In his interview with Playboy, John Mayer made no attempts to censor his comments about the black community, including throwing the N-word ... [Full Story]

John Mayer Speaks the Truth

So it turns out that Britney Spears is under fire by anal people in Australia for lip-syncing the songs on her Circus tour. I can\'t believe anyone in the world DIDN\'T know she lip-syncs everything in concert, but whatever. Anyway, John Mayer tweeted about it: \"If you\'re shocked that Britney was lip-syncing at her concert and want your money back, life may continue to be hard for ... [Full Story]

John Mayer Helps Jennifer Aniston Get Old

A lot of you will probably find this \"sweet\" or \"cute,\" but personally, I find it appalling. People: John Mayer has prepared his own serenade to help his girlfriend celebrate the big 4-0. \"He did write a special song just for her for her birthday,\" a source tells PEOPLE of the Grammy winner. No word yet on his performance! Clearly if he\'s writing songs about her turning 40 ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Aniston and Jon Mayer are Engaged

It seems like just last month I was writing about Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer breaking up forever. Probably because it was last month. And now, in typical Hollywood fashion, they decided getting engaged was the best way to get back together. Star: In the Nov. 3 issue of Star, on sale now, we report that just a week after Jen and John Mayer reignited their romance, Jen made her move and ... [Full Story]

John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston: Back Again?

Everyone\'s favorite couple of douchebags seem to be back together, at least for now. The National Enquirer: That’s right, The NATIONAL ENQUIRER has exclusively discovered that the former lovebirds, Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer, are back together – at least for a little bit. They just flew into Los Angeles together, landing at 4:05 Pacific Time on Monday, October, 13, The ENQUIRER has ... [Full Story]

John Mayer Talks About his Boring Relationship with Jen

John Mayer killed my hopes that there was some underlying reason for his break-up with Jennifer Aniston. I was hoping he had AIDS or she was a lesbian. Sadly, it\'s not the case according to what John said recently. \"There\'s no lying, there\'s no cheating, there\'s no nothing,\" Mayer told reporters Saturday about his split with Aniston after working out at an Equinox Gym in New York\'s ... [Full Story]

Is John Mayer Being Subliminal!?

John Mayer played a concert in California this past weekend, and people are reading into some of his between-song banter way too much. From OK! Magazine: I sorta made out with some girl in my dreams," the singer, 30, told the audience, before leading into the song "Dreaming with a Broken Heart." Eyewitnesses at the show tell OK! that there was no sight of the Friends star. Wonder what ... [Full Story]

Woman Says John Mayer Didn't Cheat on Jen!

Recent rumors claiming that John Mayer may have actually cheated on Jennifer Aniston with a fan have been vehemently denied by the fan herself! Us Magazine reports: The woman who In Touch claimed was hit on by John Mayer – during the time he’s been linked to Jennifer Aniston – tearfully told that the story "is completely not true" and she's considering legal action against the ... [Full Story]

John Mayer Admits to Hooking Up with a Nameless Fan!

Last night John Mayer admitted to fans that he once "hooked up" with a nameless fan! People Magazine reports: John Mayer might be keeping mum about his current steamy relationship with Jennifer Aniston, but the soulful singer opened up Tuesday night about a past relationship – with a nameless fan. During an intimate performance at the Z100 Lounge at New York City’s Spotlight Live ... [Full Story]

John Mayer Says He Never Cheated on Anyone!

Full-time musician and part time ladies' man, John Mayer, says that despite speculation that he is a womanizer, the truth is that he never cheated on anyone! OK! Magazine says: He's been linked to many beautiful women and has been labeled a womanizer, but John Mayer assures that he has "never cheated on anybody." "I've never cheated on anybody, so you won't have anybody coming out the ... [Full Story]

Jen Aniston and John Mayer Attend an Event Together

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer attended a public event together for the first time since they've been having their little fling! This could be serious! Jen Aniston and John Mayer went to their first public event together Thursday night. They joined Courteney Cox and David Arquette — who celebrated their nine-year anniversary that night — at a humanitarian event at L.A. steakhouse STK ... [Full Story]