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Hey Look, It\'s Jack Sparrow With a Bird on His Head.

Johnny Depp is going to play Tonto in the new Lone Ranger movie, and surprise, surprise, the character looks exactly like his last iconic character, Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp is pretty versatile, but I don\'t understand why he didn\'t try to branch out a little more for this role. And just like he hand-picked his Captain Jack hat, he also hand-picked his Tonto hat. (Which is a dead bird.) He says ... [Full Story]

Natalie Portman Has a Secret Tampon Agenda.

Last week, Paul McCartney released his new music video for the song, \"My Valentine.\" It featured Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman signing the lyrics. Everyone loved Johnny and Natalie doing something so non-mainstream (even the hipsters weren\'t \"over it\"). However, they didn\'t quite know how anti-mainstream they were being. ... unless they have some secret agenda to push tampons onto the ... [Full Story]

Dark Shadows Has a Trailer. ...

Unfortunately for any of the fans of the original \"Dark Shadows\" television show, the trailers for the \"Dark Shadows\" movie has been released and it looks absolutely terrible. If you\'re a Johnny Depp or Tim Burton fan (or both, since they constantly work together) then you will still be pleased with the result. But I\'m not sure if I\'m supposed to take this movie seriously or if it\'s just ... [Full Story]

Oh Barnabas, What Have They Done To You?

\"Dark Shadows\" originally aired in the 60s and 70s, so it\'s no surprise that the quality was lacking and it was on the cheesy side of things. But now Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are coming together to make a Dark Shadows movie. Classic Barnabas Collins fans are going to be disappointed, because they are going to be dealing with that is shown above. Personally, Tim Burton could make a ... [Full Story]

Woman Took Beating From Johnny Depp Bodyguard

Allegedly. The LAPD is attempting to track down Johnny Depp for an interview after his bodyguards allegedly beat up a disabled woman last week. ... [Full Story]

Johnny Depp Does Not Know How to Act Around the Media

Johnny Depp, although he has been a super famous celebrity for years now, still hasn\'t mastered the art of the non-creepy interview. According to The Huffington Post via The NY Post, Johnny Depp has a very strong opinion regarding photoshoots. And it\'s a little crazy sauce: Well, you just feel like you\'re being raped somehow,\" he says (via the NY Post) about photo shoots. \"Raped ... It ... [Full Story]

Johnny Depp\'s Inspiration for Blow Might Get a TV Show

The cocaine kingpin that Johnny Depp\'s movie \"Blow\" was based on, George Jung, might be getting a TV deal. Sure, he is still in prison, but that doesn\'t matter much, right? Not when you\'re an ex-cocaine kingpin. The producers from the National Geographic Channel show \"Locked Up Abroad\" have reached out to George hoping to get some insight on his \"experiences surrounding [Jung\'s] ... [Full Story]

Read the Body Language

At a recent photo call for \"The Tourist,\" Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie were either feeling extremely awkward or they are very good actors (which I suppose is something to consider). The body language between them speaks volumes, especially since it looks as if Johnny is openly afraid to touch Angelina. I don\'t blame him either. The last person to brush up against Ange broke up with his wife ... [Full Story]

Pirates 4 Script Was Left Laying About

Writers really need to start being more careful with what they leave on cafe tables; pens, notepads, complete scripts for the new Pirates movie... whatever! They\'re a bunch of litterbugs. According to The Sun, one of their readers found a copy of the script for the fourth Pirates movie just sitting on a table inside of a random cafe in the UK. After emptying their bladder on account of ... [Full Story]

Alice in Wonderland has Royal Premiere

On Thursday, the stars of Alice in Wonderland attended the Royal Premiere of the movie in London. It was shown at the London\'s Odeon Leicester Square. Being a royal premiere, the upper crust of British celebrities were there as well. The honored guests included Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall, not to mention other British celebs like Alan Rickman and Christopher Lee. Although I ... [Full Story]

No Surprise, Johnny Depp is the Sexiest Man Alive

According to the AP, People magazine has named Johnny Depp the sexiest man alive mostly because, well, he is. Depp nudged aside Jackman to get the coveted endorsement from People magazine Wednesday. It\'s the 46-year-old actor\'s second time as \"Sexiest Man Alive.\" He also won in 2003. Kate Coyne, senior editor at People, said on CBS\' \"Early Show\" that Depp has achieved an almost ... [Full Story]

Johnny Depp Will Do Another Pirates Movie

Sources say that Johnny Depp has officially signed to do a 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie. This news makes me so excited that I almost considered taking a shower today. But nah. Unfortunately, Keira Knightley probably won\'t be showing her sexy skeletal frame in this sequel. Neither will Orlando Bloom, but no one cares. Johnny D. will also be playing Mad Hatter in Tim Burton\'s Alice ... [Full Story]