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Jon Gosselin Retarded, Not Asian

After months of speculation and rumor, you heard it here first: Jon Gosselin is indeed retarded. He is 100% Caucasian, with no Asian lineage. Okay, well maybe not. He sure acts like he is in the slow class, though. Apparently he saved up for his lawyer using cereal box tops, because the Pennsylvania court system is probably going to reject his request for primary custody. Because the legal ... [Full Story]

Dancing With the Stars > Children

Jon Gosselin, in a weak and stupid attempt to hurt his wife, is claiming that she is unfit to be a mother because of her participation in Dancing With the Stars. Personally, I think she is unfit to have sole custody of her children because she a mean skank of a woman, but what do I know. Jon and Anthony F. List, Jon\'s lawyer, are filing papers asking for Jon to have primary custody of the ... [Full Story]

Jon Gosselin\'s Apartment Gets Ransacked

Over the weekend, everyone\'s favorite TV father of 8, Jon Gosselin, had his apartment broken into and multiple items damaged or stolen. And with a net worth of not all that much, it\'s definitely not a good day for Jon. AP reports: Jon Gosselin\'s apartment was ransacked by someone who slashed furniture, stole his TV and left a note pinned to his dresser with a butcher knife while he ... [Full Story]

It\'s Almost (Finally) Over

The hell that the public has been put through known as the Jon and Kate marriage, tv show, and now divorce is finally coming to a non-violent end. My hopes of it ending with the 8 kids battling it out in a ring doesn\'t seem like it\'s gonna happen. According to the AP: the marathon session went so well that the feuding stars of \"Jon & Kate Plus 8\" could be divorced by the end of the ... [Full Story]

Jon Gosselin Turns Down Show with Octomom

Apparently someone somewhere decided torturing the world was a good idea, so he or she has suggested starting a new show with Jon Gosselin and Octomom. I\'m not a mathematician but that\'s something like 37 kid sin one show. Way too many. However, according to TMZ, Jon will not do it: We got a statement that Jon\'s \"talent\" agent sent to the producers of the \"Jon - Kate = Jon + Octomom\" ... [Full Story]

Kate Gosselin Gets Paid

Everyone\'s least favorite father, who I happen to think would\'ve been much better than my father who is now a Vegas showgirl, Jon Gosselin, is paying up most of the money the judge ordered him to pay his wife, Kate. TMZ says: TMZ has learned at 1:23 PM ET -- 30 minutes ago from the time of this post -- Kate Gosselin\'s lawyers received an email from Jon Gosselin\'s Pennsylvania lawyer ... [Full Story]

Jon Gosselin Might Be Delusional

Jon Gosselin is asking for around $12,000 per hour to be a guest on a Florida radio show according to TMZ, thus confirming earlier thoughts that he is mentally retarded: The radio show offered two first class round trip plane tickets, limo service and a \"first class\" hotel room -- but that wasn\'t enough to seal the deal. Gosselin\'s rep requested an \"appearance fee ... in the 10-12K ... [Full Story]

TLC Is Suing Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin\'s life used to be pretty good when he just had a psychotic wife and 74 children to take care of. Now it just sucks. I\'ll let the AP explain: The TLC network says it\'s suing Jon Gosselin (GAHS\'-lihn) for breaching his contract as star of the reality show \"Jon & Kate Plus 8.\" The lawsuit, filed Friday in Maryland, alleges that Gosselin hasn\'t met the obligations of his ... [Full Story]

Jon Gosselin Gets his Wish but Not Really

No, not that Kate would die in a fiery crash so he could collect the insurance money, but rather that their horrid reality show is coming to an end in November. NY Post has the story: \"\'Jon & Kate Plus 8\' is ending in mid-to-late November, as previously reported,\" a TLC spokeswoman said yesterday. TLC announced last month that the once-popular show would be renamed \"Kate Plus 8\" ... [Full Story]

Judge: Jon and Kate are Losers

Okay, he didn\'t really say that, but the judge involved in the Jon and Kate Gosselin divorce did tell them to figure things the hell out. TMZ reports: He didn\'t rule on any of the epic conflicts but ordered Jon and Kate to settle up and work it out with the arbitrator. The judge said he\'ll be down with anything the arbitrator decides ... with one provision -- it has to be in the best ... [Full Story]

Great Fathers Unite

Jon Gosselin, father of those 8 little kids that won\'t go away, and Michael Lohan, father of Lindsay Lohan, decided to meet up this past weekend. I can\'t really figure out why, but my guess is simply to discuss successful parents and how to get other parents to be more like them. Alternatively, it could\'ve been to plot a plan to eliminate their wives and flee to Kenya. I hear it\'s nice there ... [Full Story]

Jon Gosselin has Death on his Side

If Jon and Kate Gosselin taught the world anything, it\'s that divorces sure are messy, especially when there\'s at least $230,000 up in the air. Kate is, of course, accusing Jon of clearing it out of the bank account. But don\'t worry, a judge is going to decide this week who is lying. Oh wait, nevermind, cancer just killed that judge\'s wife. TMZ has the details: TMZ has learned the judge ... [Full Story]