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Miley Cyrus Thinks Justin Bieber is Princess Di

Justin Bieber was being chased around by paparazzi the other night while in his Ferrari. This was dangerous (yay) and it sparked Miley Cyrus to tweet something so insulting and stupid I couldn\'t help but write a post about it: Hope this paparazzi/JB accident brings on some changes in \'13 Paparazzi are dangerous! Wasn\'t Princess Di enough of a wake up call?! You\'re right. Justin\'s ... [Full Story]

Justin Bieber is Cool, You Guys

Ever since Justin Bieber split up with Selena Gomez (LULZ) he has been getting a big head. Not only is his hair literally taller, making his head seem enormous, but he is starting to hang out with supermodels. And ride a motorcycle. Here\'s hoping he crashes it into a pile of marshmallows - and they still won\'t be a bigger poof than he is. ... [Full Story]

Bieber and Selena are no more

Multiple news agencies are reporting that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are calling it quits. The famous hollywood young couple made their relationship public in February 2011. Eighteen-year-old Bieber is touring to promote his latest album, \"Believe,\" which includes the hit \"Boyfriend.\" Twenty-year-old Gomez is filming a \"Wizards of Waverly Place\" reunion for the Disney Channel. ... [Full Story]

Justin Bieber Got Pulled Over. HAHAHAHA.

Let me just clarify something right now: I don\'t hate celebrities. I do, however, hate annoying ones like Justin Beiber who have a sneaking suspicion that they are God. He was driving his Fisker Karma down the 101 freeway in Los Angeles doing almost 100mph. (This is illegal). Therefore, he got pulled over: \"Bieber was driving like a maniac. He was weaving in and out of traffic. There was ... [Full Story]

Justin Bieber Beat Up a Photographer, LULZ.

Before Justin Bieber assaulted a photographer, he hung out with Mike Tyson and got some boxing tips from the fighter/terrible actor. Of course, this probably played into him being a suspect in a criminal battery case in Calabasas. Apparently Justin couldn\'t handle the testosterone injection and went nuts on a photog, who was transported to a hospital after the scuffle (most likely in an ... [Full Story]


Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were at the Lakers game on Tuesday night. Unfortunately (for them and everyone watching) they were featured on the kiss cam. And much like a marriage 10 years in, they didn\'t want to touch each other and no one else wanted them to keep touching each other. Plus, they looked like ugly lesbians fighting over a hot dog. \"That was probably the most humiliating ... [Full Story]

Justin Bieber is Hardcore. Man.

Justin Bieber is the epitome of cool. And hardcore. And \"being a man.\" Duh doy. Which is why I\'m so thrilled he is recording his new album, \"Believe.\" I am going to get laid SO many times while listening to that. And hey! Justin Bieber is an athlete, you guys!!! Word UP. ... [Full Story]

Selenea Gomez is One Lucky Girl.

Just look at this hunk of man meat that Selena Gomez gets to fantasize about wrapping her legs around (because she would never do that since she is an innocent, perfect virgin). He has it all! A jauntily placed hat, white boxer briefs and a torso that I could only describe as concave. WORK IT, Justin! ... [Full Story]

Selena Gomez Could be Engaged to JB

I highly doubt it (since they are both, what, 17?), but there are some pictures floating around online of Selena wearing a diamond ring on her engagement ring finger. They were both in Los Cabos yesterday when she was seen with the diamond ring - and immediately all of Justin Bieber\'s fans swore to give Selena a bloody, violent death. Selena\'s reps say that they aren\'t engaged and they ... [Full Story]

Justin Bieber Thinks Girls Are Gross. Ewwies!

You\'re right, Justin. If I were spending a holiday in Mexico with Selena Gomez I would have the exact same reaction. I would be disgusted and ignore her most of the time by texting other sluts. GOOD CALL, Justin. You show that B who\'s BOSS! ... [Full Story]

Justin Bieber is Tough

Woah, don\'t mess with this paps. Justin Bieber will tear your face off and eat it. Just look at the way he tilts his hat. And flips off the cameras. Now that is TOUGH. He was also on his way to Mr. Chows, which is probably a restaurant for rabid cannibals. Because Justin Bieber is insane, MAN. ... [Full Story]

... Seriously.

I can\'t believe that people are playing into this poor girl\'s delusion. Justin Bieber has agreed to take a DNA test to prove he is not the father of Mariah Yeaters baby. At least he plans to sue her \"to show there are consequences to making false accusations.\" (Uh, duh.) Even a lawsuit would be too kind for this piece of white trash. Maybe he should just punch her with his little Bieber fists. ... [Full Story]