The latest news and gossip involving celebrity Jwoww.

JWoWW Has \"Fashion Sense.\"

When JWoWW woke up one day last week, she decided to mix animal prints, bright pink ribbon and turquoise. Why? Because it looks GREAT. There are many reasons why I am glad I am not a woman. Fashion sense is a pretty prominent reason why I\'m glad I have a penis. My outfits usually consist of sweatpants I obtained in high school and shirts I picked up at Goodwill for 90 cents each. ... [Full Story]

This is Supposed to be JWoWW.

Some people don\'t realize that Photoshop should be used to slightly enhance the natural body in a photograph (i.e., smoothing over SOME wrinkles or reducing that scar you got from the battle of Blackwater). The technician that worked on JWoWW\'s photos accidentally turned her into a completely different human being by not applying those \"try to be subtle\" rules. Oh well, whatever person that ... [Full Story]

JWoww Thinks She is the King of the Jews.

For those of you unfamiliar with Biblical zingers, I mean to say it looks like JWoww is pretending be Jesus, what wearing her crown of thorns and whatnot.But blasphemy aside, I am really concerned for JWoww. Her lower back can\'t possibly be in good shape with a rack that huge. Someone really needs to tell her to get to a chiropractor, stat. ... [Full Story]

JWoww Was in a Bikini. ... Snooki, Too.

Is Snooki pregnant? ... I cannot express just how much I don\'t care or don\'t know. The internet seems to think she is, but I\'d rather not put Snooki and insemination together. The two were in Cancun, getting even more sun (they\'re advocates of skin cancer, apparently) and showing off their fake body parts. I won\'t complain, because JWoww is like a Frankenstein creature made of Emmanuelle ... [Full Story]

The Jersey Shore Just Got a Little Bit Sluttier

Or it is \"more slutty?\" JWoww has recently committed her life to unleashing the now-restricted bombs of other women on the beaches of Jersey Shore. The whorish Emmanuelle Chriqui (feel free to come to this conclusion on your own: http://tinyurl.com/7lcf7wa) of course chose a style of design that is minimal coverage, chock full of animal prints and vaguely reminds everyone of the first ... [Full Story]

JWoWW Wants to Procreate

JWoWW (and the rest of the cast of \"Jersey Shore\" for that matter) simply shouldn\'t procreate. Ever. That should never happen. The world can\'t have little greasy, orange babies running around. It\'ll be the beginning of the end. However, JWoWW was insistent: Hopefully I\'ll be able to settle down and have kids within the next couple of years maybe even the beginning of next year,\" ... [Full Story]

JWoWW Needs Less Clothing

I\'m extremely disappointed that JWoWW did not have on less clothing the other night at a club in Philadelphia. If she is to be clubbin\' she should be wearing nasty little dresses that are made out of only 1 square foot of material. Seriously, if she wants to be a true Hollywood skank, she needs to know that. ... [Full Story]

JWoWW is Extremely Satisfied

If I was JWoWW, I\'d be looking mighty impressed myself. Having two jugs the size of watermelons is no easy feat! Just think of all of the upkeep she has to deal with: saline refills, boob oils, disinfectants for her Saturday nights out? That\'s a costly business, yo. ... [Full Story]

JWoWW is a Sad Clown

Not everyone can pull off the sad clown look... and I\'m happy to see that JWoWW is no different. No matter how curvy this trashy Jersey chick is, if she is wearing circus face paint she is still going to look ridiculous. Random Fashion Designer, next time avoid inviting someone like JWoWW to your party. :) ... [Full Story]

JWoww Goes to LA

JWoww is ready to cash in on all of the \"fame\" she has been getting because of the \"Jersey Shore\": she has decided to move to Los Angeles to accept some offers for modeling contracts. (Dear GOD, just leave Snooki behind.) Sources close to the \"Jersey Shore\" star say that she\'s been getting \"lots of offers for modeling contracts and endorsements\" on the West Coast ... so she wants to ... [Full Story]

JWoWW Should be More Famous

It honestly upsets me that JWoWW isn\'t more famous. Sure, she is a stupid, dirty guido who will probably die of skin cancer at 31... But have you seen her (lack of) fashion sense? A teeny, tiny blazer with nothing under it? GENIUS. It\'s almost like her skin is her shirt, and those huge pieces of silicone on her chest are her breasts! UNIQUE! I love it. Keep up the good work, Jenni. ... [Full Story]

JWoWW - Amazed as We Are

It\'s not every day that you get to see that cast of \"The Jersey Shore\" making complete tards out of themselves (hahahahha, just kidding, that totally happens daily). Today\'s tard moment features JWoWW being entranced by her own breasts. True, they are very impressive, but you\'d think that she would get used to them, especially when she has to fist pump around them! ... [Full Story]