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Karissa Shannon Changes a Tire

So guess what happened in the world of staged photos recently. Karissa Shannon definitely pretended to get a flat tire and then... proceeded to change it in her white bra. And matching white pants. It was extremely sexy and extremely fake. I\'m not complaining. ... [Full Story]

Karissa Shannon\'s Boyfriend is in Big Trouble

Karissa Shannon must be severely disappointed. Her boyfriend, Sam Jones, was busted at his Canoga home last year for allegedly trying to sling the painkiller otherwise known as \"hillbilly heroin.\" Now, he is facing the repercussions for it. Just recently, he pleaded guilty as a co-conspirator in the drug ring, according to the U.S. Attorney\'s Office. ... [Full Story]

Karissa Shannon and Her Pumpkins

Oh, celebrities. You know how to make a simple person laugh by just holding up round objects next to your chest. Who, besides you, would have thought of such a hilarious tactic? Not I, that\'s for sure. Because - they look like they should be breasts! Not pumpkins! How entertaining. Good thing you can pull stunts like this, Karissa, because I\'m completely convinced that you are not ... [Full Story]

Everything About Karissa is Fake

I\'m a little disappointed by Karissa Shannon. True, she is a fame-ho, but usually it\'s pulled off better than this. She and her boyfriend are staging a jog with an umbrella and a fortune magazine. 1. Why would you stage jogging? 2. Who would look at pictures of some random celebrities pretending to jog? I\'m not sure if this could look and more fake. I mean, she could start doing warm ... [Full Story]

Karissa Shannon SUCKS

...down a tasty treat! Although she does it in the most inappropriate way possible to her black boyfriend. In the future, Karissa Shannon, please keep that disgusting stuff behind closed doors. :) ... [Full Story]

Karissa Shannon\'s Sex Tape Preview

Judging by the lack of normal clothes and the overarching dominatrix feel to this photo-shoot, I have a feeling that Karissa\'s sex tape is going to be amazing. Really artistic and well done. Probably worthy of a mention at the Cannes Film Festival. You just don\'t see quality like this every day. Just take a look at most CW shows, for instance. ... [Full Story]

Karissa Shannon Can\'t Handle...

I\'m not at liberty to say what she can and cannot handle, but I\'m going to assume that it has nothing to do with being nude on a leopard print bed. But then again, taxes aren\'t for a few months... what a stumper! At least it comforts her to pose with her chest stuck out. Shh, shh, it\'s okay baby. ... [Full Story]

Karissa Shannon Has a Sweet Milkshake

Thank God for Millions of Milkshakes - one of the most convoluted excuses for women to put strangely sexual fruits in their mouths. There\'s really no excuse for such a circus to surround an f\'n MILKSHAKE. I\'m thankful - just stunned at how stupid the world has become. In other news, Karissa Shannon looks AMAZING with a banana. ... [Full Story]

Karissa Shannon is a Cutie

Playmate Karissa Shannon is such a cutie. I love the way she smiles.. the way she talks.. the way Karissa talks... the way Karissa bends over like a hooker and let\'s photogs take pictures of her bum. Sigh. I could write a romantic comedy script all about her. At the Hard Rock (Lawlz! It\'s similar to a dirty phrase!) in Las Vegas, she was all bent over \'n junk while she was attempting to ... [Full Story]

Karissa Shannon is a Pedophile

It\'s cute when Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber go on a \"date\" to Pinkberry because it\'s all for PR... but when Karissa Shannon stakes out her claim on Jayden Smith... it\'s just creepy. I\'d highly suggest that Will bust this chick in the mouth if she comes within 50 feet of his son. Maybe she thinks \"pedophile attention\" is good, but trust me Karissa, it\'s not. If my 100 hours of ... [Full Story]

Happy Karissa Shannon Day! .. and 4th of July!

Karissa Shannon represents everything America should be about. Hot chicks, extremely tiny bikinis, and small American flags made out of paper. In an effort to remind us of the garbage that this country was founded on (bloodshed and the destruction of a native population), Karissa displayed her sweaty chest bumps. God Bless America! ... [Full Story]