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Kate Beckinsale is the Best Female. Ever.

Kate Beckinsale either has some spectacularly good genes and a great personal trainer... or she is a demi-god. It\'s one or the other. No one can actually be this attractive without some serious strategies behind the scenes. And it\'s not fair to me. I have Kate Beckinsale level standards... and I only meet nasty normal pretty girls. It\'s disgusting. ... [Full Story]

I Want To Date Kate Beckinsale\'s Stunt Double

Forget the fact that there is going to be another \"Total Recall\" movie. Focus instead on the fact that there seems to be two Kate Beckinsales in this picture. If it were real, then the universe would implode from this awesomeness. Unfortunately, it is just her stunt double. But that means that there is a Kate Beckinsale lookalike that MIGHT actually date me. Thank you God! ... [Full Story]

Kate Beckinsale is Looking Knocked Up

PAUL BETTANY - I\'m looking in your direction. Because, pasty English a-hole, your hot wife is looking incredibly knocked up. And I don\'t appreciate you having sex with her without my explicit permission. (Sigh.) ... why do I live in a dream? But seriously, it looks like Kate Beckinsale is rocking a really cute baby bump. I just want to rub it and talk to it, and then have sex with its ... [Full Story]

Kate Beckinsale is Still a Goddess

I\'m beyond joking: Kate Beckinsale is a goddess. She proved this by walking around Hollywood recently looking BETTER than she did at age 21. Is this fair? No. But that\'s how life goes. ... [Full Story]

Kate Becksinsale is Back for Underworld 4

The first three attempts at Underworld movies haven\'t made much more than $300 million total... but the movie makers are not giving up. They are making fourth, and this time in 3D. Thank God they got Kate Beckinsale back in the lead. The third movie, unfortunately, was missing this vital actress. And this we know is true - no Underworld movie is worth seeing WITHOUT the glorious Kate Beckinsale ... [Full Story]

What Blasphemy is THIS?

No matter how hot a blonde Kate Beckinsale is, it goes against everything I live, breathe and eat Cheetos for. This is unnatural. This is wrong! I hope she feels good about how far she set me back in my psycho-sexual development. Now Dr. Lipschitz will never clear me for employment at the lumber mill! NEVER! I really hope you enjoyed yourself in Mexico, Kate. I really do. ... [Full Story]

Kate Beckinsale Loves Spandex

Kate Beckinsale, it is perfectly okay with me if you stomp around Hollywood wearing only spandex. It might upset some that you are basically naked, but not I. I\'m open minded. I would like it, though, if you took a break from your lucky a-hole of a husband to film some more movies. I miss staring at your face for two solid hours. ... [Full Story]

Kate Beckinsale Will Cure What Ails You

One look at Kate Beckinsale in a bikini will cure all diseases. It\'s a fact. I asked a scientist. So breathe deep and take a good long look at this amazing pictures of Kate from (some Tropical place). It doesn\'t matter where she is. What matters is her hot MILF body in that tiny black bikini. Oh, and how adorable it is that she is wearing a big, floppy hat made for an elephant. ... [Full Story]

Kate, Redefining MILF Standards

Human embodiment of perfection Kate Beckinsale was seen shopping with her friend/maid/gardener.. but the where and the what doesn\'t matter. What does matter is Kate\'s impressive commitment to appearing to be the flawless epitome of human excellence. You\'re really setting the bar high, Beckinsale. Since she refuses to age, she is making it harder for other MILFs out there. Sure, Salma ... [Full Story]

Cannes Got Kate

The Ethereal Beauty, otherwise known as Kate Beckinsale, was spotted at the Cannes Film Festival (presumably steering clear of the drunk mess of Lindsay Lohan). Was she in one of the movies? Just showing support? Who cares. Kate Beckinsale is so lovely that if she showed up on a manure farm wearing overalls and rubber boots I\'d immediately want to move to Iowa in hopes of finding a woman just ... [Full Story]

Kate Beckinsale Buys Jeans, Looks Perfect

The Embodiment of Perfection herself was buying jeans at the Gap 1969 Jeans store yesterday. I can\'t fathom how Kate Beckinsale does it - she can look ethereally beautiful no matter what she does. Walking down the street? Hot. Doing laundry? Saucy. Changing her flat tire? Inspiring. I\'m a little disappointed, though, that she buys jeans at the Gap... a place where mere mortals shop. I ... [Full Story]

Kate Beckinsale Likes Staples

Here\'s God\'s most ridiculous creation, Kate Beckinsale, shopping at Staples. They should immediately make her the face of the company because, since looking at these, I\'ve had an overwhelming and uncontrollably desire to go buy bundles and bundles of copy machine paper. She has that effect on people. ... [Full Story]