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No One Will Hire Kate Gosselin

Somewhere along the line, Kate Gosselin misunderstood something that\'s kind of a big deal: she was not and will never be a real celebrity. Now that her reality show has been canceled, she is expecting to get another job. It\'s no surprise that no one wants to hire her robotic, ugly, butt. \"She has approached many different networks, including pitching a travel show idea to her old ... [Full Story]

Kate Gosselin Knows the Value of Money

Last week, Kate Gosselin was literally telling People magazine that she isn\'t sure what she is going to do for money, now that her reality television show has been cancelled and she still has to provide for 8 kids. She tossed around the idea of getting a nursing job again, but she was concerned that it would take too much time away from her kids. It makes total sense that she is still ... [Full Story]

Kate Gosselin is Flat Broke

When I heard that \"Kate Plus 8\" (the bastard child of \"Jon and Kate Plus 8\") was canceled, I rejoiced. Yet another awful reality show destroyed! Now Kate is whining about being broke and not being able to feed her litter. That makes the victory seem a little less joyous. Only a little: But Kate, who is used to TLC paying for her family to take extravagant trips to places like Australia ... [Full Story]

Too Dumb to Dance

Okay - we all know that Kate Gosselin is a stupid sack of idiot and probably isn\'t fit to be raising 1 child, let alone 8. So it comes as no surprise that she is also horrible at dancing and doesn\'t quite get the whole point of the show. It\'s okay Kate - reasoning skills are, like, super hard. According to US Weekly, Kate Gosselin originally wanted her partner to be Maksim Chmerkovskiy ... [Full Story]

Dancing With the Stars > Children

Jon Gosselin, in a weak and stupid attempt to hurt his wife, is claiming that she is unfit to be a mother because of her participation in Dancing With the Stars. Personally, I think she is unfit to have sole custody of her children because she a mean skank of a woman, but what do I know. Jon and Anthony F. List, Jon\'s lawyer, are filing papers asking for Jon to have primary custody of the ... [Full Story]

More Ridiculous Dancing With the Stars

You may have hoped that this show was finally done for and the producers were dumped into a huge lava pit and then crushed by a tsunami... but we\'re not so lucky. A new cast for Dancing With the Stars has been announced. Yay? According to TMZ, the new people we can see are: Kate Gosselin, Olympian Evan Lysacek, Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, Chad Ochocinco, privacy deficient Erin ... [Full Story]

Kate Plus a Whole Lot of Cash

Kate Gosselin and her 75 children will be getting back the relatively large amount of money Jon took from their bank account. A judge has ordered this, and you never disobey a judge. That Judy woman is scary as hell. Anyway, according to TMZ, here\'s the statement from Kate\'s lawyer: \"We are clearly pleased that the monies taken by Mr. Gosselin have been returned to the marital account ... [Full Story]

Jon Gosselin Gets his Wish but Not Really

No, not that Kate would die in a fiery crash so he could collect the insurance money, but rather that their horrid reality show is coming to an end in November. NY Post has the story: \"\'Jon & Kate Plus 8\' is ending in mid-to-late November, as previously reported,\" a TLC spokeswoman said yesterday. TLC announced last month that the once-popular show would be renamed \"Kate Plus 8\" ... [Full Story]

Judge: Jon and Kate are Losers

Okay, he didn\'t really say that, but the judge involved in the Jon and Kate Gosselin divorce did tell them to figure things the hell out. TMZ reports: He didn\'t rule on any of the epic conflicts but ordered Jon and Kate to settle up and work it out with the arbitrator. The judge said he\'ll be down with anything the arbitrator decides ... with one provision -- it has to be in the best ... [Full Story]

Kate Gosselin is Kinda Funny

No, not for marrying a loser and having 8 of little Asian kids, but for agreeing to make fun of herself on the Jay Leno Show last night. Here\'s the video: This is good because I couldn\'t decide which one I hated more between Jon and Kate. Considering I\'ve never watched their ridiculous show, I could only base it off of crap I read in the news. And now that I see Kate has at least a ... [Full Story]

Kate Gosselin Apparently Can\'t Pay her Bills

Here\'s a great story to make you feel better about your own life. Kate Gosselin of Jon and Kate Plus 8 whined on \"Today\" this morning that she can\'t pay her bills because Jon cleared $230k out of their bank account. That pretty much sucks a lot. Here\'s the video: I would feel bad for her, but I just can\'t stand that haircut. ... [Full Story]

Kate Gosselin Lies to Children

It turns out Kate Gosselin of Jon and Kate Plus 8 still wears her wedding ring despite being divorced because she doesn\'t want to upset the children. First of all, these kids are like 7. They have no idea what all of this means, let alone paying attention to a ring. For all they know, a piece of gold grows out of your finger when you turn 23. So stop lying to them. Here\'s the video: Visit ... [Full Story]