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Kate Hudson Stole Trade Secrets

It\'s good to see no matter how famous people get, there are no different from the rest of us: they are just a bunch of stealing, cheating losers who are out for themselves. Kate Hudson just called a truce with a hair care company that accused her of ripping off their beauty secret. Seeing how unique it was - I think that they were probably right in freaking out. 220 Labs sued Hudson ... [Full Story]

I Think They\'re Onto You

No matter how hard she tried to avoid the media\'s attention in her totally inconspicuous trench coat and over sized glasses combo, Kate Hudson was found. She might want to try and brush up on how to be a spy, because she has gone above and beyond failing at this. Maybe she\'s just ashamed of that new movie she is filming with the Ginnifer Goodwin chick, Something Borrowed. Judging by the ... [Full Story]

I Wish I Was That Chip

Only a celebrity could turn eating a chip into a sultry act of seduction. Feeling so flustered over a tortilla chip is a little disturbing. It could be, though, that Kate Hudson is just looking really good lately. Little Goldie probably bought a bombshell bra at Victoria\'s Secret for $100 ... or maybe she actually did get that plastic surgery I\'ve been hearing about. If that\'s the case, kudos ... [Full Story]

Jessica and Her BFF Kate

Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson were acting like best friends at the premiere of The Killer Inside Me. I\'ve never had a best friend other than my Captain Kirk figurine, but I assume it involves laughing and possibly tickling. It\'s so comforting to see celebrities act like real people. I forget from time to time. I just thing they\'re objects created only for my entertainment. ... [Full Story]

Kate Hudson Out and About

Here\'s Kate Hudson out and about getting mobbed by the paparazzi for what appears to be buying a bag of ice as a gift for someone. Not sure what that thing is, but it looks useless. It\'s okay though, this is the offspring of Goldie Hawn and Burt Reynolds or Kirk Cameron or some other famous guy. I forget his name at the moment, but he\'s in tons of movies. Kurt Douglass maybe. ... [Full Story]

Kate Hudson in a Bikini Now and in 30 Years

What\'s particularly awesome about Kate Hudson going to the beach recently is that she has a condition where she does random push-ups. Not a bad idea after seeing what she\'ll look like in 30 years (see her mother, Goldie Hawn, below). In all honesty, Goldie doesn\'t look that bad for 63. I mean, I wouldn\'t go anywhere near her with my pants unzipped, but she\'s not diseased or anything. ... [Full Story]

Goldie Hawn\'s Daughter is Cold

Kate Hudson, who is starring in Bride Wars with Anne Hathaway soon, was recently walking around New York City with a coffee. Exciting stuff. Her movie, which is basically about two friends who happen to plan their weddings on the same day by accident, should be protested by men across the globe. If I come within 50 feet of the theater while it\'s playing, I\'ll never wanna get married. That ... [Full Story]

Kate Hudson Might Be a Dirty Thief

Kate Hudson is being accused of stealing the secrets from a hair company. From an OK! Magazine article: The actress is being sued by a company called 220 Laboratories, which claims that they entered into a spoken agreement in August 2006 with Kate and hair stylist David Babaii to develop and manufacture a line of eco-friendly hair care products called David Babaii for Wildaid, featuring one ... [Full Story]

Is Kate Hudson Back With Her Ex?

Kate Hudson broke up with Lance Armstrong less than a week ago, and an OK! Magazine “spy” has already caught the actress making out with ex-boyfriend Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes. From OK!: They were really affectionate with each other and gave each other a kiss which lasted much longer then a platonic kiss should last — 20 seconds, maybe a little longer.” "Without going into all ... [Full Story]

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong Have Broken Up!

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong have been dating for the past 3 months, but now the relationship is over. US Magazine says the split was amicable… There was no drama or ugliness – They just decided to end things," a source close to the couple tells Us. "There is no hatred, just sadness." Oh, come on! I thought this was the one! I even had my own KateStrong bracelet made! If a ... [Full Story]

Lance Armstrong Won't Answer Questions About Kate!

Lance Armstrong refused to answer any questions about his relationship with Kate Hudson on The View today. OK! Magazine reports: Lance Armstrong is "happy" with Kate Hudson, but he's not going to talk about it. Appearing on The View on Tuesday, the seven-time Tour de France champ was of course grilled about his relationship with Kate by Barbara Walters -- only because she was instructed ... [Full Story]

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong Go Bike Riding!

Kate Hudson went on a bike ride with her new "beau" Lance Armstrong in Canada over the weekend! People Magazine reports: Kate Hudson traveled with new beau Lance Armstrong to Canada over the weekend to help raise over $1 million dollars for cancer research on a fund-raising bike ride. Armstrong hopped on his bike Saturday morning in the small town of Waterloo, Ontario – along with 40 ... [Full Story]