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Katherine Heigl is Happily Married!

... there isn\'t any news associated with this, really, but I just love it when married couples look miserable (because that means that I\'m not the only one). So I present: Katherine Heigl and her husband Josh Kelley looking absolutely awkward in Los Feliz the other day. ... [Full Story]

Katherine Heigl Loves to Pump Gas

Either Katherine Heigl loves to pump gas, or she gets a little too excited to get some attention. She was seen smiling like a maniac while filling up her tank.. looking like a celebrity who got bored and felt like dressing up and going to get gas so they could get their picture taken. ... [Full Story]

Katherine Heigl is an Attractive Boy

It\'s a good thing that I am in public and cannot allow myself to romance my private regions. Because, holy crap, Katherine Heigl is looking hot. MMM, who doesn\'t like a girl who looks like a male nerd from the 90s? ... [Full Story]

Once Again: Katherine Heigl is Not Hot

Seriously people... why do you think that Katherine Heigl is hot? Time and time again she has proved that she is nothing but a nasty forehead troll with a severe addiction to acting crazy and smoking cigarettes. Sooner or later the world will see just as clearly as I do that she is a hulking behemoth of a woman who doesn\'t deserve any attention. One day... ... [Full Story]

Katherine Heigl is Smoky White Trash

Who knew that Katherine Heigl, once voted Sexiest Woman or some crap, is actually smoky white trash? Not me, that\'s for sure. Whenever I saw \"Knocked Up\" I swore that she was my soulmate. Now she is just looking like my Aunt Delilah. And you don\'t want to see my Aunt during a day without her cigs, trust me. It gets ugly. ... [Full Story]

Katherine Heigl Doesn\'t Want Your Pets to Have Sex

Katherine Heigl recently pledged $1 million to spay and neuter programs in Los Angeles. Although I can see this is a good idea, I feel sorry for all of those pets losing their balls. She is kicking off a pet initiative to increase awareness and help curb the pet population crisis. Each year 500,000 animals without homes are sheltered and euthanized in California, costing the state $250 ... [Full Story]

Katherine Heigl\'s New Job

Now that Katherine Heigl is finally done with Grey\'s Anatomy, she is taking time to put effort into a more important job - being a mother. Although she has either stolen a Korean baby or she adopted, because I\'m pretty sure these two aren\'t related. In all of the pictures the little girl looks 100% uncomfortable and awkward. It looks as if a stranger is playing with her and not her ... [Full Story]


If Katherine Heigl is looking for any ideas to boost her career now that ER is over (she was on that right?), these pictures give me some good ideas. Of course I\'m referring to a candy saleswoman. There\'s good money in that, especially if you\'re willing to lace it with crack and film the crazy kids afterwards. It\'s a riot. ... [Full Story]

Katherine Heigl is Classy or at least Pretends to be

As sinful as it may be, this is the first ever Katherine Heigl post on CelebParasite. But now that I\'ve seen these pictures, it makes sense. She covers herself up as if she has class or something. We all know there\'s no room for class in Hollywood. ... [Full Story]

Katherine Heigl Might Be Killed Off Grey's Anatomy!

Katherine Heigl could be killed off of NBC's Grey's Anatomy next season! Writers might give her character, Dr. Izzie Stevens, a brain tumor because they are angry that Katherine pulled herself out of Emmy contention! Us Magazine reports: Katherine Heigl could be killed off Grey's Anatomy next season, a well-placed source tells Us Weekly in its latest issue. The idea came after Heigl, 29 ... [Full Story]

Katherine Heigl Takes Herself Out of The Emmy Race!

Katherine Heigl of Grey's Anatomy has taken herself out of the race for an Emmy Award this year! Us Magazine reports: Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl has taken herself out of the race for this year's Emmy Awards. "I did not feel that I was given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination and in an effort to maintain the integrity of the academy organization, I withdrew my ... [Full Story]

Katherine Heigl Marries Singer Josh Kelley!

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley got married just before Christmas! Us Magazine reports: It’s official: Katherine Heigl is a married woman! The Grey’s Anatomy star, 29, wed musician Josh Kelley, 27, in a black-tie ceremony Sunday afternoon at the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley, Utah. Afterward, her Grey's costar T.R. Knight told Usmagazine.com: "It was incredible. It was ... [Full Story]