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No One Would Buy Suri a Puppy.

Only days after Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise, she took her daughter Suri to a pet store called Citipup in New York City. ... only to show her daughter a bunch of cute dogs but not get a single one. She has a crazy Scientologist father, her parents are going through a divorce and now Suri can\'t get a puppy. ROUGH. ... [Full Story]

Uh Oh. There is Trouble in Scientology Paradise.

After 5 years of a couch-jumpingly good marriage, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are getting a divorce. I usually don\'t put any stock in celebrity marriage, but I am actually shocked for once. People magazine says... \"This is a personal and private matter for Katie and her family,\" says Holmes\'s attorney. \"Katie\'s primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter\'s best ... [Full Story]

Katie Holmes Thinks She is a Working Mom

Katie Holmes doesn\'t understand that passing your kid off to a nanny or taking them out with you once a week doesn\'t make you a working mom. She appeared in the latest issue of Marie Claire where she talks about handling the day-to-day stress of being a \"working mom.\" Sigh. \"As an actress who is also a mother, you donít have the luxury of drama.\" When it comes to being there for her ... [Full Story]

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Are Still Hot For Each Other

It\'s sweet to see married couples still loving each other... especially when the people in those couples are both celebrities (and staying together is a statistical impossibility). Tom Cruise snuck his hand down onto Katie Holmes\' butt last weekend in L.A. during a Katy Perry concert. And it stayed there pretty much during the whole thing. Katie got a little bit violated in public at the ... [Full Story]

Katie Holmes - What HAPPENED?

So... umm... does this seriously happen once you have a baby? Or is it a divine punishment for marrying Tom Cruise? Either way, Katie Holmes, I feel very bad for you. And I hope that you recover soon, but if not just know that death will offer you sweet release. ... [Full Story]

I Don\'t Hate Tom Cruise That Much Anymore

\"Knight and Day\" didn\'t completely suck, Scientology has been on the back burner recently, Katie Holmes is still looking uber hot and Tom plans to play an Axel Rose(ish) rock star in an upcoming movie. Tom, once again you\'re okay in my book. ... [Full Story]

Katie Holmes is Angry. Possibly Drugged Up.

Uh, oh... Katie Holmes is mad. She has filed a 50 million dollar lawsuit against Star magazine for their January cover story. On it, they claim she is addicted to drugs. Not only do they finger her as being a drug addict.. but they donít actually THINK sheís addicted to drugs, despite the words DRUG SHOCKER! on the cover. Star magazine says: \"Star fully stands behind the editorial integrity ... [Full Story]

Celebrities Do Things Part 2

A whole bunch of stuff happened in the last couple of days that no one quite cares about, but when combined, it makes for an interesting post. Jessica Alba went for a walk in Beverly Hills with her morbidly obese mother, thus immediately changing my perception of Jessica from sex symbol to timebomb. Hilary Duff went to a club. Because she\'s a slut and I love her. Reese Witherspoon went ... [Full Story]

Tom and Katie Might Have Another Baby

Because it\'s simply not fair for Suri Cruise to get all of that inheritance some day, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes might have another baby. And according to OK! Mag, Nicole Kidman is pushing for it: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have made it no secret that they want more children in addition to daughter Suri ó and no one is rooting for a new Cruise baby more than Tomís ex, Nicole ... [Full Story]

Someone Tell Me Why Katie Holmes is Singing

It was my understanding that the extent of Katie Holmes\' life consisted of Dawson\'s Creek, Tom Cruise, and then having a kid and hiding it from the media for as long as possible. There might\'ve also been a little bit of Scientology and murder mixed in there too. Oh and goofy eyes. But now she\'s singing. That\'s neat. ... [Full Story]

Katie Holmes and Anti-Scientology Peeps Hit Broadway

Tom Cruise let Katie Holmes out of the cellar to make her Broadway debut in All My Sons the other day. And, despite anti-Scientology protesters, he couldn\'t be happier according to US: Moments before the curtain went up, Cruise was all smiles as he entered the theater, greeting theatergoers, taking pictures and clapping. \"It was really powerful, I\'m so proud,\" Cruise was overheard ... [Full Story]

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Spend Time Apart!

Since being together for more than three whole years, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have spent very little time apart. However, the two spent the weekend apart while Katie was in New York preparing for her Broadway show and Tom was back in Cali at a Scientologist dinner. OK! Magazine says: In their more than three years together, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have rarely spent much time apart ... [Full Story]