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Katie Price - Frightening. Maybe Hot.

Katie Price is a serious business woman. She started some kind of business (Katie\'s Boutique) and in order to promote it, she showed up outside half-naked with rollers in her hair and her massive, fake breasts hanging out of her shirt. Slut... or genius? You decide. ... [Full Story]

Katie Price Has Gone Marketing Crazy

Celebrity endorsements can work if it seems natural. This awful, gaudy display by Katie Price is the opposite of natural. It is the teal to natural\'s orange. It\'s the cat to its dog. It\'s just HORRIBLE. I think she is trying to sell her customized iPod, but all I can see is her giant, promiscuous space suit that she barely fits in. Although most won\'t complain about the top being 2 sizes ... [Full Story]

Katie Price Wrote a Book? Read a Book?

It\'s not apparent what a book release and signing has to do with Katie Price\'s enormous chest flotation devices... but it\'s good marketing either way. I may never buy her book, but I WILL stare at these pictures until I start to get a little too creeped out by her face, dangit! It\'s called Paradise - I\'m going to assume it describes how she feels after she takes her herpes outbreak ... [Full Story]

Katie Price Really Wants to Get Married

Katie Price was looking particularly herpes-ridden as she came out of her bachelorette party the other night. I almost feel sorry for the poor man who was actually roped into married her horrifying slew of sexually transmitted diseases. Because it\'s no longer a person in there. It\'s a 100% AIDS, chlamydia and syphilis cocktail. She\'s like underage prostitutes - fun to look at - but don\'t you ... [Full Story]

Katie Price Just Got Married

To show my support here at CelebParasite for Katie Price and her new husband, I\'ve decided to dedicate an entire post just to staring at her awesome body. Check out the pictures below and definitely the video too. You won\'t regret it. ... [Full Story]

Katie Price is Frightening

Here\'s Katie Price at the National Television Awards in London yesterday, and let\'s just say if it wasn\'t for her chest region, I would be fully convinced she\'s a transvestite UFC fighter. But she isn\'t as far as I can tell. ... [Full Story]

Yeah, You Pump That Gas

What\'s interesting about Katie Price is that from the neck up, she\'s like a creature you pray you don\'t run into during a 3am bathroom trip. But below the neck, she\'s everything I\'ve ever wanted. A curvy, plastic piece of tan perfection. Given that my residence is my parents\' basement and I made $2200 last fiscal year, I\'ll take what I can get. ... [Full Story]

Katie Price has a Really Great Gift

All girls have a gift, and usually it\'s the ability to be extremely, over the top annoying, but Katie Price\'s gift happens to lie in her chest region. I am seriously just mesmerized by it and cannot stop looking. So, to help myself cope with this, my psychiatrist recommended I put this gallery together. I have a suspicion he just wants to get more people obsessed so he can get more patients ... [Full Story]

Eyes Up Here, Kid

After a long 4 day weekend spent in jail, I\'m finally back and ready to blog mindlessly about the celebrity world again. Let\'s start with Katie Price and some little perverted kid eating a pen cap (pictured above). Not sure where this is, but she seems to be signing autographs or something. I have no idea why anyone would want one considering she seems to only be famous for wearing ridiculous ... [Full Story]

Katie Price at the Duke of Essex Polo Cup

Katie Price set out in a dress that\'s borderline illegal for the Duke of Essex Polo Cup this past July 4th. I\'m not even sure what that is, but if she was there, that\'s good enough for me. Check out the resulting pictures. ... [Full Story]

Katie Price Sure Likes Pink

Katie Price apparently signed a contract with the color pink because I don\'t think I\'ve ever seen her in anything else. Not that I\'m complaining because pink is a girl color and rumor has it that Katie Price is a girl, so it all makes sense. Like peanut butter and roadkill. ... [Full Story]

Well That\'s a Bizarre Way to Shop

I knew Katie Price was kind of a strange woman, but grabbing two random rednecks and putting on that ridiculous outfit to go shopping is even odd for her. In fairness to her, maybe she just went swimming, but in fairness to me, I don\'t care. It\'s still weird. ... [Full Story]