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Katy Perry Was Appropriate

The above picture was taken at The Kids Inaugural event during Obama\'s second inauguration... and boy howdy was it patriotic. And a little more than inappropriate. But hey, the politicians proved they don\'t know anything about the youth of America. 1.) Kids don\'t care about politics. 2.) Having Katy Perry show her tits at an event will draw attention, but not the kind you want. ... [Full Story]

Katy Perry Has Enormous Underwear.

I don\'t expect girls to wear thongs every day of the week (although you have to admit, they\'re pretty flattering to their whole bottom region). However, I still don\'t want women walking around in panties big enough to store an iPad in. Katy Perry didn\'t get my very important memo, though, because she was seen wearing what I can only describe as a tent on the bottom the other night. ... [Full Story]

Katy Perry is Single Again.

Katy Perry was seeing John Mayer recently... but thankfully she came to her senses and dumped him (I\'m assuming) because he has greasy hair and a stupid face. According to People: The pair seemed like a good match, according to a source who saw them together this month. \"They almost acted like they\'ve been a couple for a long time. It definitely didn\'t seem like a new ... [Full Story]

Katy Perry Acts Wholesome by Going For a Bike Ride.

Colorful spandex outfits and oversized breasts aside, Katy Perry is a sweet \"bring her home to your folks\" kind of girl. She really hasn\'t done anything that terrible (that we know about) and she even used to be a Christian artist (before she realized that she wouldn\'t make it far with that demographic and her breast size). So, it\'s not a surprise to see her taking her twins for a nice bike ... [Full Story]

Katy Perry\'s Chest Loves to Party.

After the premiere of \"I\'m Full of Myself,\" Katy Perry\'s movie, she and her friends went out on the town. And when I say her friends, I mean her breasts. So, anyway, her large, supple friends went out to celebrate and decided they didn\'t like her dress very much. (You get where this is going.) ... [Full Story]

Katy Perry Has Canister Boobs.

For once, I\'m not being mean - just factual. For some reason that I will never understand (because I\'m not an insane women with breasts only a goddess would have), a recent costume of Katy Perry\'s included brightly colored latex and film canisters. Her outfit looks like a Lady Gaga castoff that was puked on by Care Bears. It\'s not bad, but it\'s not good either. I usually don\'t like thinking ... [Full Story]

WTF Katy Perry?

... something is wrong here. Something is terribly, terribly wrong. Not only am I not attracted to Katy Perry, but she is actually making me turtle a little (just think about that one for a while). God knows what inspired her to dress up like a goth tween, but let\'s hope she gets some sense to dye her hair bright pink and show her boobs again. ... [Full Story]

PSYCHE! Katy Perry Doesn\'t Miss Russell.

It looks like all of that talk about \"missing Russell Brand\" and \"being lost without her ex-husband\" was complete BS for Katy Perry. She was seen at Coachella with a new boy toy, one Robert Ackroyd, the guitarist for Florence + The Machine. TMZ reports: The two were also spotted together at the music festival last weekend ... and according to some reports, Katy was already referring to ... [Full Story]

Katy Perry is Getting Nostalgic.

In October of 2010, Katy Perry married Russell Brand in India. Then, she divorced him less than two years later. Now, after going back to India without him, people are saying that she is missing her weird English husband. It\'s possible. But so is me working out today. It\'s possible, but we know it\'s not going to happen. \"Katy\'s been trying to get him back! She\'s a lost soul right ... [Full Story]

Katy Perry Loves Her See Through Dress.

Hey look, it\'s Katy Perry wearing something slutty! I\'m not complaining, my crotchal region appreciates her efforts, but it is a strange fashion trend. I just hope it doesn\'t catch on. For every hot girl that wears a see-through dress, fifty fat girls will wear the very same. ... [Full Story]

Rihanna Thinks She Knows Whats Best for Katy Perry.

Katy Perry is newly single. Not only is she recently single, but she was just recently married. So shacking up with someone else is probably the last thing on her mind. So it\'s no surprise that Rihanna, she of little brain functioning, suggested that she will find Katy Perry a new man. Hollywood Life reports: \"Katy has been very upset about the divorce,\" a source tells us. \"She never ... [Full Story]

Katy Perry is On the Prowl. Rihanna Doesn\'t Mind.

Sometimes, after a bad breakup, you just need to connect with someone new. Usually a rebound is fleeting (but good for the soul, like chicken soup). ... And it looks like Rihanna is in Katy Perry\'s sights. Sure, the 2012 Grammys probably made Rihanna seem sexier and Katy\'s hair bluer... but love was in the air my friends. Love and Hepatitis C. ... [Full Story]