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Keeley Hazell is a Beautiful Goddess

Keeley Hazell is many things... sexy, talented, sweet... British. One thing she is NOT? Is ugly. Undesirable. Other \"u\" words. She is the object of my affection and love and desire. Is it so much to ask for her to return my phone calls?! ... [Full Story]

Give Thanks for Keeley Hazell

Keeley Hazell may be a Brit... but at least she is a hot one. And although she may not celebrate Thanksgiving like we fat Americans do, I\'m at least allowed to give thanks for her hot body this Thursday. That and eat my own body weight in turkey. But mainly think about Keeley Hazell, even if my grandma IS trying to explain backgammon to me. ... [Full Story]

Keeley Hazell is an Epic British Girl

Keeley Hazell is known around the world by men of all ages, shapes, sizes, colors, and retardation. We all know she\'s hot, British, and has a very healthy chest. In case you didn\'t know that by some reason, that\'s what this post is for. Check out the video and pictures below! ... [Full Story]

Start article here. ... [Full Story]

Keeley Hazell Does MotorSport Pacific Rift

I knew I should\'ve chosen to make video games instead of being a loser. I could get Keeley Hazell to show off my new game, like she\'s doing here with Playstation 3\'s MotorSport Pacific Rift. It would be different though if it was my game. She\'d be topless and there would be pudding and whipped cream everywhere, and then at some point, my penis would appear. If that can\'t sell a game, then I ... [Full Story]

Keeley Hazell Lingerie and Bikini Pictures

There's nothing quite like Keeley Hazell looking smokin' hot in a bikini or in sexy little thongs and whatnot. Sure, they're not exactly her famous sexy naked pictures that you so often see in her photoshoots, but there's something that might be even sexier when she's posing with a little bit covered up. It entices you to try to see more and enjoy the deliciousness that comes with Keeley. Now ... [Full Story]

New Keeley Hazell Sexy Topless Pictures!

These Keeley Hazell topless pictures from the May 2-8 issue of Nuts magazine are amazing. There's no one quite like Keeley. She's got the beautiful face, the perfect body, and those boobs... they're something amazing in themselves. So, recognizing just how special Keeley is, I figured that along with these new topless shots in Nuts, I might as well share some other hot pictures from various sexy ... [Full Story]

Keeley Hazell Is Perfect in FHM Australia

Gorgeous British glamour model Keeley Hazell is on the pages of FHM Magazine, the Australian version, this month, and she's looking as good as she ever has! This chick is unbelievable... out of all the random hot British chicks that get half naked for these men's magazines, I have to say that Keeley is by far my favorite... and that's saying a lot, because the other chicks are almost just as ... [Full Story]

Keeley Hazell Is Hot in a Bikini Outside in London!

You have to see these Keeley Hazell bikini pictures! They're pretty high quality, so you're basically looking at Keeley's hotness in high definition here! Unfortunately, it's nothing compared to her sex movie that was leaked on the internet a couple of years ago... (which if you haven't seen yet, that is a debt to yourself that you should fulfill as soon as possible). Nevertheless, Keeley in ... [Full Story]

The Official 2008 Keeley Hazell Lingerie Calendar Is Here

Keeley Hazell pictures are always hot. Especially when she's in lingerie. If you remember, we have the original lingerie photos from the Zoo magazine shoot that would later be used for her official 2008 calendar. You know what, let me refresh your memory with them right here! So, there you go! See, I just love to give you guys little gifts like this. I'm kinda like Santa Claus in that ... [Full Story]

Keeley Hazell In Lingerie... I Love That Story

Knowing that I have recently re-kindled my obsession with British women such as Sophie Howard and Danielle Lloyd, I figured, why not take my homage to British boobies even further... That's where Simspon-ified British Glamour Model Keeley Hazell comes in. Keeley shows off her natural 32E sized bust in this year's September 7-13 issue of Zoo Magazine. As the English say... Gooorgeous ... [Full Story]

One Very Sexy Simpson

I don't think FOX could have found a sexier women to portray as a yellow vixen in the new Simpson's movie. Keeley Hazell is flawless. And her boobs aren't bad either. ... [Full Story]