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Keira Knightley Photoshoot for the Weekend

Because I\'m a nice guy, but mostly because I hope you\'ll bookmark the site, I try to leave you with some pictures of a hot girl every Friday. This week, it\'s Keira Knightley in a photoshoot for Empire magazine. All those stereotypes about British girls having bad teeth and hairy palms are officially put to rest. ... [Full Story]

Keira Knightley is Incognito

Note to Keira Knightley: dressing up as a hoodlum and putting on a pair of glasses isn\'t enough to deter the paparazzi. These guys disguise themselves as garbage in a dumpster for days at a time to get one photo. Something\'s gotta pay the rent. McDonald\'s or taking a picture of a celebrity? Hmmmm... ... [Full Story]

Keira and Sienna Make the World a Bit More British

There\'s so much British beauty in these images that I just wanna drink tea and stop brushing my teeth. Or whatever stereotypes there are for English lads. They really should\'ve mixed in some Kate Beckinsale though to complete the package. It does make sense that Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller are together considering they\'re at the British Indie Film Awards. What a racist event! ... [Full Story]

Keira Knightley Sure is Pretty

Other than your mom and my mom, no woman on earth is as gorgeous as Keira Knightley. You might say, \"But what about the gremlin teeth and the fact that she looks like she would eat your child as long as he is under 35 pounds?\" And to that I say, good point, but it just makes her more attractive. Check out these super high resolution images. Print one out and hang it on your wall. Or don\'t ... [Full Story]

Keira Knightley is a Beautiful Little Gremlin

Not many girls can pull off the I\'m-hot-yet-I-would-eat-you-given-the-chance look like Keira Knightley. That mouth and those teeth are scary, but I\'d take the chance and let them both go near my penis. That\'s just the way I am, living life on the edge and taking advantage of situations. Like yesterday, I took a shit and didn\'t wipe. That\'s money saved. Here are some extra pictures of ... [Full Story]

Keira Knightley Loves Getting Naked in Movie Scenes!

Keira Knightley has no problem getting naked on film! In fact, it seems like she actually enjoys it! People Magazine reports: Keira Knightley has no problem appearing in the buff for her latest film. In fact, she says it's becoming a habit. "I always bare my breasts," she said at the press conference to promote The Edge of Love Wednesday at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. "It's ... [Full Story]

Keira Knightley's Mom Says She Eats Like a Horse!

Despite the general public thinking that Keira Knightley must be anorexic because of how thin she is, Keira's mother insists that she "eats like a horse" but remains so thin because of genetics! Specifically, OK! Magazine reports Far from being anorexic, Keira Knightley has to "eat like a horse" to keep her weight up, according to her mom. The waif-like Pirates of the Caribbean star has ... [Full Story]

Keira Knightley: "I Don't Believe in Role Models."

Keira Knightley doesn't want to be a role model and she hates the idea of role models in general. The UK's Daily Mail reports: Speaking to America's Interview magazine, which carries the pictures, Keira, who has frequently spoken of her exasperation at the media's obsession with her weight, again talks about her body image. Asked whether she felt responsible for girls becoming anorexic, she ... [Full Story]

Keira Knightly Is Topless for Interview Magazine!

There's nothing quite like Keira Knightley topless pictures! And these photos prove it! Keira recently posed for Interview magazine in what some would probably consider a sexually provocative shoot. Interestingly enough, though, Keira was actually eager to participate in such a shoot. Specifically, when the Huntington Post asked her "how was the photoshoot?", she said: "We ended by taking my ... [Full Story]

Keira Knightley Hates Technology, Wants to Be Alone!

Another audio blog... listen along! Keira Knightley hates technology so much that she once threw her BlackBerry in the sea! The news website reports that she said: I hate them (computers). Mobile phones - don't like those. BlackBerrys - hate BlackBerrys... It (her Blackberry) ended up in the ocean. I don't like the fact people can always be in touch with you, you can ... [Full Story]

Give Me Pair of Knickers and Take me to Keira!

Here's Keira Knightley dressed up as the 19th century Duchess of Devonshire in her new movie The Duchess that is currently being filmed. It's creepy how natural it looks to see Keira dressed up like this. Imagine how hot she would be if this really were the 1800s. Hell, I'd dress up in old-school knickers and big thick socks as an orphan who works on the docks in a cruel, politically charged ... [Full Story]

Keira Knightley Looks Hot in a Toga

Keira Knightley was out for the UK premiere of her new movie Atonement last night looking like Aphrodite with a mastectomy. But I still think she's really hot... Keira Knightley has been out and about for this whole Atonement thing before, and she looks more and more delicious each time, although I know some would not agree with me... You know, aside from her borderline ... [Full Story]