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Kelly Brook is Into Some Weird Stuff.

I\'m not one to judge other people based on what gives them their jollies (because hey, I\'m so glad that no one can see the crap I do in my spare time) but all of this sexual emphasis on barber shoppery is starting to weird me out. Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than the little hairs you get all over yourself after a haircut... but experiencing that ... while sexually aroused? No thank you ... [Full Story]

Kelly Brook Understands Fashion Better Than I Do.

Kelly Brook has a gorgeous body. Therefore, I should trust her taste in fashion. Even though I think her outfit here looks like what a backwards kindergartener would wear on the first day of school, I have to hand it to her... it still looks good. I don\'t understand it, but I like it. ... [Full Story]

Kelly Brook is Really Subtle.

Kelly Brook was at Cannes Film Festival the other night, making people take pictures of her because she is pretty. What\'s great about her is that she completely accepts that the only reason people want to know her is because she is insanely beautiful. And wears super slutty golden dresses. She doesn\'t care that she is probably brainless. ... [Full Story]

Kelly Brook is a Natural Beauty

My future wife needs to be exactly like Kelly Brook in every single way. Only she also needs to be a domestic goddess and cook me ribs any time I want them. And she has to have a twin sister. And she needs to make money. ... but that\'s all I ask for, really. Is that too much? ... [Full Story]

Poor Kelly Brook Miscarried

Miscarriages are always a tragedy, especially when they are fairly late into the pregnancy. The U.K. model Kelly Brook, who was over 5 months into her pregnancy, suffered a miscarriage. A spokesperson for Kelly told the UK\'s Daily Mail, \"I can confirm that Kelly and Thom have very sadly lost their baby. They request that everyone please respects their privacy at this very painful ... [Full Story]

Kelly Brook\'s Bikini FTW

... because who doesn\'t love Kelly Brook in a tiny, tiny bikini? (No one. Everyone loves that.) But, I am a little concerned about her little food baby she has going on. If she wants to stay featured in my Shrine O\' Hot Chicks, she really needs to cut back on those 55% beef Taco Bell burritos. ... [Full Story]

Kelly Brook Reveals Her Almost Nude Advertisement

Kelly Brook is a shameless tease on two counts. First, that ad is not really nude. It is almost nude. And being so close to nudeness without actually being without clothes is considered rude. Second, those shoes will not make you hot like Kelly Brook. They will make you feet sore and will also make you regret spending $70 on them instead of buying a gallon of Frappuccino. END OF STORY. ... [Full Story]

Kelly Brook in a Teeny Tiny Bikini

Kelly Brook is staunch in her refusal to wear normal-people clothes. When she is on vacation, she is on it for good. Interpretation? My doesn\'t-know-it-yet fiancee is prancing around constantly in an itty bitty bikini showing off her not so itty bitty boobs. In the world of World Cup soccer fans... GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! ... [Full Story]

Kelly Brook Can\'t Stand Normal Clothes

Kelly Brook must have recently developed a phobia of being fully clothed; ever since she has gone to Barbados she hasn\'t worn more than a bikini and maybe a life jacket. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I completely support the public display of full or partial nudity. Especially if it\'s Kelly Brook. What\'s so wrong about objectifying a woman whose purpose on this earth is ... [Full Story]

Kelly Brook Enjoying Her Bikini

Future wife Kelly Brook was in Barbados recently, swimming around tranquil waters half-naked (which is how the world should always see Kelly Brook). Soon enough she\'ll be chained to our consummation bed and won\'t have the freedom to move around so much. But don\'t you worry your pretty little head, Kelly, I\'ll have plenty of snacks for you. Heck, maybe I\'ll even let you watch TV if it stops ... [Full Story]

Kelly Brook Celebrates her Birthday

I\'ve been trying to figure out what that thing is she\'s eating, and it\'s either an absurd piece of cake or some kind of animal carcass with candy sprinkled on it. Either way, she turned 30 years old and looks as hot as someone 20 years younger. Uhh, wait...nevermind that last part. ... [Full Story]

Kelly Brook is Anne Hathaway

So it seems I\'m the first to discover that Kelly Brook is simply Anne Hathaway\'s English personality that she takes on when she gets bored. At least in the pictures below, they\'re pretty much identical. If they aren\'t the same person, then they\'re at least twins or, you know, just two celebrities who resemble each other. Yeah, probably. ... [Full Story]