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Kristen Bell is in a Tub. For Cancer.

Kristen Bell has done the right thing and... got naked in a tub. To stand up for cancer. .. or something. In a completely convoluted, but also completely awesome, clip Kristen Bell is shaving off her leg hair in a tub. I don\'t know why it\'s related to boob cancer or why it might help cancer researchers (in fact it may distract them). But God Bless you, Kristen Bell. I can\'t help but be ... [Full Story]

Nice Hair

Here\'s Kristen Bell going for a walk with her fiance who decided styling his hair like a 2 year old girl and/or 28 year old kung fu master was a good idea. But that aside, Kristen looks great as always. Check it out. ... [Full Story]

Kristen Bell for the Weekend

Well, the weekend is here once again, so let\'s kick it off with some Kristen Bell pictures at the premiere of her new movie, When in Rome. It looks like a crap movie, but if you have a friend who can hold the side door of the movie theater open, it\'s pretty easy to sneak right in. Maybe try that, and then come back here on Monday. Have a good weekend. ... [Full Story]

Kristen Bell Arrives at LAX Airport

Here\'s Kristen Bell arriving in Los Angeles with here fiance who is pretty hilarious but not nearly hilarious enough to be with Kristen. But all of that aside, she looks great and has a new movie out called When in Rome. Go see it ..if you want. ... [Full Story]

Ummmm What the?

Kristen Bell was on David Letterman\'s show last night, and that bum that seems to show up in Adam Sandler movies just happened to be there as well. From the looks of this, Kristen Bell was really into him, so look for these two to hook up in the near future. They look good together. ... [Full Story]

Kristen Bell and Other Random Things

Well, this is definitely the best picture ever taken since cameras were invented back in the 1300s by Vikings. There are so many weird things in here that I can\'t even begin to comment on it. The dog with down syndrome peaking its head out the window is probably the best part, but Kristen Bell taking ransom pictures of a baby she just kidnapped is pretty good too. I love this picture, I\'m ... [Full Story]

Astro Boy Gets Some From Kristen Bell

It\'s a sad day when a made up character from a kid\'s show is getting more action than me, but that\'s exactly what seems to be happening. Kristen Bell was at the Astro Boy premiere in Los Angeles and decided making out with the idiot in the Astro Boy outfit was a good idea. I would like to point out, however, that he has a striking resemblance to the Elby\'s Big Boy guy: So he ... [Full Story]

Kristen Bell at the Couples Retreat Premiere

Here\'s Kristen Bell either with another actor or getting mugged because everybody knows if a large black man and a cute white girl are this close, it\'s one or the other. And that\'s not racist, it\'s just biology and science and other things that professionals have determined. Anyway, the truth is, that guy\'s in Couples Retreat too, so go watch it if you want to see him in a speedo. I saw the ... [Full Story]

Kristen Bell at the 3.1 Phillip Lim Clothing Store in LA

I think if someone held a gun to my head and forced me to put on some clothes and leave this basement to find a girl to marry, Kristen Bell would be my first choice. She\'s roughly my age, she\'s cute as puppy poop, and she\'s rich. For all of those reasons, she probably wouldn\'t help me out of a pit of crocodiles, let alone marry me, but this is my blog and I\'ll say whatever I want. African ... [Full Story]

Kristen Bell is in Hawaii

Kristen Bell was in Hawaii this past week, and that\'s funny because she was in Hawaii as Sarah Marshall in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Okay, that\'s actually not funny at all. But it is pretty hot, so check these pictures out and have an awesome weekend. Or don\'t. What do I care? ... [Full Story]

Kristen Bell is Hung Over

Here\'s Kristin Bell at the premiere of \"The Hangover\" in Los Angeles looking like her gorgeous self. Nothing new there. I just wish she would get her career in order and star in something new. Sylar sliced her head open and burned her body ages ago, so it\'s time to move on. ... [Full Story]

Kristen Bell at Loomstate for Target Collection Party

Don\'t even ask me to explain what a Loomstate for Target Collection Private Shopping Party is because I don\'t know and don\'t really care. But Kristen Bell was there, so it must at least be kinda cool. Maybe in order to figure out what it is, you have to take it word by word like when you try to sound something out that you can\'t pronounce. Loomstate - no idea, but I\'m guessing possibly a ... [Full Story]