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I Present to You The Pregnant Kristin Cavallari.

Remember Kristin Cavallari? If not, don\'t sweat it, because I didn\'t either. However, a handy dandy Google Image search will remind you that Kristin was an extremely attractive faux celebrity (possibly a reality show star around the time of Heidi Montag). Now that people care more about \"Jersey Shore\" than her, she hasn\'t been in the media. BUT, now that she is pregnant, people care again! ... [Full Story]

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are Engaged. Wee.

Not that anyone should be particularly excited about this, but it turns out Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are now engaged. The only reason I am the least bit interested is because I remembered that I obsessed over Kristin for a week or two in 2009, so that basically makes her my ex-girlfriend. ... I have mixed feelings about her engagement. ... [Full Story]

Kristin Cavallari is Retro

It\'s too bad that \"The Hills\" won\'t be on the air anymore... because that Kristin Cavallari is one heck of a woman. Legs a mile long? Amazing hair? Great taste in button up shirts that would otherwise make a woman look ugly and teacherly? She might be the perfect woman. If I didn\'t love World of Warcraft so much, she\'d be in real trouble. ... [Full Story]

Kristin Cavallari is the New Lovely Rita

This post would be perfect if it was made into a classy video montage to the Beatles singing \"Lovely Rita, meter maid\" in the background. Alas, my YouTube account got banned for \"inappropriate content\" that was flagged. ... so you\'re just going to have to imagine it. It\'s still my theory that celebrities try to trick normal people like us into thinking they are still human... so they ... [Full Story]

Kristin Cavallari is Unnaturally Attractive

Even though the show was a piece of rotting poop, I thought that the end of \"The Hills\" might mean the end of Kristin Cavallari. Thankfully, I was extremely wrong. Instead of being infected with a whore\'s brand of hepatitis, she is modeling in black and white for some magazine that I can only assume is high class. ... the reason for that is the black panties and confused looks into the ... [Full Story]

Kristin Likes to Sweat it Out

In case you\'re not familiar with the Friends episode, The One With All The Resolutions, leather clothing just isn\'t breathable. And mixing baby powder and lotion is just a bad idea from start to finish. So what is Kristin Cavallari all about, wearing something so unsuitable for sunny LA? Oh that\'s right. She looks like a promiscuous hooker. That\'s why. I can appreciate the pain she ... [Full Story]

I Get What You\'re Puttin Down, Sistah

KoKo the hand-signing gorilla fantastico could even get what Kristin is laying down here... and it starts with an F and rhymes with Truck. Why does such a sweet looking girl need to be a such a mondo b*tch? Sure it pays to have some kind of attitude, no one likes a good girl anymore, but jeez Kris. All we do is love you, stalk you, and construct monuments for you out of empty Starbucks cups ... [Full Story]

I Can See Someone\'s Uvula

The Hills going off the air isn\'t going to keep Kristin down. (Although I\'m not sure if she has the mental capacity to grasp that she\'s no longer going to be on television.) I\'m really going to miss her hot, semi-retarded face that she has been rocking for the past few years. I really appreciated her much too late. With all of the Heidi Montag business, I completely forgot about poor ... [Full Story]

Kristen is a Goddess

All signs point to it: Kristin Cavallari is some kind of goddess. Why else would the wind work in her favor, tossing her blonde hair about in a sexy way only romance novel cover models can manage? I declare April 1st, instead of April Fool\'s Day, the Kristin Cavallari Appreciation Day. Take this time to appreciate how hot she looks just wearing tights and a t-shirt. On any other woman, this ... [Full Story]

Kristin Has Mad Jazz Hands

Kristin Cavallari seems to be doing very well, even though she knows that her show, The Hills, just got cancelled. Look! She is even showing off her jazz hands. That brave little toaster. And that\'s not all she is showing off. I\'m pretty sure I can see the outline of her liver in that dress, it\'s so tight. Not that I mind. I\'m all about tight, revealing dresses. I think it\'s super sexy ... [Full Story]

The Hills Girls Canceled But the Girls Live On

The Hills finally got the axe and will no longer be ruining lives everywhere, but the girls are undeniably sexy. Check out this video and the pictures below to see what I mean. ... [Full Story]

Kristin Has a Dirty Mouth

I know that look, Kristin. That is the look of an f-bomb about to be wildly slung at some stalker exposing themselves across the street. And I just won\'t stand for this kind of dirty-mindedness! So what if I feel that I have the right to expose myself in your honor? So what? She is such a pervert but she can\'t even take a little public genitalia. She forgot to wear pants with this outfit ... [Full Story]