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Let\'s Play \"Which One is Lady Gaga?\"

Recently, Lady Gaga went to Rio to hang out in bikinis and gloat to us lesser beings (because we can\'t afford to be jet setters). Her friend makeup artist Tara Savelo was also there... which was a bad call, because now I have no idea which is Lady Gaga. I\'m going to assume the less attractive one. Neither of them is wearing a meat dress so they are making this really confusing. ... [Full Story]

Lady Gaga Tweeted This.

Lady Gaga posted pictures of herself in her bra and panties on Twitter. ... probably because she wants attention or something. She says that she used to battle bulimia and now she is happy in her own skin. Seeing that she is still pretty thin, I\'m not sure I\'m getting the point. This doesn\'t seem brave or artistic, it just looks like a girl posting semi-nude pictures of herself online. ... Oh ... [Full Story]

Lady Gaga\'s Bodyguard Punched a Fan. Right in the Kisser.

Lady Gaga was in Budapest the other day and while walking through the lobby of a hotel, she and her bodyguards had a little altercation with a fan. And by \"altercation,\" I mean one of her enormous bodyguards suckerpunched an obviously feminine fan in the face. I\'m not upset that this happened, mind you, but it probably was overkill: ... [Full Story]

GOD, Lady Gaga. No One Cares.

Lady Gaga, don\'t misinterpret me writing about your stupid android photo shoot for French Vogue for me being interested in your life or career. It would, in fact, make my day to know that you were kidnapped by terrorists and never seen (or heard) again. So, here we go: Lady Gaga, who thinks herself the epitome of frightening and magnetic sexuality, forgot that the public has already seen ... [Full Story]

Lady Gaga\'s Assistant\'s Useless Lawsuit

Lady Gaga is being sued by her former assistant because, essentially, the girl didn\'t read the job description before accepting the offer to be Lady Gaga\'s b*tch. Even normal, lower-middle class people know that if one had the opportunity to have a personal assistant, one would go all Stanford prison experiment on them and unleash every kind of hell your power allows. Getting a towel for your ... [Full Story]

Lady Gaga Topless in Vanity Fair

Hey! Do you love anorexic, vaguely Jewish pop divas? Do you love them even more posing for photos naked while wearing high heels? Well an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair will be just for you. Lady Gaga takes her whole strange thing to the inside pages of the magazine (with only her little monster covered up). Yay? ... [Full Story]

If Only...

Last night, Lady Gaga performed on the UK version of \"X Factor.\" To continue the tradition of acting like an absolute lunatic in public, Lady Gaga walked onto a stage lined with torches and and emerged from a crypt in a costume that made it look like her head was violently cut off. Sigh. If only it were true. ... [Full Story]

Lady Gaga\'s Jo Calderone is Back

Lady Gaga performed at the VMAs over the weekend. In honor of the event, she performed at the (entirely unattractive, male) \"Jo Calderone\" persona. This is just more proof that Lady Gaga\'s brain does not take part in any wardrobe decision she makes. ... [Full Story]

Lady Gaga - Still Yearning for Attention

Lady Gaga is an enormous star. You would think at some point she would stop dressing like a freak. We get it, Gaga. You\'re \"artistic.\" You\'re different. We wouldn\'t sleep with you because you\'re balding and wear meat dresses. But seriously, stop this \"rehearsing for Jimmy Kimmel only wearing a bra and tights.\" We understand your gimmick. Be a real person for once. ... [Full Story]

The Balding Lady Gaga is Using Rogaine

Because of all of the harmful nonsense Lady Gaga has put her hair through, she is now balding. Instead of embracing the fact that she is now truly becoming a freak, she is fighting against it by slathering on the Rogaine. Lady GaGa is using anti-baldness cure Rogaine - after frequent colour changes have played havoc with her hair. She often wears wigs to mask the damage years of styling ... [Full Story]

Lady Gaga Egged for Being Awful. Thank God.

Nobody. Independent musician. Interesting artist. Pop icon. Artistic and mysterious superstar. Certifiably insane. And thus I have just accurately outlined Lady Gaga\'s entire career. The other night in Sydney, Australia, Lady Gag wore a tight mermaid outfit during a performance. The mermaid bit wasn\'t even the worst part (although under normal circumstances it should have been). Since ... [Full Story]

So. Much. Hate.

There aren\'t enough words in the English language to describe my undying hatred of Lady Gaga. Not only are all of her songs parasitic ear worms that get stuck in your head no matter how much you hate them... but her gimmick is getting so ridiculous I\'m considering killing myself just so I don\'t have to see another one of her outfits. Seriously. Does she own a pair of jeans? What does she wear ... [Full Story]