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The Hills Girls Canceled But the Girls Live On

The Hills finally got the axe and will no longer be ruining lives everywhere, but the girls are undeniably sexy. Check out this video and the pictures below to see what I mean. ... [Full Story]

Lauren Conrad at the Samsung Behold II Launch

If you like Samsung cell phones and Lauren Conrad, you\'re probably pretty upset you weren\'t at this event. Because they were both there. Personally, I\'d rather see Megan Fox at an iPhone launch party, but we have to take what we can get. There is a recession going on after all. Or is that over? I don\'t know, I don\'t get cable here in the basement and there\'s no way I\'m visiting a real news ... [Full Story]

Lauren Conrad has a Best Selling Book - What?

Okay, there comes a time when you have to admit you\'re an idiot, and that time came for me yesterday, the day before yesterday and pretty much every day of my life. And it applies today too. Everyone likes making fun of the girls on The Hills and their 35 spin-offs because we assume their talentless hacks with a crappy show. And while that may be true, they know how to turn a friggin\' profit ... [Full Story]

Lauren Conrad Insists She's Not Dating Kyle Howard!

Despite rumors suggesting that MTV's The Hills star, Lauren Conrad, may be dating My Boys actor, Kyle Howard, Lauren insists that she simply just "knows him" and that's it! Us Magazine reports: Lauren Conrad insists she is still single. Blogs have been abuzz that the Hills star is romancing My Boys actor Kyle Howard after the two have been spotted at L.A.'s Crown Bar, Project Beach House ... [Full Story]

Lauren Conrad Googles All of Her Dates!

MTV's The Hills star, Lauren Conrad googles all of her dates! So, watch out guys, if you've got a shady past and you want to date Lauren Conrad, you don't stand a chance! Us Magazine reports: Hills star Lauren Conrad admits she does background searches on her dates using Google. "Yeah, [for] all of them!" she told the PopSugar network. "But I don't believe everything I read though. I ... [Full Story]

Lauren Conrad Is Being Shipped Out to Paris, France

As some of you may know already, Lauren Conrad and her friend Whitney Port will be leaving their familiar California surroundings to start taping their MTV show "The Hills" in Paris for 8 "bonus episodes" that will air in the spring! Us Magazine reports: This spring, everyone's favorite reality TV queens will ditch Hollywood for new scenery: in Paris, France! And their Euro-trip will be part ... [Full Story]

Who's The Hottest Cast Member on MTV's The Hills!?

Here's three reasons why MTV's oxymoronically SCRIPTED "reality T.V." show The Hills has one of the hottest casts out there these days. Led by the smokin' hot Lauren Conrad, fellow Hills cast members Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port were out frolicking in the Malibu waters yesterday. Frankly, I don't know which one is hotter. I'm going to have to with L.C. (Lauren Conrad) shown above ... [Full Story]

Lauren Conrad Models For Maxim Magazine

Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge model for a Maxim photo shoot in some very skimpy clothing. Both of these girls are beautiful, but I can't help but imagine what a knockout we'd have if L.C.'s face was combined with Audrina's sick body. Here is the video of the photo shoot with both girl "modeling" on a bed covered in rose peddles. It would have been nice to see Lauren show a little more ... [Full Story]

Heidi Reveals The Truth Behind L.C.'s False Image of Innocence!

Heidi Montag tells People magazine that her MTV Hills co-star Lauren Conrad is portrayed completely inaccurately. Montag claims that although many believe that Conrad can do no wrong, she and not Heidi is responsible for the tension in their friendship. Heidi says: "They don't show the footage of how Lauren was sort of obsessed with [Spencer], or how she called my mom in Colorado and told ... [Full Story]

L.C. Looks Weird at the VMAs, Gets Burned By J.T.

When Lauren Conrad isn't busy taping her SCRIPTED T.V. show and/or running around the beach with her fellow Hills co-stars in BIKINIS, Lauren likes to put cakey make-up on her face and go on the VMAs looking like a clown. Usually, out of all of The Hills whiny tramps, I do think L.C. beats out Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port mainly because of the aura of innocence that surrounds her. But ... [Full Story]

A Little Lauren Conrad in This Life Never Hurt No One

Lauren Conrad has been in love with me since she first saw me when she was on Laguna Beach a couple of years ago. I told her then that things wouldn't work out... I just had to tell her hard-to-swallow truth. I'm just too good looking for her. That's just the way things are in this world, no one said it's fair. Of course, she didn't take that so well... they never do, do they? But ... [Full Story]

MTV's The Hills Is Scripted! L.C. and Heidi Are Mere Puppets!

The New York Post's page six reports that MTV's REALITY SHOW The Hills is scripted! So that means that Heidi and Lauren are just puppets repeating the scripted words of professional writers! No wonder why that MTV guy up there is pulling L.C.'s strings like she's a fricken marionette! But it can't be! I don't believe it! L.C. and Heidi, they're pretty much like my sisters by now and ... [Full Story]