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Lindsay Lohan is a Professional Escort

I always thought that \"escort\" was a fancy way to say \"hooker,\" so it seems to make sense that Lindsay Lohan is now making money as a \"professional escort.\" So, who didn\'t expect this? Desperate for money, troubled actress Lindsay Lohan is still living the high life by working as a professional escort, her father Michael Lohan and other insiders exclusively revealed to Star magazine. ... [Full Story]

Strip Clubs Want to Help Lindsay Lohan Out

A strip club in NYC called Scrores is offering to pay off $16,000 of Lindsay Lohan\'s debt... that is, if she hosts an online chat on their website. And I assume they mean a private \"chat.\" (The quotes means she will be taking off her clothes like a proper webacam girl.) At this point LiLo, it might be worth considering... ... [Full Story]

The IRS Doesn\'t Like Lindsay Lohan

Is anyone surprised that Lindsay Lohan owes $233,000 in unpaid taxes from 2009? (No? Whew, good.) I was actually wondering why the IRS hasn\'t audited her yet, seeing that she is one of those people with a lot of money who is wildly irresponsible and probably has never paid the right amount in taxes. With enough accountants and time, the government can probably find enough money that Lindsay owes ... [Full Story]

Lindsay Lohan Punched a Chick!

I\'m not sure if I will ever tire of Lindsay Lohan\'s shenanigans. First, she is running down people, drunkenly, in her car... next, she is throwing punches and collapsing at random. You have to love a girl who will keep you on her toes! Recently, she was seen assaulting another girl in a club... because why not!? Our sources say Lohan was at Club Avenue when she got into some sort of ... [Full Story]

Lindsay Lohan\'s Probation is Going to Get Revoked. Surprise.

Is it a huge surprise that Lindsay Lohan\'s probation is going to get revoked? Not really. She crashed her Porsche into a tractor trailer... and blamed it on her assistant. Whoops. I\'m pretty sure that\'s not the way to gain the trust of a judge, but I\'ll have to do some research and get back to you on that. ... [Full Story]

Lindsay Lohan Keeps Making Good Decisions!

There is surveillance footage floating around of Lindsay Lohan being a douchebag (what\'s new?). Only this time, she tries running someone over with her car. It\'s almost stunning how she figures out how to be on camera every single time she makes a terrible decision. At one point someone needs to splice these bad boys together and put it to Gangnam Style and call it a day. ... [Full Story]

Lindsay Lohan Hates Getting Jobs, Has Fake Pneumonia

If there is one person in the world that just needs to roll over and die, it\'s Lindsay Lohan. She was hired (!) to do a cameo with Charlie Sheen in Scary Movie 5 (ugh). The point of it all was to make fun of her legal/professional issues, so there was little to no acting involved. She just needed to show up. Of course, she flaked. \"Lindsay missed every meeting she had for the film ... [Full Story]

Someone Let Lindsay Lohan Go Outside

Uh-oh, it looks someone forgot to put child proof locks on Lindsay Lohan\'s front door, because she totally made it outside without supervision. Things to note: she\'s gaining some chub in her legs, the freckles on her leg are attempting to form on huge freckle as some kind of freckle rebellion against their host and her boobs have aged 35 years. ... [Full Story]

Lindsay Lohan is Getting Sloppy Gross.

Lindsay Lohan is starting to slowly slide from slutty hot to just plain gross. I\'ll accept LiLo if she looks like a clean prostitute. But when she has greasy hair, yellow teeth and obviously hasn\'t bathed in days... that\'s when it\'s time to cut the cord. Sorry, Lindsay. I know you were counting on my love. ... [Full Story]

Lindsay Lohan is Losing Her Hair.

Lindsay Lohan might be able to walk away from all of her legal issues scotch-free, but at least her drug-abusing ways aren\'t without consequence. It seems that she has less hair now. And I don\'t mean she cut it. She is actually losing her hair. After so many years of using cocaine, heroine and horse tranquilizers, something had to happen. I\'m just disappointed she hasn\'t been legitimately ... [Full Story]

Lindsay Lohan Has Her Life Together.

... and cue the Benny Hill music. (Or, I\'ll do you one better, here it is so you can listen to it while you read.) So, after tricking everyone on set into thinking she overdosed when she was sleeping (actually, we\'re fairly certain she did OD just a little bit, but her clever coverup wasn\'t that clever), Lindsay Lohan decided to strut (drunkenly?) around the set, knocking stuff ... [Full Story]

Hey Everybody, Lindsay Lohan Passed Out. Nothing to See Here.

I never wish ill upon anybody (well, mostly anybody)... but that doesn\'t stop me from not caring at all when I read about Lindsay Lohan being found unconscious in her room at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Rey. She shot some scenes for her movie around 7pm last night until 9am this morning and Lindsay claimed she was \"taking a nap\" afterwards. Only she left out the \"drug-induced\" part ... [Full Story]