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Lucy Pinder Is Nuts

Nuts, quite possibly the best magazine on the face of the earth, just recently featured the most amazingly delightful British pinup model Lucy Pinder on its cover. She may be the love of my life. Between the enormous... personality... and the fire engine red lipstick, I think she is my new woman. So BACK OFF. I\'m going to be sending her my homemade birthday cake recipe first, losers. I\'ll show ... [Full Story]

Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh are Magical Together

I\'m pretty sure at one point while looking at these pictures, I saw an angel fly by my window. Four of the best breasts ever come together for one amazing photoshoot and video. You could mix Scarlett Johansson and Salma Hayek, and their boobs wouldn\'t even match these. The photoshoot\'s in super high resolution and the DVD caps obviously are not. But I still ruined 17 tube socks and a ... [Full Story]

Lucy Pinder at Miss Great Britain 2009

When I saw that Lucy Pinder was at Miss Great Britain 2009, I figured the country was doing the obvious thing and crowning Lucy and her giant breasts. But it seems she\'s just there to show her face, and that\'s it. Doesn\'t make sense, I know. ... [Full Story]

Lucy Pinder Helps the Children

Here\'s English bombshell, Lucy Pinder, at the Children\'s Champions 2009 Awards in London. I had to do some research, but I learned that it\'s an event honoring those who do the most for kids. If males between the ages of 13 and 30 count as kids, then we all know why Lucy Pinder was there. She helps me quite often. ... [Full Story]

Lucy Pinder Must Be Seen to Be Believed

Lucy Pinder is the best thing to come from England since...well, the United States. Except our country tis of thee doesn\'t have a rack quite this amazing. These are simply incredible. High resolution versions below. You won\'t regret it. Well, you might if the amount of time it takes you to check them out results in you missing a once in a lifetime opportunity elsewhere. That would suck. ... [Full Story]

People Think Lucy Pinder is a Celebrity

I don\'t claim to know the actual definition of a celebrity, but I\'m pretty sure showing off your tits in magazines doesn\'t qualify. Here\'s Lucy Pinder heading to her Celebrity Big Brother crap that she\'s doing. It\'s only showing in the UK and I don\'t live in the UK, so maybe big boobs and no other talent is treated differently there. Who knows. ... [Full Story]

Lucy Pinder Talks About Her Breasts

Lucy Pinder dressed in some revealing clothing for a Zoo magazine shoot recently and decided to talk a little bit about her tits. For example: Of course I love my breasts. We grew up together! I can understand why guys stare at my chest sometimes. A girl with big boobs who gets paid to show them off can sometimes understand why people stare at them? Hmmm, smart girl, I bet she ... [Full Story]

Lucy Pinder and Michelle Parsh Looking Good Together

Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh could only look better if they were together and, fortunately for you and your lotion, 12:20am to 12:22am is going to be pure bliss tonight. Click the images below to get full, high quality resolution shots of pure sex. ... [Full Story]

Lucy Pinder Is Gorgeous in These Sexy Photoshoots!

Lucy Pinder is one hot piece of Ace! I love everything about her... she's beautiful and hot all at once and I love everything about her body. But, the thing that probably intrigues me the most about her is that she's British! Hot and British is a deadly combination for me... those accents... they just drive me wild! But hey, enough about me... just take a moment and enjoy Lucy looking absolutely ... [Full Story]

Lucy Pinder Is Perfect in This Lingerie Photoshoot

I don't think I've ever seen Lucy Pinder quite like this. She's doing a lingerie shoot in what appears to be some sort of naughty professor lingerie outfit. Ahh, it brings me back to my days of college... back when the beer flowed like wine and the women flocked like the salmon of Capistrano. Yea, I don't really know what that means... but I just have this nostalgic picture in my head of college ... [Full Story]

These British Chicks Are Hot in Loaded Magazine!

Recently, British glamour models Lucy Pinder, Chanelle Hayes, Chantelle Houghton, and Rachael Tennant got a little frisky for Loaded magazine recently, and boy do they look fantastic. They're all unbelievably hot British baby carrots, of course, but I must say that my favorite is Lucy Pinder. I don't know what it is about her, but I just can't get enough Lucy. Now that I think of it, it might ... [Full Story]

Lucy Pinder In Loaded Magazine

Lucy Pinder just might have the sexiest figure I've ever seen on a woman. These pictures of her in Loaded Magazine really show off her, uh, busty gifts and she does very little to hide them. Lucy also has said recently that she is looking to get into X-Rated entertainment... and I must say that nothing would compete with a Lucy Pinder nude x-rated movie! I'm sure getting Lucy to unleash ... [Full Story]