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No One Should Watch American Idol This Year.

The Hollywood Reporter is expecting the new judges panel on \"American Idol\" to be Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Enrique Iglesias... even though Mariah Carey threw a fit (allegedly) the other day when she found out that another, more attractive girl would be on the show as well. So if you were a fan of AI, you might as well jump ship. Sure, ratings will jump with all of the star ... [Full Story]

Now We\'ll Have to Look at Mariah Carey.

If there is one person worse than Jennifer Lopez when it comes to acting like an unstable diva, it\'s Mariah Carey. So of course that\'s who Fox officially announced would be replacing Jennifer Lopez. It\'s rumored that she will be getting between $12 and $17 million per season. Excuse me while I puke and slit my wrists at the same time. ... [Full Story]

Poor Nick Cannon is Hospitalized (and Married to Mariah Carey).

Mariah Carey posted a picture of her and her husband Nick Cannon in a hospital bed in Aspen on Twitter for atten... to ask for thoughts and prayers so he can have a speedy recovery. He is recovering from a \"mild kidney failure.\" (Who knew that there was a mild version of renal failure?) Mariah said on her blog: \"We\'re trying to be as festive as possible under the circumstances but ... [Full Story]

Mariah Carey Doesn\'t Beat Her Kids or Whatever

The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services recently had an anonymous phone call to DCFS complained that Mariah drank a Guinness beer while she was breast feeding. The interview with Mariah Carey led the DCFS to believe that there was no danger to the children. They concluded the children were in a healthy and safe environment. The complaint started because Mariah was informed ... [Full Story]

Mariah Carey Got Freaking Huge

Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon finally met the two human beings that were growing inside of Mariah: they are now proud parents of a healthy baby boy and girl. Not only did Mariah give birth to twins, but she did so on her own anniversary: April 30 is double the pleasure for Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Not only did they welcome twins, but the couple celebrated their third wedding ... [Full Story]

Mariah Carey is an Arrogant Baby

During a moment of national history when Barack Obama was officially sworn in, I can\'t think of any reason why Mariah Carey wouldn\'t be up there with him, possibly repeating everything he says through song. That would make perfect sense. At least that\'s what she seems to think according to Page Six: Some divas cling to their high-maintenance ways even at moments of historic national ... [Full Story]

Mariah Carey Says Nick Cannon Will Be a Great Dad!

Mariah Carey says that she wants to have kids and she doesn't know anyone who would be a better daddy than her new husband Nick Cannon! Us Magazine reports: Mariah Carey says she's ready to have children ó and there's nobody better to have them with than husband Nick Cannon. "I couldnít imagine anybody that Iíve ever met being a better dad," the singer, 39, tells August's Elle. She ... [Full Story]

Mariah Carey DEFINITELY Has Nick Cannon Whipped!

Remember when I said Mariah Carey has her husband Nick Cannon whipped!? Well, it's worse than I thought! The New York Post's Page Six says: WHEN Nick Cannon was dragged away by wife Mariah Carey from Foxwoods, where he was hanging with Sean Combs and Quincy Jones, it wasn't to join her in bed. Carey wanted her new hubby to keep her company at a photo shoot for Elle magazine, according to ... [Full Story]

Mariah Carey Has New Hubby Nick Cannon Whipped!

Mariah Carey has got her new husband, Nick Cannon, whipped pretty badly! She won't even let him hang out with his boys past 1 a.m.! Page Six says: NICK Cannon learned the meaning of "If you don't pay, you got no say" this weekend. Mariah Carey's new husband was trying to have a boys' weekend at Saturday's opening of the MGM Grand at Foxwoods with pals Sean Combs and Quincy Jones when he got a ... [Full Story]

Cougar of the Day: Mariah Carey, 38

Mariah Carey is one hot diva that's been around for a while! And such hotness and such longevity in the public spotlight can only mean one thing... we've got a hot 35+ woman on our hands! That's right folks, Mariah is 38-years-old and looking better than ever! However, it seems that Mariah has good reason to keep that aged body of hers nice and tight because she just recently secretly ... [Full Story]

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Secretly Got Married!?

New reports are now saying that NIck Cannon and Mariah Carey were not only engaged, but actually got secretly married on some undisclosed island! Specifically, OK! Magazine reports: E! TV landed what looks like an official confirmation late Thursday night from Linda Cannon, reportedly a member of Nick's family, who says she received a phone call from the 27-year-old funnyman announcing the ... [Full Story]