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Marisa Miller Went to the Oscars for the After Parties.

Like 99% of United States citizens, Marisa Miller did not care about the Oscars. They were hosted by a dead-eyed, has-been comedian and there was a sad lack of disasters. Therefore, like the rest of us, she only started having fun and flashing her cleavage at the Vanity Fair After Party. Because screw The Academy Awards. ... [Full Story]

Marisa Miller Should Win an ESPY

This may be the first year that I\'ve noticed that \"other\" celebrities care about the ESPY awards... or that I notice the ESPYs in general. I saw it started with an E and ended with a Y, so I just assumed it was some bastardization of the Emmys. Oops. So this award ceremony wasn\'t about Lost and 30 Rock... so I have literally nothing else to say but: wow. Look at Marisa Miller. She ... [Full Story]

Marisa Miller Impresses Us

Now this is just getting a little ridiculous, Marisa. Everyone in the world knows you\'re a goddess who is a vision of love and beauty... so do you really need to go strut your stuff around like that? You\'re practically giving me a arousal-related-coronary and it\'s just not fair. I\'m trying hard to remember what Marisa Miller was originally famous for.. I think being a model... but ... [Full Story]

Creepy is SO In

Attractive women marrying creepy d-bags gives me hope in life... maybe someday I will meet a fantastically beautiful woman who realizes that she wants nothing more to cling to my creepy, white trash side. Marisa Miller is still very happy with The Thing she married. Even though she knows that she is leagues above him in both looks and hygiene, she still seems happy. That\'s probably because ... [Full Story]

Marisa Miller Should Consider Me

Marisa Miller needs to start giving serious thought to becoming my wife. I believe I would improve her life in a variety of ways. For example, I could make her funny-shaped pancakes in the morning. I could also find new and exotic ways to rub her boobies. I am also desperate enough that I\'d become her slave and would do anything she asked me to do. Even if it involved her womanly bits. If ... [Full Story]

Marisa Miller Appears in Vegas

Although Marisa Miller isn\'t nearly as naked as the world wishes she was in this photoshoot, she still looks pretty good in Vegas Magazine. The whole \"big boot and no pants\" look is extremely tasty. I hope it\'s a new fashion trend because there are plenty of women who insist on wearing pants now who would look so much better without them. Like Scarlett Johansson, for instance. With her ... [Full Story]

Sneaking in the Dressing Room of Marisa Miller

Whoever decided taking a camera into the dressing room of Victoria\'s Secret supermodel and all-around ridiculously sexy girl, Marisa Miller, is my new hero. I want to be his best friend and go on missions where we take cameras into hot girls\' dressing rooms. It would be a great life. But as it stands now, I\'ll just stick with the pictures he took. Check these out. ... [Full Story]

Hey, It\'s Marisa Miller

It\'s been a while since I\'ve seen Marisa Miller. In fact, I think tomorrow will be 3 months since the restraining order officially took effect. I need to contact Judge Judy and see when that thing expires so I can go off and take my own pictures of her again...from across the street...of her apartment...disguised as a shrub. Anyway, check these pictures out. ... [Full Story]

Marisa Miller Gets Paid to Stand By that Pool

Here\'s Marisa Miller at the 2009 Victoria\'s Secret Swim Collection in Los Angeles yesterday or the day before. She almost looks like she broke a sweat. Beautiful people like Marisa and I do feel bad for you commoners who have to do things like manual labor or math, but we\'re just using the hand we were dealt. In fact, these pictures are making me use that hand right now... ... [Full Story]

Marisa Miller Looks Too Much Like Jessica Simpson

This makes me wish Jessica Simpson would\'ve just stayed fat since we already have a skinny version in the form of Marisa Miller. Honestly, I\'m not even sure what this girl\'s famous for, but I\'m thinking it has something to do with being ridiculously smoking hot. The compilation of pictures below took me a whole evening to put together, so for my sake and your sake, check them out! ... [Full Story]

Marisa Miller at the Premiere of Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Here\'s Marisa Miller hanging out with Jennifer Garner and Matthew Mcconaughey. Well, not quite. She\'s at the premiere of Ghosts of Girlfriends Past which sounds like a stupid movie your girlfriend will try to get you to see. If Marisa is there, or at least in the movie, that isn\'t such a bad thing. But she isn\'t, so that sucks for all you losers out there who can actually get a girlfriend. No ... [Full Story]

Marisa Miller and Jessica Simpson are Twins

If you surgically gave Marisa Miller a buttchin and had her eat McDonald\'s for 2 weeks, she would look absolutely identical to Jessica Simpson. She\'s already close enough as it is. That\'s probably why she wore the mask in these pictures below. It was awkward when Tony Romo grabbed her ass last time, so hopefully the mask helps with that. ... [Full Story]