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Marky Mark\'s Low Hanging Pants Disappeared.

Taking a leaf out of his former self\'s book, Mark Wahlberg decided to wear low-riding pants. So low, in fact, that they were non-existant. Thank God the entire city of Miami got to look at this junk. Because what would life be without experiencing that? ... [Full Story]

The Rock is Doing It Right.

I know nothing about being healthy or working out, so I can\'t properly make fun of Michael Bay for casting Mark Wahlberg as a bodybuilder. However, I do have eyes and I am now realizing that Dwayne Johnson can realistically play a bodybuilder in \"Pain and Gain\" and Mark Wahlberg is just going to look like a puffy version of his normal self. He needs to go back to standing on street corners ... [Full Story]

Mark Wahlberg is Bulking Up For a Movie. And the Ladeez.

Even though people have been whining about celebrities using HGH in order to bulk up for movies, the actors still do it. Why? Because Mark Wahlberg needed to go from normal beefcake to OH MY GOD IS THAT A STALLION?-level beefcake. He is playing a bodybuilder in his upcoming movie, so it would only make sense that he wants to look legit, whether he needs to abuse HGH or not. DEAL WITH IT. ... [Full Story]

Mark Wahlberg is Bad at Doing Crunches.

Mark Wahlberg is going to be playing a bodybuilder (who possibly just stands around acting confused and upset) in a new Michael Bay film called \"Pain and Gain.\" Although he is quite the tasty morsel (according to my female friends, of course), his body doesn\'t exactly scream \"bodybuilder.\" Plus, he has to be held up by cables when doing cruches while hanging from a wall. I feel betrayed. :( ... [Full Story]

Mark Wahlberg Thinks He is an Anti Terrorist Machine.

Mark Wahlberg should have been on Flight 93. Not because I wish he would stop being so handsome and charming, but because he claimed he would have been able to save the passengers from their fate if he was on board. In an interview he gave with Men\'s Journal he stated, \"If I was on that plane with my kids, it wouldn\'t have went down like it did. There would have been a lot of blood in ... [Full Story]

Mark Wahlberg Got Married

New Kids on the Block fans everywhere are crying. All two of them after hearing the news that Mark Wahlberg married his girlfriend Rhea Durham. The Associated Press reports: Mark Wahlberg and his longtime girlfriend, model Rhea Durham, have married in Beverly Hills. People magazine reports the 38-year-old \"Boogie Nights\" actor tied the knot Saturday in front of about a dozen friends and ... [Full Story]

Mark Wahlberg Might Kill Andy Samberg

After Andy Samberg did a skit on SNL called \"Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals,\" which was strangely him just pretty much talking to animals, Mark Wahlberg wasn\'t too happy. Well, now he\'s even more pissed as you can see on Jimmy Kimmel: The only thing that could possibly be funnier than the above video is if they do another skit this Saturday. Mark Wahlberg Talks to Household Furniture ... [Full Story]

Mark Wahlberg Isn\'t Happy About SNL\'s Spoof

When Mark Wahlberg saw the skit Saturday Night Live did about him, he wasn\'t amused. According to TMZ: Wahlberg was none too happy with the sketch, \"Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals,\" according to the New York Post. He said: \"Someone showed it to me on YouTube. It wasn\'t like Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin, that\'s for sure. And \'Saturday Night Live\' hasn\'t been funny for a long time ... [Full Story]

Stars Turn Out For Comic-Con Plus The Wolverine Trailer

Comic-Con: Itís not just for nerds anymore! Now itís 98% nerds, and 2% celebrities. Some of the attendees making up the latter group at the 2008 Comic-Con -- held this past weekend in San Diego this past weekend -- included Hugh Jackman, Mark Wahlberg, Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Rose McGowan, Hayden Panettiere and Samuel L. Jackson. Everyone was promoting an upcoming project, mostly ... [Full Story]

Mark Wahlberg Calls Girlfriend His Future Wife!

Mark Wahlberg might be getting married to his longtime girlfriend, model Rhea Durham! People Magazine: Mark Wahlberg and model Rhea Durham have been together for years Ė and are proud parents to daughter Ella, 4, and son Michael, 2. Now, as the couple expects baby number three, are they finally ready to walk down the aisle? They haven't announced an engagement, but the actor did call ... [Full Story]

Mark Wahlberg Is Having His Third Child!

Mark Wahlberg is having his third child! That's right, his longtime girlfriend, Rhea Durham, is pregnant once again! People Magazine says: With two toddlers already keeping him busy, Mark Wahlberg is getting ready to add a third child to the mix. And the 37-year-old actor and his longtime girlfriend Rhea Durham, 29, may not stop there. "When the kids are good, we want eight or ... [Full Story]