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Even Norse Gods Can Have Fun!

Chris Hemsworth (better known to the internet as Mighty Thor, a Norse god and a very pretty man) was seen giggling and using a waterslide like a little girl. But he is no less a man! After all, the Mighty Thor did impregnate the gorgeous Elsa Pataky and then celebrate by having a water slide party with Matt Damon. What did you do this weekend? Drink Bud Light until you passed out on your ... [Full Story]

Matt Damon Loves Inhumane Treatment of Animals

Matt Damon was seen at a bullfight in Mexico City yesterday... and although that might seem like a cool, cultural thing to do, if you realized just how messed up bullfighting is you\'d no longer thing this is just plain cute of Matt Damon. It\'s pretty disgusting. The bullfighters violently tease an animal for hours before killing it on front of everyone. That\'s why I really, really, enjoy the ... [Full Story]

Matt Damon Isn\'t Running for President

Thank God. I\'m getting sick and tired of people saying celebrities are going to run for President. Sure, it was cool that Matt Damon stuck up for teachers - but that\'s all that it was. We don\'t need to start bowing down to him or anything. I mean, come on. They are celebrities. They are rich and they have lives. ... [Full Story]

Matt Damon Stands Up For Teachers

Matt Damon will honorably defend those who deserve it (anyone should know that). So it shouldn\'t be a surprised that the noble Matt Damon defended teachers at an education rally in DC over the weekend. He was unapologetic when he snapped at a reporter who implied teachers are only motivated by fear of losing their jobs. Way to go, Matt. Although, if you saw the teachers in my home town of ... [Full Story]

Matt Damon, Quit Stealing Our Hearts

Shaving your head doesn\'t automatically you cool. Unless you\'re BA as Matt Damon of course. He was recently seen in Vancouver while he was filming \"Elysium\", director Neill Blomkamps follow up to \"District 9.\" His head was shaved and I don\'t think I\'ve ever felt more homosexually attracted to him. That doesn\'t mean I\'m gay. That just means he looks awesome. Right? ... [Full Story]

Matt Damon on Getting Fat

While the rest of us run to the bathroom after eating 4 too many donuts at Dunkin Donuts to stick our fingers down our throats, Matt Damon had the pleasure of putting on 30 pounds for a movie role. Unsurprisingly, it was fun according to what he told People: What PEOPLE\'s former Sexiest Man Alive was describing was adding 30 lbs. not to mention the cheesy moustache, hairpiece and glasses ... [Full Story]

Matt Damon\'s Sperm Can\'t Make a Boy

People has learned that Matt Damon gave birth yesterday to a baby girl. Although it might\'ve been his wife, they didn\'t really specify: \"Matt and Lucy Damon had a baby girl named Gia Zavala on Wednesday, Aug. 20th. Everyone\'s doing great,\" Damon\'s rep, Jennifer Allen, tells PEOPLE. \"She is a healthy baby girl.\" The newest addition is the third little girl in the Damon household ... [Full Story]

Matt Damon Gets Fat for a Movie, Is No Longer Sexy

Matt Damon has not only grown a mustache for his new movie The Informant, he's also packing on the pounds for the role! Now, Matt is admitting that he has probably lost his "Sexiest Man Alive" title! People Magazine reports: Matt Damon's wife Luciana may be pregnant, but it's his expanding waistline that's making all the headlines in Hollywood. "I think I lost my [Sexiest Man Alive] ... [Full Story]

Matt Damon Is Expecting His Second Child!

Matt Damon and his wife Luciana are expecting their second child! Us Magazine reports: Matt Damon and his wife Luciana are expecting a baby, his rep confirms to Luciana, 32, sported a baby bump while walking the red carpet with Damon at the Empire Awards in London tonight, where Damon won Best Film for Bourne Ultimatum. There, Damon, 37, told Us that he'd "love to come" ... [Full Story]

Sarah Silverman Is F---in' Matt Damon!!!

Just in case you guys were wondering what Sarah Silverman has been up to these days, she's been very busy F---in' Matt Damon!!! And Sarah and Matt let the world know about their little secret in this little clip that aired on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night! Although Sarah has been dating Jimmy for a number of years now, she felt that it was best to break the news to him on his very own ... [Full Story]

Lindsay's Bourne Ultimatum

Entertainment Tonight quotes Matt as he talks about Lindsay's Situation: "Absolutely, she can turn it around. I think there a lot of people who want to help her out, and it's a very personal thing. Most people know someone in their lives that's struggling with a disease like that, and the reality is you can only support them and it's got to come from them -- it's her choice ultimately." ... [Full Story]