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Megan Fox ... Post Baby?

In the picture above, you\'ll notice Megan Fox is looking attractive. What\'s strange about that? Well, it was two months after she gave birth to her son, Noah. Who knows what witchcraft she used to look this awesome at her screening of \"This is 40.\"I\'m guessing it was just a lot of diet an exercise, but I\'m hoping it was a lot of feasting on human cadavers that did the trick... ... [Full Story]

Megan Fox - Pregnant or Post-Burrito Food Baby?

In March, Star reported that Megan Fox was knocked up via Brian Austen Green\'s seed. However, back when the reports were released she didn\'t seem to be looking very motherly (not that you would be able to see it at that point). But now, she is either showing or she just ate a huge burrito for lunch, because I see some bump. ... but that just makes her even more bangable. ... [Full Story]

Megan Fox Spent A Hell of a Lot on Surgery.

So... has anyone else ever noticed that Megan Fox\'s face has completely changed since 2002? No? Well click on that link and prepare for your mind to be blown. Megan transformed from a normal hot girl, to a frightening mannequin and then to a super-hot starlet. Disturbing? Yes. Hot? Of course. I\'m not going to judge, just admire and/or stalk. ... [Full Story]

Someone Said Megan Fox is Pregnant.

If I were you, I would take these \"Megan Fox is pregnant\" rumors with a grain of salt. Star magazine was the first to claim to know about Megan making a tiny fetus with her husband of two years, Brian Austin Green. She was recently seen at a Koo Koo Roo in LA with Austin and his two kids, but the only thing that you can learn from those pictures is that people in Los Angeles give their chicken ... [Full Story]

Megan Fox Doesn\'t Answer My Love Letters.

Now I know why Megan has been ignoring me. Right now, she is in Hawaii with her \"husband\" Brian Austin Greene. So instead of responding to my heartfelt letters signed with blood, she is getting basically naked in public with another man. ... I knew I loved her for a reason. ... [Full Story]

Megan Fox - Housewife

I\'m starting to think that Megan Fox\'s lack of roles and attention of the public eye is starting to get to her. Not only is she doing less slutty photo shoots, but she is starting to go out in public... like... THIS. True, it\'s tight. But a slut\'s hair should NEVER... EVER look like that. Megan, you disappoint me. ... [Full Story]

Megan Fox is Getting A Tattoo Removed

Well, well, well. The white trash youth in America who got Marilyn Monroe tattoos on their forearms to be just like Megan Fox are going to be sorely disappointed: she is getting that tattoo removed. Apparently, she announced it a few months back (but I was doing something too important, like eating Cheetos, to know or care). But now the news is interesting, because that iconic tattoo is very ... [Full Story]

Us Magazine Thinks Megan Fox is Curvy Now

I\'m not sure who is more delusional. Us Weekly for calling Megan Fox \"curvy,\" or Megan Fox for surviving only on raw fruits and vegetables until recently. \"For a year and a half, until about four months ago, I followed a strict vegan diet based on raw fruits and vegetables,\" [Megan Fox] told Amica magazine, as excerpted by the Daily Mail. \"No bread, no sugar and coffee. But I had lost ... [Full Story]

Megan Fox\'s Short Dress is Newsworthy

Slow news day? I think not. No matter what is happening in the world (East coast earthquake be damned) - I will write a post about Megan Fox wearing a short, short dress if I see fit. And I do see fit. Exhibit A-Z: the picture above. Not only is the dress tight - it is also short. ... I rest my case. ... [Full Story]

Get Ready - Knocked Up Has a Sequel

Did you love \"Knocked UP?\" Then you might like \"This is 40.\" Judd Apatow wanted to remind audiences again just how unrealistic it was that Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl hooked up. This movie, however, follows Leslie Mann (Judd Apatow\'s wife) and Paul Rudd. They will play the unhappy married couple again... and seeing the Megan Fox and Jason Segel are also in the movie, let\'s just assume ... [Full Story]

Megan Fox Let Shia LaBeouf Touch Her

Before she was kicked out of the \"Transformers\" franchise, Megan Fox may have hooked up with the monstrosity that is Shia LaBeouf. And she may have been dating Brian Austin Green at the time. LaBeouf gave an in depth interview to, in which the interviewer asked point blank if Shia ever hooked up with Fox ... and according to the article, \"LaBeouf nods ... [Full Story]

What Megan Fox Has Been Up To

Since Megan Fox wasn\'t in the last \"Transformers\" movie, she had to have been up to something, right? Wrong. She obviously is very bored with her life and sexy, sexy body if she has resorted to going to car shows. After the show, she probably went home to sit on a recliner, watch boxing, and stick her hand down her pants. Since she IS Megan Fox, that doesn\'t sound too bad, but after you get ... [Full Story]